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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 16 maj 2011 23:36

Festivo MR is now busy with a new Escalera mare, and he got a new booking today, look forward to seeing some F babies next year! If anyone would be interested I know a one year old filly by Festivo for sale, she it BEAUTIFUL, TALL with BIG MOVEMENTS!
And today Halagador's first lady is confirmed in foal today, hurra!
Javier just came home from the 1160 km earthquake tour there and back, he found his car alive and the vetexam of the young talented horse was sucessful, hurra! The horses had been very tired after the incident but no damage on stables or horses. So in a few days I will be able to tell you more about the exciting project concerning this young handsome guy!

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 15 maj 2011 21:57

Ok dear readers here he is for you! Enjoy!
Nr 502

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 15 maj 2011 17:43

For Mr spectacular, Nr 502, that is one of my absolute favourite Grand Prix horses! I see him train daily and if I did not have my Start this would be the ONE. He is now being viewed on tuesday by a american client that has seen him competing Grand Prix and was stunned. So just to keep you 502-fans up to date and if you are seriously interested better not wait any longer because he might not be there in a little while... Time for action, go go! 

And after all HOW MANY 11 year old Grand Prix iberians with REAL talent for international dressage are there on the market for a very reasonable price.. He has a big overstep in walk, extravagant extended trot and passage, super canter, perfect tempi-ones, incredible piaffe, no weakness and you can ride all of that on a snaffle!! He also has clean xrays and is pironegative. Sara loved him, spectacular, easy and fun she said, but 11 is too old for her, she has a plan of action and she needs the horse to fit into this plan that includes babies. There are so many clients that missed 'their horse' and they have been very disappointed, better to get the horse you want and be one of these happy ones, right!?!

Nr 502


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 14 maj 2011 17:58

Just wanted to share some pretty things that makes me feel good, we are having a rainy day here in the mountains of Madrid and I miss my family and friends in Sweden...  So I let me myself feel that and then tomorrow I'll be little miss sunshine and have a new day with my horses. Behind the stables there is a lush forest and there is a bird singing like this;

My beautiful lusi Start cooling off work, he did 6 perfect tempi-ones last thursday!    

Springtime where I grew up in Sweden, these spring flowers are called 'Vitsippor'
From my parents home in Halmstad

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 12 maj 2011 23:40

Today I had a massage and sucessful shopping morning, I found a new swedish sweet shop, wiiiiiii!!! this means total happiness!!! And in the afternoon I went riding my beautiful boys that I enjoyed. Yesterday Spain had a earthquake, thousands of people in the street and everyone are very taken and surprised by this incident. Obviously we were not able to do the vetcheck of the horse that also happens to live in this area but luckily both people and horse we know are safe and sound. So exciting plan is standing by at the moment but that's allright. As it happens Javier's car is still in this town as we spent the weekend here when car broke down, we are not able to locate the maecanics so don't know if he is ok or not, but that's not so important. We feel very sorry for the people that are suffering loss of people and homes so our thoughts go out to them.
Sara's favourites


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 11 maj 2011 16:34

Today we revisited the last horse and did a second testride on him, Sara rode him from start and it went super, connected very well both of them, lovely! She had a big smile and said she could have cantered for ever. Now Sara has gone on a holiday with her husband, enjoy!
I had time to ride Start, he is getting better and better and I enjoy very much riding him. We were discussing this, after all the point is to enjoy your riding otherwise what IS the point?!?
And then we have the secret plans which includes a vetcheck of a very interesting young stallion tomorrow.. Cross fingers he passes and I can tell you more about this new young talent that could be up for an exciting future with us!

Tomorrow Festivo is getting a visit from a beautiful Escalera mare, lucky guy, and also very exciting to see the offspring!

Photos of Sara coming up!


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 11 maj 2011 00:45

What a day! We have seen horses until 22.30 and then we were so tired we could hardly eat! Great day though, Sara tested 5 horses today, and she has three favourites. The last one was driven up to our stables as he was 5 hours away and we would not have made it otherwise, muchas gracias J-M!

In between waiting for arrival of this horse I had time to ride Start and Donut, Hagge had his teeth fixed today so I let him pass. Sara tried Donoso and she did some nice clean changes, looked good! Then the awaited arrival of Mr PRE, this horse is just breathtaking and totally impressive, but then that is not enough, it has to be a good match and a c o n n e c t i o n - and there was! If you see the horse you would understand why, how can you not want to connect to Mr Majestic, pictures coming up... Now it is way to late, I have taken my Pasioflora that makes me sleep real well and that's all for now, hasta mañana!

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 9 maj 2011 23:17

Puh, a little tired, we have been out with happy lady Sara all day viewing horses in the sun, Javier forgot his camera in the car so no pictures I am afraid, I promise to post some from tomorrow.
And puh, someone is seriously wanting one of our horses again. I can't even think about it and I won't, maybe tomorrow or another day, or never seems a even better idea right now..
Goodnight, over and out!



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