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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 11 december 2011 11:39

Yep, that's me and I can't figure out if that is a good or if that is a bad thing. I do know that it makes me want to improve myself, my life and really everything around me. Today I saw a car crash into another car and I think it just isn't good enough! If only he had been looking forward and on the road this wouldn't have happened. Pity for him and for the person that got his car smashed by ignorance. But its a constant effort to pay attention and be aware of THE present. To loose attention happens to all of us and sometimes we might even have an accident because of it. So let's pay attention! My driving force (except for permanent dissatisfaction) is wanting to share what is inside of me. I have chosen horses as my medium, others paint, act, write, do music, teach, sing etc. I feel sure I am where I want to be right now and that I do what I want to do. My goal is to learn more about everything and develop. Forward, forward. Change is sometimes necessary for development so presently I am setting up changes for the coming year. I have created a new destiny for our pride and darling Donita VIK. She will be heading back to scandinavia next year and we will have a offspring from her. With that one we will continue the Vikinga line from our black Cárdenas mare 'Inma' and our main stud Donoso. Look forward to this project! There is more to announce but I wait until we are there. Now I am here and this present is as good as any!

Today is 3rd advent, be happy!

Classy Donoso baby girl Donita VIK




Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 7 december 2011 21:34 here today! The perfect day to go riding but instead I had to go to emergency because my eye had something stuck init and it just did not want to come out, grrr. So one-eyed me enetered AE and one of those harsh doctor ladies just rushes in to sprinkle some very painful fluid without warning and then brutally bends your eye inside out to pick out a ... t i n y  eyelash that was nailed to the eyelid like a damn needle. ALL that pain for one tiny eyelash?? I had almost prepared myself for being blind on that eye.. but I see so we had to celebrate with outside lunch in the sun!

Horses was looked after but no riding today as no dust was not welcome in eye. So tomorrow they are all up. Here some piccies from of Start, me and Ignacio. I have never seen Ignacio ride ever in a clinic but he did say that one day he would like to ride Start so he was definitely intrigued. I feel Start had no limit and when I said I am aiming to do a GP Ignacio said we could do whatever, like if there was another level up that would also be fine! I have gone though alot with Start but I think he is really coming out of himself now. His movements are overall better quality, I now have a contact and its almost 100% steady with topline. Before he was easily behind the vertical. His hindleg action is much better in all forms, he can now sit properly in canter pirouettes. So all movements has improved, I have improved, he has improved. But my weakness are the tempi-ones, my concience sometimes disappear there and Start is not easy as he can loose hindleg action, hangs in the air and stop pushing forward. So there we are!

Javier's pictures of Start Ignacio Rambla, me and mum!



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 4 december 2011 20:31

Brr, its got cold here and we can see snow in the mountains! Yesterdays it was Starts turn to do a clinic with Ignacio Rambla. Start very easily get hot with just little intensity and as I had bodyshaved him the day before he was even more sensitive and very much ON, lovely Start! In the 30 min in the morning and another 30 in the afternoon we got through it all, several times. Ignacio is very intense and teqnical teacher so alot of information and forms in a very short time, a rollercoaster that most of the time makes you and the horse alert, which is great. Of course being me I am not for everything he says. For example when Start get so high in energy that he gets stuck in suspension and ties a knot on himself, my instinct is to stop and level this energy out as it is a state of overambition. Ignacio prefers to ride out of that knot but it doesn't feel like I care for his nerves when I do that. What does feel good is that he is 100% with the rider from start to beginning. His excercises are very efficient to get the horse WITH you, through all excercises. So yes he's a pretty sharp man. I still think he's a better teacher for the horse than the rider, but that's alright. I am a good student and I do what I am told and only when I think he is stressing me negatively I tell him. I learn, take what I like from the teaching and make it my own. All in all I came home with some great exercises and inspiration so now I want to share these clips with you!


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