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Diluted color genes & registration in PRE studbook

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 2 oktober 2012 23:05

This weeek I finally had my appointment with the reumatology specialist in Madrid, one of the most respected professionals in his field, a very respected Dr. And, it seems I got the the right man. It was great to hear him start with the questions previous doctors has ended with. He said not to worry, and that we will work it out! So in spring I start to take a long series of special refined tests and in May 2013 I will get the verdict.. 10 years with fibromyalgia symptoms but I am hopeful! 

I came home to do paperwork, no time for my horses that day as the work had to be done. 

Happy boys and girls are now vaccinated, dewormed and with new shiny and manicured feet. Yesterday I bought vitamin and mineral supplements for the girls which they seem to like. 

I have been asked questions about diluted colour genes so here's a little on this theme;

Cr - Is a dominant gene and Cr is the code of one dilution gene (heterozygous), in coatcolours such as buckskin, palomino or smoky black. If we cross a stallion with one dilution gene to a mare there is a possibility the offspring will inherit the Cr gene, the gene can be transmitted or not transmitted. This gene is mostly but not always clearly manifested in the coat colours. 
In most cases a buckskin foal is registered bay in LG (PRE studbook) until corrected at APTO registration when genetype is tested through the LG ANCCE laboratory. Novedosa on the other hand is registered as a grey in the studbook, even though she is genetested buckskin without grey gene (gg). When she will be APTO registered her colour can be corrected by the ANCCE delegate. As many others she has not had her phenotype tested via the studbook lab as this test has to be ordered and paid for, and as we did not use the LG lab for her genetest she is still registered grey in the LGstudbook. 

Novedosa (Ee AA Ccr gg) buckskin 


Reina Vikinga, buckskin (Ee Aa CCr) RV also has the dungene (D) which is recognized by a dorsal stripe and/or primitive markings. 


Palomino PRE colt 


Smoky black PRE 

Gg - The grey gene is dominant and not a dilution gene as you probably know.  But a grey PRE can have one dilution gene without it being visible in the coat. When the genes contain the grey allele it is coded (Gg). If no grey gene exists its genetic code is (gg). As the grey gene is dominant our filly Laia was registered grey as her phenotype contained one grey gene (Gg) even though she had a coat colour of a perlino and two dilution genes (CrCr). A horse with this disposition will always bring down the grey gene, it might be visible or not, in the offspring. The foal can be born coloured and sometimes they turn grey later on like this mare below.

Buckskin (one Cr) registered mare with grey coat


Laia (EE AA CrCr Gg), registered grey  

CrCr - Two dominant dilution genes (homozygous) produces the coat colours; cremello, perlino or smoky cream. After having had Picara's fenotype registered with LG her genetic colour is proven perlino (perla). She has not had her prl gene tested. The foals with these diluted colours are normally registered chestnut until their fenotype is tested. This can seem confusing and incorrect when we are looking up the identification of a PRE in the studbook. When the fenotype test is made by LG the genetic coat colour will be represented under Genetic Coat (Capa Genética). 

Picara (EE Aa CrCr gg) perlino  

Picara's dad Revoltoso, perlino  

A perlino has a light apricot mother- of -pearl shiny coat. The eyes can be blue or green and the skin is pink. At the moment I have no example to show of neither a smoky cream or cremello. The cremello has the same pale skin colour as a perlino but is more white and without the pearl gloss. To differentiate these colours a genetest is necessary. A cremello has an ee in their genecode as they origin is from the chestnut gene (or each parent need to have at least one chestnut gene e each). Whilst a perlino have the allele EE or Ee and can come out of isabelo, perlino and buckskin. 

PrlPrl Also called pearl gene, is a recessive gene and that can only be seen in the coatcolour in a double copy. This gene is not to be confused with the totally different gene of a perlino that is a dominant double dilute (CrCr). Isabelo is the most unusual colour existing in the PRE breed. This colour gene stems from the iberian breeds, PRE and PSL. A horse with two sets of Prl (PrlPrl) is called isabelo and will have hazelnut coloured eyes and a golden coat.
Isabelo PRE stallion      

At times a isabelo is incorrectly named and confused with champange and even though there is a resemblance in coat colour, the champange is a totally different colour gene (Ch). The genecode to the offspring of Picara (CrCr) and isabelo stud (PrlPrl) will be a pseudo-double-dilute, a pseudo perlino/isabelo one copy, and the offspring will most likely have green or blue eyes. The tone of the coat colour remains to be seen.. :)

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Jessica Larkins

13 oktober 2012 21:41

Excellent, thank you so much for explaining, these colours and horses are absolutely beautiful! I have some questions;
- Why can't the colours be registered in the studbook as they are?
- Does buckskin always had black legs, mane and tail and a dorsal stripe?
- What colours do you want to breed yourself?
Thanks, keep posting, love your blog!

L Viktoria M Sandberg

13 oktober 2012 22:12

You are very welcome Jessica, thank You!
1. I suppose the reason it is not always easy to determine the foalcoat as it changes. But it is a good question to ask the studbook of ANCCE directly as it is definitely confusing to see a perlino (blue eyes) registered as a bay (dark eyes).
2. Buckskins always have dark legs, sometimes all the leg at times only lower part of legs, dark mane sometimes with white lining framing and dark eyes. If a buckskin coloured horse has a dorsal stripe it is called a dun.
- I do not aim for any particular colours, first and foremost I want quality healthy horses. I breed for noble intelligent personalities with much beauty and my passion is to see and feel superior movements. Adding the colour gene to these qualities makes breeding not only more challenging but also more exciting and fun as it opens up to possiblities for the surprise to special colured exclusive individuals.
My very best wishes to you! Viktoria.



21 oktober 2012 08:17

Toppen V! Riktigt intressant läsning. Superkul att du lägger ner tid på att förklara. Underbara bilder, speciellt den på Picaras pappa.

L Viktoria M Sandberg

21 oktober 2012 12:52

Tack Nina!

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