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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 12 juli 2011 22:58

This is very likely the most happy day in my life, Donoso VII got his qualified recognition as a stud stallion, he passed the TRC today, Donut is king!!!!
I am so proud of my beautiful horse that took our breath away today when he showed us what a regal kingly horse should look like, he took the longrun flying in one impressive go and everyone went quiet... Then he did his showy jums in perfect balance and we could hear the spanish men murmurring; Muy macho... But it aint over until it's over and a ridden test had to be passed also.
Donoso VII in ridden test
Donoso VII & handler - thank you Tony!
Warming up had to be done walking on asfalt in parking lot..
As Donoso's ridden test was 15 min after morfology I did not know if he was APTO (had passed) or not. We had to wait and wait and when I was finally called in by office to get the protocol they told me he had passed. I had to sign the documents but at this point I couldn't see any papers because my eyes were all filled up with happy-tears, this was really a beautiful dream come true for me!
And now when VIKINGA PRE has passed Nr 1 stud stallion I can continue Donoso's breeding career in my beloved homecountry, and not only in Sweden but all over the world!
I can't describe how good it feels to get the recognition by the spanish experts of the horse you believe in so much.
And tomorrow it is Festivo MR's turn..
Love this horse!

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 6 juli 2011 23:16

In 1500 km you get to see quite a few horses, some better quality than others, some more suitable than others and some more inspiring than others. Finding a horse for a olympic client like Leslie is aiming for the stars but we like the challenge and we would never grow tired viewing top quality horses!
Leslie, Anna and me viewing a fantastic PRE
This one!

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 4 juli 2011 23:13

Today all 5 boys are worked out and happy, started at 14.00 and did not stop until 20.15 - a great working day for all of us!
Here some pictures of me and beautiful Donoso training last week when Valerie was here.
Donoso VII

And a nice one from Valerie of Start!
Donut LOVES his grooming! And you see in the end I can't let someone else do the job because it just isn't the same, I really prefer to do it myself because when I groom I feel them in and plan the daily work.
And Festivo MR in his suite

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 2 juli 2011 15:05

I have a list.
1. I have won the case in court against a dishonest friend. It has been one year of a totally unnecessary and painful event and now I am very relieved and happy that justice has been made. All my deepest gratitude to my true friend and excellent lawyer Eva-Lisa Myntti, thank you for all your support through this situation, you have been fantastic!

2. Candy has finally got all her results through to be able to make the intelligent descition to buy the horse of her dreams. It is a horse I consider being one of the most talented iberian Grand Prix dressage horses and we are very happy that Candice will be the one that competes him under the guidance of Bill, the trainer of alias Mini-Totilas.
3. Olympic rider Leslie Reid has new candidates. 1,5 year ago we found her a PRE that is her upcoming star, now doing 3rd level in Canada. Now she came back for more and for two days we did a 1500km of serious horse viewing and there are       stars for her, our Festivo MR is one of them.. To be continued!
Yes, it is certainly time to celebrate  All is positive!   

Candice's classy Grand Prix horse Ravel, smile Candy, smile!



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