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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 2 februari 2011 21:18

When Start and I got up the hill today we looked down and saw we had company by cows, spanish cows have big horns and are bay coloured...or?.. were they bulls?   Decided I did not want to find out which so we went down the hill again, cows can be crazy enough. Later Donoso tripped in indoor, we almost went to the floor but he picked up those legs in no time. Good to have legprotection. He was not happy about this tripping so after he did the best schools ever. Then some super piaffe/passage, he transmits a l o v e l y feeling, is almost here now, just waiting for it to ripen, letting him paint his own picture. The personality of this horse owerwhelms me, without being all emotional, sentimental. He just wants to impress, do a great job and a extended trot is a reward for this guy. I wish everyone could have a horse of this quality, beauty and personality!  

But this was not how he felt when I rode him the first time, I could not even stop him, there were no breaks (for me, of course his rider did all brilliant). I could not muster up one single flying change, nor did he listen to my legaid at all so no schools either. Hello? But I had to think about it alittle, having studied the rider (strong male rider) I decided to try and feel what is actually the horse and what is trainer-made, everyone rides in their own way. He was so tuned into his rider I just knew he was going tune in to me also. Now I have been riding a period on a snaffle, now he is equal in sides, through in back so it takes some time (bought him December 2008). The changes were done real tight and bullfighting wise - throw to the side so the most tricky is to get them fluid and not late behind. Most importantly it has been a pleasant journey for us both, all the way, and now I am really riding my horse!

2009 in Jade



2009 SICAB


June 2010, yes late behind and not totally through in back

   December 2010


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 1 februari 2011 18:19

Today is a off horses day and I had my spanish recidency renewed. They gave me permit for another 10 years, all very easy, again another advantage being swedish citizen. 10 years seems like a long time, 10 years ago I was doing my waldorf/steiner training in England, Plymouth University. Waldort teaching is teaching through art and is a pedagogy based on anthroposophy. Basically you teach the children in a very natural way to make them find their identity to be strong individuals that knows their strenghts and who they are. As a teacher this means you don't read the story, you tell the story, the children don't write down the timestable over and over again, you jump it, play it, sing it. You paint, you sing, you play, you act, you dance, you write poems, you learn how to play an instrument. I had none of these skills developed when I started my teacher training. I had only done horses, horses and more horses. So I was a student relearning it all, and I enjoyed alot although it was a challenge. I remember we had to compose a song for young children, and there was the grand teacher that sat down by the piano and played Beethoven smilingly, seriously, to inspire us - but it had the reverse effect on me - he told us to use the pantatonic scale (for young children) and I panicked and exlaimed that I didn't even know what a C was! When it was my turn to sing up my composition (in front of everyone) not a note came out of my mouth. I had to come sit next to the grand music master like a child so I could feel his support to be able to deliver that sound. I was not going to teach music, this was clear. But as a classteacher you have to know alittle bit of everything.

It is difficult it is to mix wet paint on wet paper, but the results are beautiful!

We studied temperaments of children and adults that was very helpful for any lifecircumstance. I use it for daily life and my horses. My teacher and course direction Mr John Burnett would probably like to know my Nr 1 horse Donoso is a phlegmatic horse (calm in all situations, blue) 
Start is a sanguine (happy mood, yellow)
Festivo is choleric (fiery, red) he brings down chestnut to his offspring remember.
And Halagador is also a sanguine (happy go lucky, yellow).
I have no melancholic horse, which is the fourth temperament, maybe because this is that of my own (highly sensitive, purple)I seem to have chosen horses to complement me.

Purple makes me feel good, depending on which temperament is dominant a colour makes you feel good or not. We have a mixture or all temperaments, a balanced person is very even in 'colours' temperaments and it is also more difficult to see which temperament is dominant. Javier is definitely choleric (brown eyes, wide shoulders, fiery temperament, deep voice - do not talk to when angry), which is the opposite of melancholic.
Veilpainting by Barbara Bancroft from Washinton Waldorf School

After knowing I was allowed to stay 10 more years in Spain I went to have a indian curry in Madrid, mums, every cell enjoyed! We have cold weather now, still some snow here in the mountains, but sun does shine. Yesterday Donoso got a run on the hilltop and Start got a walk and then training in the indoor as outdoor was a swimmingpool. This weekend we have friends from Sweden coming for a visit, we will see horses, more horses, eat and hopefully have time to go to our local spa. Hoping for nice weather, they really need it!
More waldorf art (veilpaintings)





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