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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 19 februari 2011 22:55

In the end Donoso was the chosen one! We arrived and tjoff we had a groom painting hooves etc. what service, viva España!   First 30 min round was probably the most intense 30 min in my ridden life - Ignacio is a intense man  with a electric energy, he does not fuss around, it is straight on, right on and full on! You know, like rollercoaster adrenalin.. He talks fast, thinks fast and give YOU NO time for thinking or saying - just doing - v e r y  good, out of the head and into the feeling.. So no mercy, no waiting for the rider to be ready - just had to BE READY. I had to center myself, the pressure could have made me nervous and given me a extremely explosive horse, but we went for it and it was great! We did another session in afternoon after having had lunch together and here we covered; half pass, shoulder in, canter pirouettes (super!), flying changes and piaffe. In 30 min.

This guy knows spanish horses inside out, he understood Donoso's quality and personality instantly. Tomorrow more, as I felt we need to finish what we started I will not bring Start tomorrow, his turn will next clinic, it will be interesting to see how he responds to this kind of riding, think I will have to prepare him (and myself) alittle..

And right this moment Bonnie is celebrating her black Mini-Totilas!

Ignacio Rambla & Donoso VII










Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 18 februari 2011 00:33

Did I feel some more energy? Yes, jumped into warm ridingclothes, today was a cold, windy and snowy day. Talked to my friend on Skype from the car and by the time we hang up Start was warmed up. How great isn't Skype, you can talk to friends all over the world and it is for free! Viva internet.

Start was 'pingy' and wanted to do his stuff so I let him. Donoso was also super so now I am even more undecided which one I will take to clinic.. Festivo and Halagador is with Tony at the moment, they go to 'macho-school' there and get to do things I don't do with them which that is stimulating for them. Serreta and all. But I am planning to bring them home next week so soon my horse-family will be united, hurray, can't wait!

Today was Erin's first day as a horse owner, see her beautiful horse here

This is Beth and her handsome Lusitano Venturoso, Beth is a dressage competition rider and lives in San Diego, CA.



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 16 februari 2011 23:23

Well, patience is a virtue, it turned out I was not getting better rather the opposite so I got a top-score headacheand I munched Ibuprofen all day long. Today I had a massage from Mer that was very helpful so now I feel better. I do, I do, I do. Javier went to do the vetcheck for Bonnies horse that he passed in flying colours! Very sane horse said the vet and loved his movements. So black mini-Totilas is one step closer his new 'mum'!

Javier's brand new computer broke down and we had to take it to hospital, 5-6 weeks of convalesence - uff - but he got a stand-in laptop meanwhile which is helpful.
Now I am really determined to get well because this weekend I will do a clinic with Ignacio Rambla. I have not decided which horse to take, they all want to go.. Any suggestions?

Halagador 2010



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 14 februari 2011 20:40

Spent the weekend on the couch with the snotty-nose, on top of allergy I got hit with a first-class cold but never mind, it has almost passed now. My dear brother Mikael made it possible for me to download and plug in Michael Jackson's film 'This is It'. What a tuned-in, turned-on and tapped-in man, saw the big picture and always gives me a larger than life perpective. Big love message and what a way to deliver it. Respect.

Today I was back with the boys that were all up for it and sparkling happy. They both got a Pessoa workout.

Now off o see a non-horse friend, one of those that can apreciate the crazy horse life without thinking it is all too much. Happy Valentine, make the most of what is left of it! Here one of my favourite songs..

Michael Jackson - Speechless

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 12 februari 2011 17:36

Pironegative! Hurray for Bonnie!
Meanwhile we are having spring here, yesterday I did a phone inverview for swedish horse magazine Ridsport, I had forgotten the appointment so I had to get myself together pretending I was totally prepared, (just like when phone rings when you are asleep and it is totally obvious you were but we always deny it?). I hope I told her something interesting, I don't like to talk about myself, but I like to analyze cultures, horses and riding so I did a Sweden versus Spain, but from my personal experience.

Here is a text from about the protagonists in SICAB 2010, where they talk about how our horse Festivo MR, a horse that weighs almost 700kg and is over 170 cm and moves with a amazing lightness. And that he should have been qualified to do the ridden test as he won the movement. Thanks, I agree! Next time..  

