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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 19 juni 2011 13:03

Wow, we have had full days of packing up, arranging, rearranging stuff that arrived from Sweden - up the stairs, down stairs and, plant flowers etc etc and now my house is sooooo beautiful!   
My dad and his friend (that brought the lorry from Sweden 3000km) have now also been doing work in garden and waxing car and trailer, such good guys, so today they took a day off and went to Madrid. We also had a recovery-day by now finished swimmingpool, I love it!
Next week is a happening one (nothing new there then), tomorrow client and riding my beautiful boys on schedule, just hope my body is up for it all because I really am, all for now, more tomorrow!
As new!

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 16 juni 2011 12:54

Whilst I am waiting for the arrival of lorry from Sweden I am happy to announce the arrival of this beautiful little PRE lady that was born yesterday in Sweden, congratulations to Yeguada Windy Hill!  

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 13 juni 2011 20:13

Have not made a official presentation of Moli so here's a link to his Studbook page
All VIKINGA PRE stallions have Yeguada Militar as the foundation bloodline in their pedigree. YM is in my opinion is the main line for functionality, it's the frame of the painting and you can't really do without it if you want your horse to move. To YM you add the 'colours' (or viceversa) from the pure bloods (Carthusian, Cárdenas, Lovera, Granda etc). When you breed horses for their individual quality (rather than exclusively for their bloodline) you will most likely produce a beautiful and a functional PRE. And the mixing of the lines within the PRE race is very important for the development of the PRE race as the purebloods has not got enough strenght in movements for dressage. See the constellation of bloodlines of the representatives that are giving us the important results and you will find YM in all of them. Just like Donoso VII, Festivo MR, Halagador Cen, Molinete is the result of intelligent breeding and mixing of superior bloodlines - with good material you cannot fail.
Molinete XI

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 13 juni 2011 17:37

Has started his ridden work today as his allergic reaction had calmed down alittle. I asked for some backup as 'Moli' has no foundation and no balance and is really only sat on a few times. He seems to have been free-lounged mainly in left hand (the hand you show horses in morfo-funcional shows) so he is more unbalanced in the right hand canter. He worked up a good sweat and was happy with a shower afterwards. I look forward to seeing him develop muscles and those wonderful movements he has!
Molinete after-work sunbathing today
Rode Donut and Start 30 min each, very hot and we don't need to go on and on when we are doing it all well. After shower Donut stepped on a nail and had blood running from his hoof as it was stuck besides the frog - uff - had to do a super bandage and hopefully he will be fine tomorrow. The farrier was lucky as he was not around, not popular guy right there and then, leaving nails on horse floor, fy, fy, fy..
And so Sara.. finally she decided this beautiful horse was hers. What a choice she has made Sara, congratulations to this absolutely beautiful PRE stallion that will have the best 'mum'! We wish you the best and look forward to seeing him in int. dressage in Europe and USA, show them what a excellent piaffe and passage is all about and enjoy!
Sara and 499



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 12 juni 2011 23:26

More housework, phonecalls, emailing, I was physically very tired all day today and it is very frustrating not being able to do all that you would like to, I can deal with pain no problem but fatigue is sooo frustrating. Have to do some meditation on that, learn how to accept, it is all impermanent after all. And so later on I went riding in the perfect evening temperature. We were all on our own in stables could occupy everything at once, great. Moli got lounged, as he has a rash of allergy on torso and right where girth is. I gave him a applecidervinegar bath and cold water and he was happy. Then I rode Start, and that's when there is no fatigue, no pain, remarkable.. Start has a glow in his deep red coat and this means he is happy, he is slim, fit and today he neighed at the lusitano babies on the other side of the road. He loves looking at them, I bet he feels like a uncle. Yesterday we went to see Festivo, he looked smashing, unfortunately camera got left behind. Tomorrow Grand Prix vetcheck for Candy and I will reveal which one was finally Sara's horse!

Housepictures from today

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 11 juni 2011 18:06

Today friends and family are getting my personal belongings and furniture on a lorry that my dad and his friend will drive down from Sweden next week. Not sure how many journeys my dad has done Sweden-Spain- also a few to England in between, he's a every-day-hero! For the first time in my life I will have all my personal belongings in one home. I will still keep my swedish home and now when empty I can renovate and make it new.
Thanks to my mum and dad and all of you dear ones that has helped with this project, I so appreciate your help, now you know where to go when you feel like spanish mountain views in the sun!
Family and friends loading things from my home in Sweden.
Swimmingpool getting ready to be transformed 
Views from terrace in Guadarrama

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 11 juni 2011 00:14

Did some phonecalls and work decoration work on house this morning, guys started working on swimmingpool, it is almost empty of dirty water now. In afternoon I went to boys and Molinete tried the walker for first time, he has a lovely personality, does classy moves and we get on real well, sweety. He got a shower and some sunbathing that he seemed to enjoy. Donoso is even more beautiful now, he has put on some weight and it really suits him. He really loves his 'mum', has constant shiver in nostrils when I am around, we have a very special bond. Start got paddock and wanted me to join, then he was bored and wanted me to take him for a grass walk that of course I couldn't resist. Hagge got paddock first and then a workout, he needs to chill before work, makes him happy. Today he did awesome trotextentions, Hagge is getting there!
Thought I was going to be able to post you some pictures of 'Moli' today but it has to wait until tomorrow. Just burnt my veggies, these induction stoves are REAL FAST - will I ever be anything else than a disaster in the kitchen.. the one who lives will know. Goodnight!

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 9 juni 2011 22:11

Hello dear all, I missed you! But now I am back after intense week of work, moving house and a spontaineous internet detox - which was all good! Yes, sometimes life catches up on you and you simply have to do what needs to be done, but here we go again, back with new views, so many things has happended - all in one week!

Moved house last week, crazy how many things need to be organized, and how little time there is in a day..

New friends gathered with old friends, all of us went to see some big dressage competitons here in Madrid, this was last friday. We had dinner with lots of laughter and fun, wine and great conversation. Me and 'old friends' went riding on the saturday whilst 'new friends' went relax shopping. My boys had not been moving too much so there was alot of energy in them. Hagge showed he can and Donut was all explosive and gorgeous, Start showed his moves. In the evening we went back to see Grand Prix and all the fancy riders in sunshine and my car was hit by another car in the parking, just add it to the fix-list - no p r o b l e m.. In evening we went out to a restaurant again and continued partying, fun fun! Sunday new friends left for USA home and we went to the mountains and a market to buy some stuff for house that is in the faze of becoming comfortable with help of good vibes from my swedish-good-vibe-decoration-friends!
Lotta & Pyret!


On the monday Mr Molinete arrived, wow, what a horse, look forward to working with him!
Today last stuff was moved from old house and I was caught by police (again) as I was on the phone, did usual english strategy and at one point I asked them if they got comisson on the fines and they do.. Hmmm.. Of course I did not go into details of living here so I told them the objective version, that I was here competing my horses and helping a spanish friend move house. I think they thought that was pretty cool, a woman from sweden helping a spanish man trailer his house so they gave me a 100 Eur discount on fine that I had to pay right there and then or they would not let me move. 
All for now, more tomorrow, good to be back!




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