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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 6 oktober 2011 22:47

Hello in the middle of THIS week, another one, still riding in t-shirt we have 25 degrees in the evening   only joking, I love it!

Just wanted to show you what Donita looks like right now, au natural, no posing and no spanish hairdressers are allowed at my mums stables but she takes such good care of her so fair enough! This is how I feel when I look at her 
Donita VIK, 1 year and 5 months old


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 3 oktober 2011 21:42

Here we are still walking around in a t-shirt, delayed summer?! Busy day with phonecalls and email and Moli has started working again! He was coughing alittle in the beginning but then he stopped, no temp no bumps, as new! He is now on oat and straw diet until we get labresults. Today a new horse had a fever, 41 degrees... The vet is thinking Duke, one of the spanish team horses, brought some virus when he came back from Germany, he had a cough when he arrived. So it makes sense that Moli picked up on that as he had his immune system sensitive because of the allergy. Start, Donut and Hagge are fine even though they have had close contact, they all have normal temp and I worked them all three today. I give them MSN for immunesystem and I have always been rigorous with vaccinations, then they are also very fit which helps. Now Moli is going to be super duper fit aswell! He's having iron supplement as his blood showed he was slightly aneamic. I had planned to compete and qualify him to SICAB this year but that's not gonna happen, so now we aim for the morfo-functional shows 2012 instead. So we'll be chilling out in Sevilla as tourists this year, look forward to it (am I?) I hope I will see you there?! And here's some favourites in rewind, man it was exciting.. Even though my nerves always kill me I have to say I love competing!!
Festivo MR and me at SICAB 2011

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 2 oktober 2011 23:20

Been very busy but have had some rest and social time too this weekend - very important! Moli got a new allergy reaction last week, we went through his allergy-history carefully with vet and now we are having a test done because I do not understand what he is sensitive to. But he has been totally fever free one week now so tomorrow I will ride him again, he will be a happy bunny!
Start was too 'furry' so he got a bodyshave and looked smashingly handsome. My clever beautiful horse, he did 8 straight tempi ones straight towards the mirror on centreline on the saturday, easy-peasy he said! And on the snaffle of course, that's what he likes the most. Hagge and Donut had fun in paddock, SO much fun, I feel we have all relaxed and set ourselves up for a new week. Aniara is now recovered and up for starting her new life so now I am making the decition for Donita also..
Tomorrow a new invasion again, hopefully it will be the last day, we had a barbie on the friday for the workers, celebrating it is ALMOST over, I LOVED cleaning the house this weekend.. Tomorrow massage-morning and then I will be perfect for a brand new week that will be finilized with spanish dressage championships, fun fun! Wishing you a good one!
Halagador & Start


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