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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 7 februari 2012 00:32

Everyone worked out except Start that had a big swelling on left front uff!!!    I went straight into adrenalin sweat-rush. Yes the risk is always present as Starti behaves like a 3 year old colt in paddock, but he loves it SO much that I did not want to remove this happiness in his life. BUT, now he will be back in morning walker and only paddock only when I can watch over him personally. Actually they will all get the same routine, horse-mum need her nerves and precious horselegs to be 100%. So cold shower followed by Nexcare ice on for 1 hour, 15 ml Conquer (hyaluronicacid), Arnica, 1 tsp antiinflammatory. Then back to house to get lazer, Amega zeropoint wand and more Nexcare ice. At 22.30 I had the swelling down to half and he stood properly on leg and went to bed with Back on Track legpads. It's the first leasion I have had since Donoso had his bleeding inside the cross ligament in Sweden 2009. So I guess I should be greatful but sorry I am not, but I will when I see that leg perfect again. Love my silly Start.

Start's special moves


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 4 februari 2012 12:49

Happy February! Here we are looking out over a sunny snowstorm and it feels good to be inside I tell ya!

These are days of much work but today will be relax to set up new full on work week. 

I've been reading up on some viking stories and I wanted to share a little with you as it has a direct connection to Vikinga PRE. So here's some swedish history for you - have a great weekend everyone!

The Vikinga PRE brand


Female Vikings

Many believe that the Viking era was a male-dominated time. That the armed men in warships ruled, created kingdoms and plundered monasteries, while the women sat at home on the farm and houses. Archaeology and the written sources shows a different picture. The Viking-age graves says that men and women had different symbols and roles, and that there were rich and powerful persons of both sexes.


Above the mistress At Köpingsvik on Öland. She was found in a mighty grave fire from the end of the 900's. On the pyre a woman was burnt in a stunning piece of jewelry outfit, including various bronze clasps and beads in quantity. Probably she was in a ship. Thre were many animals and perhaps even a sacrificed man on the funeral pyre. The tomb has been excavated archaeologically and traces of horses, cattle, pigs, sheep, dog, cat, bear and chicken was also found. The grave also contained a bronze dish from Western Europe. This shows that the buried woman was a typical aristocrat, most likely the leader of a powerful Öland family with an estate at Köpingsvik. The most exciting item in the grave was a ceremonial rod of iron. This is a symbol of rule, a scepter.


The viking woman was the evident boss of the household. Her most evident symbol was the Key that are found in most female viking tombs. For a the modern person this can seem like a mundane limiation and a indication that she had no oficial power. This is however a incorrect view as the farm was not only the center of the viking household but also the center of the worldview of the people of this era, which gives the female key holder a different perspective.

The viking women could also pay for the erection of rune stones that was an outgoing and public act of great importance. 




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