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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 8 maj 2011 22:50

We are back from our trip to the beach, where we almost ended up stranded (ha, ha, strand is beach in swedish) as Javier's car had a leak in the steering and could not be driven back to Madrid.. With assistance service we got a new car rented and after all of that we decided we deserved half days relax on the beach, n i c e!
This weekend we made new french friends that are grand wine experts and after viewing horses in the sun we enjoyed a buffet with two kinds of carefully selected red wines. These people are into wines in same way we are into horses and I really enjoyed our wine-converstation (or rather wine-lesson), thanks Valerie, Benoit and Bérengère, and it was delicious and inspiring!
We are making exciting horse plans.. will let you know!

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 6 maj 2011 00:13

How was your day today? We had sun and for a very long time I had the time to sit down and so some simple sunbathing, nice! Then a meeting with the house-people, spanish byrocracy is not famous for being fast but next week I will finally have those keys to our new home! Then comes the installations of water, electricity and telephone, ALOT of cleaning and painting and the purchase of all electrical stuff for the kitchen (anyone that can advice on best brand?) And THEN I can start to enjoy my new views over the Guadarrama mountains..
Start had the afternoon in the paddock, first out was Donoso, did a little great collection work, good boy, as always. And then after chasing Start down the hall, knowing I will get him by the food, I had a seriously good session with him, topline is great now. I do lots of transitions, canter - trot and trot - passage, trot - canter - walk. His register of collective canter to extended canter is big now. I still have to work on collection register in canter to walk. Extended trot is smooth, slow and even, controlled. The quality of flying changes is much better, very big and airy and he does excellent tempi twos on a circle. Now I will focus on the ones. I have to compete Start but I have promised myself that I will do this when I feel strong enough physically so it will be pure joy and not painful experience. I hope that it will be possible soon. Hagge had a day off in the walker, tomorrow he is first out.
Start's view

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 4 maj 2011 19:52

Yes, it is now or never! For your information the horse market in Spain is real exciting now, there is alot of crappy horses being sold for nothing and less but even in a crisis quality comes with price. However, there  are also some exciting oportunities and Javier was offered these ones recently, my favourites are 536 and 535 - check them out!

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 3 maj 2011 00:45

Yesterday Donoso had a vist from a girlfriend and it is very exciting match because this lady is also halfsister to Halagador and to Intimidad that is the mother to our 1 year old Donita VIK. So same set up (Cárdenas/Y.M) pedigree as Intimidad and as the combination of Donoso and Intimidad proved sucessfull this breeder wanted to try the same 'recipie', which of course we are very happy about! He wants a Donita but in a boy-version = wish him a   beautiful superman!
The plan is that Donoso will finish the breeding the season here in Spain and then we will send him to Sweden for a short period so he can serve the mares that are booked for him there. 
Donoso's beautiful girlfriend!   
Proud owner! And he rides his mare regularly!!
 A Monty Roberts headcollar does the job in all situations...



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