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Keeping up the smile

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 25 oktober 2011 23:11

As it turns out I will have both USA and Sweden friends staying all at once! Will be no eco here, big party-week coming up next! That gives me the excuse to go mattress hunting in IKEA where I can also buy some necesseties like Swedish Absolut Vodka for USA and sweets for Sweden..

As I was on the phone with internet-satellite people for most part of afternoon (I despise all tecnology) I was finished in stables at 22.00 It seems as even though I have installed the N A S A here on my roof, I am NOT able to connect or I have snail-speed. That was NOT what I was promised, it was going to be a internet HIGHWAY, sounded like a german Autobahn, 6 Gigabites (whatever that is) = FAST. Fast means less time at computer = more normal life. BUT 'I pay - it works' is NOT a spanish concept.. You think I am riding around with a smile in the sun all day. Forget it people, this is rough country, you better put your skin on your nose or it will bleed.

Thank GOD for my horses and my time with them that makes it all so worth it! I think Start is in love with Donita, today he was calling her and he was like a teenage boy in training, almost bucked me off several times, cheeky! Start ALWAYS gives me a smile riding, no matter what mood I am in, I love him to bits! If Donoso has been Nr 1 and Start Nr 1, Halagador has been Nr 2. But now we have gotten so close from April to here and I am seeing him rooting the same heart-space as Donoso & Start has, which to me would mean; inseparatable.

Both Donoso and Halagador are exactly the types I want to breed. They are BOTH athletic AND has the spanish class that moves me from the inside. Very difficult to find these qualities in a PRE these days as many breeders tend to breed the typical pure spanish beauty that simply is not functional, or what I call the warmblood-PRE's with a result of mediocre horses with normal (boring) gaits, which is not exciting..

Here's alittle more of athletic Hagge in action!


And here my big first love, I am so going to compete him and Start next year in dressage, we are ready!

Donoso VII

Ingen bild


30 oktober 2011 11:45

ÅÅh! Halagador är helt magnifik. Jag tappar nästan andan!

L Viktoria M Sandberg

30 oktober 2011 23:14

Tack C! Jo det är något väldigt speciellt med honom.. Kram, V.

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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 19 januari 2018 19:25

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