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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 13 september 2011 22:48

Hundreds of hours of travelling we are finally back in Spain, what a long journey but so worth it! I really really like New York, the people, attitude, atmosphere, food yes all of it!! But now mentally and physically exhausted to write so I let the pictures speak, here are some of the ones from the horsey-part of the trip, the Festivo-adventure and the coming home.
Animal-hotel Shiphol Amsterdam

Festivo finally arriving..
In container with two other guys
Horses boarding
In plane just before departure, these were my passengers, Festivo in the back
Last picture of of a very tired big baby, in his pink halter.. He was totally relaxed, the other two had big wide opened eyes, it is real loud especially at take off.
Hello New York!
Cool policehorse in Times Square
Carriage horses were marked like this
Home! A little fixi-fixi have been done on house!
Rooftiles on top of wall so that I can paint it
Tam-ta-dam! Dirt lawn is now beautiful green thanks to pappa Jan and Mats = great guys!
Tomorrow I am seeing my boys, I am always nervous before I have seen them as I don't know how they have been, groom has kept me posted but that's only on what's general of course. Some litte doggy Betty was wiiii, very happy to see me, the little thing that she is     I have just opened my email that has been on holiday for a week, I promise I WILL reply to you all shortly, look forward to communcating, more tomorrow!



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 12 september 2011 03:06

We have had a great time here, I am a litte surprised I made it, but then if you can't ejoy this place where it would be quite sad.. I don't know how many times Javier has repeated ESPECTACULAR with an exclamation mark, in our eyes everything is spectacular, what buildings, monuments, cars, shops and FOOD!!! I have never eaten so much and EVERYTHING is absolutely delicious, my favourite breakfast in Manhattan Cafe and then Soho and Greenwich village is l o v e l y. This morning we saw the memorial ceremony of 9/11, speech by president and all very emotional and sad. Poor people that had to live through this horrible happening, but the feeling I get is that americans has really supported each other and created constructive situations to strenghten each other. The president seems to speak from his heart, mean what he says and there is alot of respect towards each other. Many police everywhere today and security all over but a peaceful atmosphere, nice. And now time to turn home, I am very ready to get back, I have not even looked at my email this week. This morning I saw a policehorse I had to rush up to and smell, pathetic I know, I had to tell policeman we just sold our horse here like that justified me behaving like a little girly wanting a silly picture of me and the horse.. Pity it was not Festivo, now THAT would have been spectacular! Now I can't wait to see my beautiful boys and Betty Boop, bye bye from NY, see you in Spain!

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 11 september 2011 03:16

New York has had a day of preparation for 9/11 and we went to see Ground 0 and the memorial park. There is alot of security and police everywhere, a part of Broadway was closed off as they suspected a bomb but it was false alarm. Police is very polite and sets a good example, on their cars it says Courtesy - Professionalism - Respect, perhaps Guardia Civil should make a visit.. In the subway five firefighters that had come to honor their friends in a ceremony held today gave a little boy a armtag and talked to him in such a nice way I am sure this boy will always look up to them and think they are heroes. Tomorrow they will light two lighbeams where the Twin Towers stood from dusk to dawn on monday.
We did alot of walking and I think we have covered pretty much all in south Manhattan. We have seen Stature of Liberty by boat, lovely sunny day and nice people. Some roseblossom sangria and absolutely excellent food, mums!

Have to get off this as there are people waiting to get on the computer.

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 7 september 2011 20:34

We left Spain to meet up with Festivo and the other horses in Amsterdam early in the morning, they were all there EXCEPT Festivo. The day before he is due to fly out the agent realizes the CEM test has been done in Spain and that could be a problem, she had taken for granted the test was done in Germany.. Panic. You cannot just call to the laboratory and ask for a certificate, all these papers are issued by ministry of agriculture and they definitely don't do this service urgently.. Again if we are around we can get it done but we were at airport checking in to go to Amsterdam. So after 100 million phonecalls, begging and help from a vet at studstation a email was sent to the agent so that the health papers could be signed by oficial vet for export. Puh.
Festivo arrived VERY tired, he had some wounds on his nose because my nice soft halter had broken somewhere on the way and he had been travelling with a too small one. A very nice transport lady had given him a new one (a pink one) and she was pleased he had a 'family' flying with him, he was absolutely exhausted. Dear Big baby looked quite small, and he put his nose in my arms when I put cream on his sore nose, uff, baby baby.
We had already loaded all horses and then it was time for OUR check-in. Where is your VISA I heard the lady saying - I thought she meant VISA as in creditcard but NO. Panic. Running to some machine to issue a VISA for USA, machine did not work. Luckily a woman recognized the panic and when I said we were the grooms for all the 5 containers of horses (three in each) some supervisor came to our rescue. We got the bloody VISAs. Many apples, haylage and lots of water later Festivo (in pink) and his friends made it to USA. The trip went very well, we sat with them at take of and landing, fed them hay and water and no problem. I felt so sorry for Festivo, he was the most tired one, his legs were almost giving in when he dozed off so I was with him most of the 7 hour flight. It was real hard to leave him alone but now he will be very well taken care of. I have taken some pictures I will post later.

New York is spectacular, it's like a every day christmas, I love it. At 10 I was eating a super healthy delicious lunch, people are friendly and very helpful, wonderful. Now we are off to the cinema, see ya!

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 3 september 2011 23:53

All horses worked out and everyone has a plan and groom. I don't like to leave my fourlegged friends but one HAS TO disconnect they say, so, I will practice this 'art of living'. My father and his friend is coming tomorrow to stay and take care of Betty and the house.

Here my mother and Aniara on frontpage in newspaper today, stable is now secured with cameras, wound is healing nicely. First days she did not want to eat, looked very sad and just wanted to put her head in Kerstin's arms. But today she has been out grazing all day!
First day, not happy


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