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TRC - Tribunales Reproductores Calificados

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 15 juli 2011 09:09

I promised to write some general informational about this event and here it is.

Both PRE stallions and mares are graded. First grading is APTO which is a basic approval, no test is required only a general study by official veterinarian confirming that mare/stallions is compatible by blood with its parents (is registered and has a passport). To get your stud stallion graded and approved for breeding with any kind of artificial insemination, the Tribune of Qualified Reproductors (TRC) need to pass the horse. The test is over one day and described below. Theoretically Elite grading also exists but so far there are no tests elaborated for this level, hence no PRE stallions are graded Elite, as far as I know.

Requirements for application to grading;
If your stallion is 4 years or older and your mare 3 years or older you can apply for TRC. The stallions has to be over 155 cm and the mares over 153 cm. You have to submit the following certifications from the University of Cordoba including;
1. Xrays that confirms the horse is free from OCD - Osteochondrosis,

2. Vet cert measuring quality of semen,
3. Vet cert excluding defects which inhibits reproduction

On arrival to grading the horse's angels are measured carefully as they have to be well within the racestandards.
(Donoso was very cooperative and thought everything .. needed to be measured..)
The first test is the morfology that is very much like the presentation by hand in championships only longer and more strict and the evaluation lasts 15 min. Three judges mark the horse that has to reach a score of 85 or more. If you compare these scores to results in championships it is a very high score. Also a horse with one note of 'very bad' or two notes of 'bad' are disqualified even if total score is 85 or more.
Donoso VII
No matter what scores the stallions get in the ridden test, he cannot pass and get tthe itle Reproductor Calificado if he does not get sufficient scores in the morfology. The first part of the grading is where most horses fail. Ridden test is performed. For mares the ridden test is optional.
Donoso VII
Festivo MR 
In the ridden test the judge looks at the quality of movements in all gaits, rideability and general impression of the horse under saddle. The judge ask the rider to do different excercises, which he finds necessary, varies from one horse to another. To pass you need a score of 24 (out of 40) or more which is also a high score in morfo-functional shows.

Feel free to ask if there is anything else you would like to know, now I have some more riding to do, have a great weekend!
/Proud owner, happy rider!



17 juli 2011 20:47


L Viktoria M Sandberg

17 juli 2011 21:43

Tack Ann-Britt!

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