'Antes de empezar a hablar de los protagonistas habría que destacar un par de detalles que ayudarían a mejorar este Sicab que todos deberíamos cuidar más, puesto que es la gran cita para todos desde todas las partes del mundo y para nuestro amado caballo de Pura Raza Española. En primer lugar, los premios especiales son el gran momento de Sicab. Pues bien, habitualmente se realizan el sábado a las 10 de la mañana, y a esa hora no hay público. De hecho, al inicio apenas estábamos presentes un centenar de personas, si bien la grada se fue llenando paulatinamente hasta ocupar al final (en torno a las 12 de la mañana) un cuarto de entrada. El otro punto a tener en cuenta es que un caballo que gana los movimientos de una sección, debería montarse y realizar la prueba de funcionalidad, ya que nos quedamos con ganas de ver montado a un caballo impresionante que ganó los movimientos de la sección 10ª con su más de 1´70 m de alzada y casi 700 kilos de peso, pero que se mueve con una ligereza asombrosa. Este caballo se llama ‘Festivo MR’, criado por la yeguada Guayerbas y es propiedad de la Yeguada Vikinga PRE (de Suecia).'

Festivo MR in Movements Final SICAB 2010

Photos; R Lemos







Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 11 februari 2011 19:16

Horse dentist came to do Start and Donoso's teeth and then some general 'spa'-treatments like trimming ears etc. Donoso wanted to come out in paddock today, so I took him loungeline and we had 10 min of flying horse on a 8m circle. It is a pity I did not have anyone to video this show because I have never seen anything like it, a whole register of in-the-air art, and he did not even pull the line once. I changed hand and he continued and this is after he had been in the walker so no excess energy, just expressed happiness. Then I stopped as I thought that was enough, and he stopped trembling and very high in energy but didn't move. Then he said - 'Ok, did you see that then?' And I said 'Yes, how could I miss it, very beautiful'. And he said; 'Ok thanks, it's not very difficult you know'. I released the line and he walked off, totally relaxed after 5 seconds.

This is an example of how easy it is to control the energy of a PRE. This a strong stallion in a normal headcollar that could just do what he wants with me and take off if he wanted to. I don't have to bring him up in energy, I just let him be him and the only response he gets from me is a little contact in line and a calming sound so that he won't explode and rise more in energy. He knows I let him show and I encourage it (but only with a smile) because how can you not, it is so beautiful, and then I say, ok, that's enough and I stop. I stop my body, my mind and my own energy. This boy could go on and on and on but he stops takes a breath or two and is as calm as the see without a breeze.

The classy PRE with is a very easy horse to bring up and down in energy as they are totally with you and tunes in to you in no time. They look explosive in freedom but are totally down to earth and with you ridden. But they need you to be in control of your energy, so, it is a good way to learn. If you are in control of yourself, you will be in control of your horse. Have fun!
Donoso VII today














Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 10 februari 2011 17:41

Whilst the spanish men where doing the vetcheck for Erin I spent time riding my boys in the sun. Now there will be alot to enjoy for Erin; piaffe, passage, and just getting to know this friendly and beautiful guy. But first he will have to be converted into a gelding before he takes off to the tropical Singapore!

Donoso today

On the hill, where he best likes to do his work out.


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 9 februari 2011 21:34

Went to pick up some mended horserugs this morning, then had my weekly massage with Mer and did some necessary shopping. Got my Toyota back from mechanics, it turned out all had to be replaced underneath, I have no idea what exactly it was, the only thing that was clear to me was breaks. Breaks are important but apparently so was the other 'stuff' because the bill was very IMPORTANT..   People who knows me know I am not a friend of numbers, so I calculate the bill = 10 good winter rugs, 4 months livery for 1 horse, 5 nice handmade bridles and 1 fee for entering 1 horse for the Montenmedio, Sunshinetour.. Yes it is expensive and that is only fee for box, add the daily use for horse and your own hotel for 3 weeks. I (or rather Javier) arrived to the conclusion I NEED A SPONSOR - anyone? Then add the very inconvenient (well for me it is) fact that you have to stay there 3 entire weeks, which takes some serious planning. So instead of being nervous to the point of feeling ill, I will do longweekend holiday trip to the sun and study my competitors and hopefully get inspired instead and then NEXT year, I WILL be there with a brand new freestyle and my shining horses. 
Erin's first pirotest failed. But, nothing bad that doesn't bring something good. Now she was able to choose a horse, with the help of her friend Val, that she at first did not think could be hers! You see how everything has a reason and always works out for your best?
He has passed the piro and tomorrow Javier will go with vet and have the vetcheck done. He is a pure carthusian, beautiful is he not?

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