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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 5 mars 2011 11:38

Happy weekend! See that my post from thursday was never posted, not sure what happened there.. Anyway thursday was a stressful day, Start and Donoso got a play day with Monty Roberts headcollar in loungeline, Start did his bullfighting moves and Donut pretended he was winning a championship. On my way to airport to pick up my friend Cecilia from London I could NOT remember if I had turned off the tortilla, uff, so I had to go back and luckily I had. Arriving to airport very fast but now a little late a policeman waved me to the side. I said; ENGLISH? and waved my swedish pink driving license, and of course he did not speak ANY english, so sorry for him because my spanish is not applicable with the spanish police. So he had to give up and I did got the perfect parking instead of a tedious control. 

Yesterday was a day full of scones and top quality earl grey tea and in the evening we went to ride Festivo in Aranjuez, he felt good and is so handsome! On our way back we got hit by a snowstorm and again my swedish car 4 by 4 with swedish winter tires helped us sail through that little inconvenience. People were going backwards downhill, on the highway thecars were all over the place and the lorries were sliding on their sides and it was all very exciting! We finally got to a restaurant starving by then and was home at 1.30 am. So now we are ready for stallionshow, the odds that people can come are very small because there is ALOT of snow out there but  we look forward to see the ones that can make it!

Cecilia, Festivo & me yesterday evening


Cecilia & Lourdes that is Festivo's 'hairdresser'



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 2 mars 2011 15:23

Hi again! We have had some busy days, Festivo MR moved to his new breeding home in Aranjuez where he got a luxury box in the main studstables, so he is now getting used to his environment. On friday I will be going to ride him. Very excited and a little nervous about studshow on saturday, it will be a typical spanish event with afternoon 'merienda', spanish music and in a beautiful typical spanish studfarm. See advert here facebook for listed of stallions and directions. Look forward to seeing you there!

Today I had my weekly massage, 2 hours of deep relaxation = magic energy-boost, I am a new person every wednesday. Tomorrow my friend Cecilia from London is coming for a visit and we will have some quality girly-time, fun fun! It has turned cold again, uff, today I had my fingers again defrosting under the saddle whilst riding  my darlings. They so much so appreciative for attention and work. My head has been full of planning for the coming season, I have some really delicious plans that I will tell you about when it has all come toghether..   

Festivo MR learning spanish walk and working piaffe


And 'Hagge', my black pearl, there is just something about this horse, he is black but has the silvery coat like the silvergreys! And he moves so light you can't hear him touch the floor, he is very special and I just adore him!  Here he is working out in loungeline, part of the 'macho-training'. Macho-training considers halfhalts abit boring and can't be bothered to fuss around with bases, better do the spanish walk and 'the stuff'. So WHAT happened with my smooth transitions, 'in between paces' in trot and canter, the elasticity, the straightness and my 'swingy' back??    Deep breathing.. BUT then I look from another angle, Halagador is not unhappy but rather satisfied with doing the boys-stuff, he is am artist and a spanish macho himself. So I will have to pull myself together knowing that this is good for him and that I can polish my bases, form and gaits when he is back home again which will be very soon. But WHY is it SO HARD!?   
Halagador Cen







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