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Elise Genest visit

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 19 april 2012 21:39

I week since Laia. I have trained myself to never look back, only forward. I am learning alot from my experience and my heart is wide open. I am getting new ideas and creativity is flowing, I think this is what they call embracing life fully. Thank you so much for all your phonecalls, messages and emails, I will respond to them all as soon as I can.

This week I have been with my boys as usual but I have also been tending to myself in different ways to feel good. Everything feels new, I am meeting new circumstances, situations and new people and I really enjoy it.

For example me and the boys had the pleasure of meeting artist Elise Genest and her lovely family. First we did a photosession with Halagador. I improvised and H did some of his spanish walk, passage trot and rearing, he gave us some very artistic and beautiful moves. Then I invited the family for a long lunch at favourite restaurant La Rueda in El Escorial. I think husband Frederic, who used to be a professional a chef, enjoyed most of us. Emma, Elise's 4 year old daughter, painted Halagador and as you can see this is perfectly him with his long hair. She was running out of black so that's why the green..

Emma's Halagador




Then we went back for Donoso. He gave us a spectacular show, he knows when he is ON and he really goes for it. It is really a sight to see him flying, so agile and powerful and always in perfect balance and control. And 100% with me. I rode him aswell and he wanted to show off his new piaffe and passage. We were running out of light so we had a intense session chasing the light. I look forward to seeing Elise's artwork of the boys and to my next meeting with her. 





23 april 2012 17:36

Ja, det är nästan en exakt kopia. En sann konstnär tar med egna detaljer till sin bild, vågar tänja lite på gränserna. Passar helt klart med grönt :)

L Viktoria M Sandberg

23 april 2012 17:41

Ja hon fick med vinkeln på stegringen och fartränderna är en frän detalj eller hur!

    Kom ihåg mig



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