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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 11 september 2012 20:50

We still have summer here in Madrid! Today working all day long with happy clients, what a pleasure. Slowly we get the understanding of each other, they how I work and me what they want. We have France, Sweden and Germany lining up for visits and Halagador is on the list for two of them. I will be happy to show him because he is very much enjoying his work right now. Yesterday he wanted to warm up in extended trot! The change of food has been very good for him. He has started to do clean flying changes and the spanish trot is turning into spectacular passage as he is getting stronger. Stallions get to blossom at different ages and Halagador is at his peak now, even his hair is peak performance.. You who follow here might remember how his romantic hair-image got cut off by a nosy and too affectionate neighbour. His forelock was eaten up just below his eyes and he looked like a pony, it was painful. That was when we'd just bought him, now 2 years ago.. Today when he puts his nose on the ground his forelock drags on the floor!


Here he is doing his favourite spanish walk. 


And here's a newly selected black mare. She is 167 cm, pregnant (as you can see) and with f l y i n g movements despite her heavy belly that makes her look like a hippo. But she is just beautiful. She is in foal with a very exclusive chestnut stallion and this mare is an oportunity for any serious breeder seeing black quality PRE mare for competition and breeding. Its the kind of mare I would buy for Halagador.. 


There are also two new colourful beauties to check out on homepage;

Nr 594


Nr 593

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 7 september 2012 21:55

Breeding brings love! Today we went with friends to see two of our selected PRE ladies for their stallion. And not surprisingly a 4 year old - absolutely beautiful black girl - in foal with tall black stallion and 1 month to go - 166 cm - and with e x c e l l e n t  movements - trotted straight into the becoming breeder's heart! And the good news is that if she will have a female foal it will be for sale.. :)

More great news! We have the first confirmed foal on FAI (frozen semen) of Festivo! We have distributed FAI to a french PRE lady that was confirmed recently in foal and today we got the news there is another one growing in a USA PRE belly! So at least two F-babies for next year! We have breeding rights for Europe so If you feel the urge to breed your mare to Festivo MR you are very welcome to contact us for distribution We welcome USA breeders to contact Mrs Doreen Kula at Aisling Sport horses;

And then.., I actually don't have words to explain the happiness I feel to be able to present my queen Picara. This young lady is so very special to me, I have gone through alot for her and I am tremendously proud and grateful to be able to say she is a Vikinga. With her and Novedosa I will be able to continue fullfilling my dream and live out my passion for PRE breeding. And Pica will forever and ever remain to be a Viking girl :) 

Picara PM 



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 2 september 2012 21:48

Still enjoying warmdays but air has definitely gone higher so it is the perfect weather now, warm but not hot and less dry air. Today a little poolrelax with barbecue and I do not complain. I have had some more physical symptoms, now my muscles are having ticks a little here and there so I am giving myself a big dose of magnesium as this helps relax muscles. Also Adrenal, ginkobilboa, linseed oil, and colloidal silver. Tomorrow I am visiting a new doctor, taking all my files and let's see what this one says.. Will also see a new specialist next month so I want to do all tests again to have my blood 'updated' for that. Full time job this fibro-maintainace I can tell you. 

I have also changed horses diet now that temperatures has gone down, I like to keep them lighter during hottest months to avoid colics. I also believe it is good to change pellets, its a abit boring for them to keep eating the same all the time and for nutritional purposes. Now they get alfalfa hay and a different pellets, same base but with different additives and alittle higher in energy. So I am boosting up on protein and energy. During change of diet I give them Probimin, a swedish product of lactobacteria excellent for digestion.  

Also I have said yes to make a new collection of Donoso for Australia. I had to think about it as it is a whole month without him as he has to go to breedingstation in Aranjuez and fit it in with competition schedule. He is in top competiton condition now, working PSG on a snaffle, starting on tempi twos and passage is just working beautiful. But breeding is part of his job and Australia could be a interesting project and development of PRE breeding. So I decided to give it a go if we can agree about the conditions which I am sure will be no problem. 

Here some pictures from 2009 to now. Donoso is the first horse I have taught piaffe and passage myself and we have done it all on our own. I am very proud of him and enjoy every day seeing him develop and get his merits and curriculum together. Here's a photo blackflash of a few of the highlights :)

Campeón de la Raza & Campeón de Funcionalidad 2009 Sweden


SICAB 2009


TRC Talavera Reproductor Calificado 2011


Training piaffe/ passage 2012

Visit by equine artist Elise Genest Canada 2012  
Prix St George debute Valencia 2012

Photos; Javier Villard




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