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I own my experience

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 13 april 2012 09:10

Today I wake up and no it is not so pleasant no, I have to meditate myself into feeling good, but that is ok, I can do it, I am a vikinga and what does not kill you makes you stronger.

We have just passed the easter holidays that in Spain is a pretty holy time, time for families to get together. My family are my horses, they are what I have chosen and I live in symbiosis with them, I live of them, they live of me and they give me a purpose of existence. When a family-member die one need to stop and feel. Not the pain, no I don't believe in pain, but I do believe that without accepting pain we cannot realize the opposite, that which we need to open our hearts and what really matters.

Sometimes our dear clients hit the wall and with sorrow they start to doubt buying the horse of their dreams for various reasons justified, can be money, can be xrays, can be insurance companies. In this process I see a painful blockage and uncapacity to feel they really deserve their ultimate dream come true. I try to say in various ways what are actually Monty Roberts words 'How does this work for you' in a kind and hopefully helpful way. What matters most is to feel good and to know that all happens for a reason, that from our experiences we expand and develop and become better persons.

Yesterday my friend told me that all is written, that it was always going to be Laias time to go now and yes it was a comforting thought. But WHY was it time for my Laia to become an angel, now? What did she want to tell me, what blockage in me did I need to release and realize when this trauma got me crying on my knees and head onto the earth?

Right after the easter holidays I said I felt like I needed a resurrection. It was meant as a Monty Python joke on the spanish-heavy-easter-on the cross-atmosphere here, and my own feeling of YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN. To resurrect a part of you need to die. That part was Laia. I am not going to glorify my beautiful angel, but my connection to her was pretty special and she was selected with such care, thought and tenderness. And in her rested my great dream of making my own horse babies from the two horses I believe so much in. When she left yesterday it was such a spiritual incident for me and I I knew that there must be a reason for this happening. I felt it in and now I know. She was telling me to go for my absolute highest dream, without a backup plan B, just straight for plan A. And believe me I am going for it, and nothing in the universe will be able to stop me. 

Right when I had finished writing this the program the program got stuck and I was asked if I wanted to stop the program (with the option of loose all) or if I wanted to wait. I pressed 'wait' I think over 30 times and like a miracle the program boosted up again. So I will wait and rest in knowing that Laia became an angel for joy in my heart and for my highest purpose. 

Love always


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13 april 2012 14:51

Fantastiskt skrivet!

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13 april 2012 15:39


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Lisa W

14 april 2012 21:39

I read it over and over again, it is so beautiful what you write, and the feeling you transmit is so comforting, this is a great example of how to turn pain into love, magnificent.

L Viktoria M Sandberg

14 april 2012 21:46

Thank You very much Lisa, and everyone else for your kind comments and emails, I really appreciate all of you.

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