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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 17 oktober 2011 22:06

Yes I've had a day off pampering myself and decorating house, its been so good! Friends are coming for a visit from USA and Sweden so I want to get it all as finished as I can so they can be comfy. I got another email from happy Festivo-people; 
'I don't know how to express in words how I feel about him being here! Perhaps the best way to try to explain it is I have already fallen in love with him. How could you not? It's been incredible. He is so sweet, loving, and eager to please. Watching Chad ride him today was fantastic. Bob and I didn't want the ride to end!! He was obviously so happy to be back in work. We measured him up and we're ordering new tack for him. He certainly loves his treats! A few very knowledgeable horse people said it's obvious he's been so well loved and cared for. We promise you that will continue!! Thank you for trusting us with him.'
And here he is starting his new life.. I miss that sweet face!!  


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 16 oktober 2011 21:13

Trainer writes us;
Festivo says Hello!
'Well my dream has finally come true. Festivo arrived yesterday. He is truly a Big Baby. You have done a wonderful job. He is settling in nicely and will begin working tomorrow. It was worth the wait to get such an incredible horse. David DeWispelaere will be coming to help me train in November so I hope to have his fitness level back up by then. I will keep you up to date on his progress.
Many thanks to You and Javier. I am thankful I have met you and was able to spend time with you in Spain a few years ago.'

We wish Chad and his new owners all the best and we look forward to the updates and PHOTOS of Festivo in USA!

Happy horse, happy rider - Chad's turn to smile Big!!
Festivo MR & me in SICAB 2010

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 15 oktober 2011 00:35

Well today has not been the best day in my life but tomorrow will be better I'm sure.. Tomorrow Festivo will finally arrive in the hands of his new owners that STILL have not seen him LIVE!! So I'm eagely expecting their news, they are extremely excited! Big Baby's future wife little girley Donita is now on her way, can't wait to have her here and see her when I want to!! Vikinga horse family all together in Spain!  

Here she is with my dear Dad that has cared for her so well, STORT TACK PAPPA & MAMMA - ni är BÄST!!
Donita VIK departing Sweden in Marcel's first class transport
Here is beautiful Halagador training extended trot on centerline yesterday, his great personality is coming out in his work now, he's putting alot of himself into it, this horse is super intelligent. Most of his life he never had a person, then I left him in 'macho school' where they encouraged his male side but in a military rather than in a personal way. Now he's there asking me to take him first and just let him be himsel which is SO EASY. He shines out, is a happy worker rather than a obedient macho and he's MUCH more beautiful like that!!   
Have a great weekend people!
Halagador Cen

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 13 oktober 2011 22:53

Madrid is still in 30 degrees, every day I wake up, look out over the mountains and... is it really ANOTHER day of sunshine and blue sky?!??! 
Today I am very happy to be able to show you a handsome, well and happy Moli woking out wonderfully!
Molinete XI


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 11 oktober 2011 23:27

Donita VIK is coming to Spain! Finally I get to enjoy my little girly, I can't wait to see her! She will be arriving next week to a very very special place, a five star studfarm.. I will tell you where when she is here!
A update on Moli story; He has now got analysis of allergenes, they are:





CORN and perhaps BARLEY also

Interesting.. He is back on woodshavings as I can't totally control the straw ingredients. Cross fingers removing these components he will be tippy-toppy! He's more energetic now with the oats, I have never had a allergic horse on a oat-diet so if you have any advice and experience those are very welcome.
Tomorrow me and the horses are getting a visit from a friend and her children, its a national holiday here in Spain, another one.. Spaniards are not much for working so they find all possible excuses to take off from work. If there is a holiday on the thursday they take friday off aswell and call it a 'bridge-day'.. So I can recommend Spain for holidays and for retiring..

Here's a picture of another handsome PRE called Hispano, a brother to Halagador, that I broke and trained until he was sold. I was really into his colour even though jet black is perhaps more impressive there is a nice quality to this smoky black also.



Photos: Javier Villard


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 11 oktober 2011 00:29

Some call it meditating and it is really necessary to get into your inside and bring out with clearness what it is we WANT to do, thinking, willing, feeling all included. I spoke with friend in stables today and we talked about how these days we mainly communicate with others via email, internet, sms. I have a feeling teqnology and modern speedy-life can seriously separate yourself with your inner self, if you know what I mean?

I have two dilemmas on my mind right now.. They could both be seen as oportunities. I have managed to get clear about that I do NOT want to sell Donita, I had to put her out for sale and see my own reaction to arrive to that conclusion. No, what I WANT is for her to be MRS FESTIVO MR! What do you think? Well I think these two will make a very good combination that is worth waiting for! I had decided to bring Donita to Spain but there is also an option to let her stay in Sweden. This has to be decided tomorrow as the transport is otherwise due to pick her up on wednesday or thursday.. Have to sleep on that one, so goodnight!

Me & first baby Reina Vikinga at our farm in Sweden 2009


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 9 oktober 2011 20:09

Today we went to see the freestyles at Spanish Championships in Dressage all races. This year is José Daniel Martin Dockx won over some huge and blending hannoverians with the not too big & beautiful bay PRE stallion Grandioso, congratulations!! Grandioso is by a the Yeguada Militar stallion Adelante, bred by Marin Garcia and owned by Hampton Green Farm.

Here's some inspiration to fellow dressage and PRE breeding collegues, the PRE is Nr 1 again!!





Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 7 oktober 2011 18:02

Very welcome to visit our new homepage;

Enjoy your weekend!


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