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A little on the Cartujano

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 15 november 2012 21:29

Coco got his first pessoa work out today. His trot has improved and got bigger and he had a small overpass in the walk.  He's a energetic horse with a very sweet and willing attitude. Steps lightly and swift. Intelligent and ambitious to learn new things and gets it fast. Coco is a very typical carthusian PRE. 

Here's another carthusian, Bejuco, one of my all time favourites.  

Bejuco was fantastic to ride and had the easiest character a horse can have. He could do it all. There is a special and subtle quality to these most original PREs. They are normally the smaller type, around 160 cm. Cartujano's are always gentle and kind in their attitude, agile and elastic in their movements and almost cat-like performing. The high school movements are their speciality.




A cartujano will trot you to the end of the world because they have a heart of gold. They have a high kneeaction and flexible hooks. It is unusual to see a pure cartujano without campaneo i.e with straight leg movements for dressage. We once bought a exceptional pure carthusian 170 cm tall as a 3 year old and with absolutely straight movements. He was a rare find and is now living in California. 



Cartujano's normally have a abundant mane and tail and a shiny silvery skinlike coat which in itself is a sign of purity. Straight nose and perfect physical proportions. Another effect of purity is slow physical development, these horses need time to develop. As they have such ease in bodily balance and a big intelligence it is easy to excel the training too fast. The advice is to go slow and build up the physical slowly even though the temptation is there to advance as they are such fast learners. 


The bloodlines of the cartujano are the main ingredient for the PRE horse, through them the spanish horse get its racetype. So when we see a beautiful typical spanish horse it is really the heritage of the cartujano that we see in the horse. 


Here's Bejuco's young grandson. He is also pure carthusian, born 2009 and for sale. You can see more pictures, info and price on his page;

Nr 613




28 december 2012 09:07

Vad vackert du skrivit Viktoria! Jag var tvungen att läsa högt till mina nära och kära. Nu förstod de varför jag älskar PRE. Och nu förstår de varför de alla gillade Dorado så mycket och varför han hade ett så gott hjärta. Dessa "urtyper" gör verkligen rasen till det den är! Mer sådant här, du är så kunnig! Jag blev precis lika glad över det inlägget du skrev om färger. Det är en fröjd att läsa.


L Viktoria M Sandberg

28 december 2012 09:48

Tack Nina och Gott Nytt År till Dig!

    Kom ihåg mig



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 19 januari 2018 19:25

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