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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 31 januari 2013 22:18

Today I went to a conference with Suzanne Powell, a woman that had a diagnose of cancer in her twenties and according to the doctors she had one percent out of 100% to survive it. Hell no - she said, I have not time to die, too much to live and left for Spain. She kind of comitted herself to help people if she survived, did degrees after degrees but realized more was needed. So she developed her own strategy and method with ancient Zen teqniques. Yes, she survived very much so, miraculously according to doctors that call her every year to ask if she is really still alive.. Today I saw her sparkling with energy giving her for free lectures and healing teqniques. She has written a book that I can recommend, it is called 'The Collective Reset'. Today I had a reset. I went home and fell in a deep healing sleep. Now I will do a diet for three days and see if this helps get rid of some, or preferrably all, crappy symtoms. I am going to doctor tomorrow for bloodtests and check bloodpressure to keep all that under control. Yes, this is my way. I have always loved science but I always felt the holistic natural medicine is also absolutely necessary to get to the root of the problem. So I combine the two. I have a fantastic doctor that is humble enough to say that medications won't cure you but they can still help you. I totally agree. So that's an update on where I am at with my 'stuff'. You can check up and follow Suzanne here if you are curious.

And great news for a fabulous buckskin filly that will make someone very very happy! She has just been reserved for USA.
Tomorrow I am viewing two more of favourite boys.......................... and then a business dinner and massage in the evening. Look forward to all of it! Hasta mañana!

PRE lady for a career in the USA


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 29 januari 2013 20:48

Normal day today, sun came out and it felt like spring! Boys got playday in pessoa and girls were joined with the other broodmares. Exhuasted from yesterday I went to buy some swedish sweets, whilst waiting in car someone tried to park infront of me, they went straight into the car infront, scratched the bumber, went forward and hit it again. I was just looking thinking now he is going to get out but no, he drove away and parked a few meters away. Then the man and his wife walked away like nothing happened! Grrr, so I wrote a note, took the reg nr of the car and left it on the scratched car's window, what rude people...
I am no longer doubting Picara is in foal, her belly is growing fast now, can't wait to see what is in there!

Picara today 9 months pregnant 


And here is a sneakpeak of my favourite boys from yesterdays trip!



And.......What do you think? 


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 28 januari 2013 22:40

On our way home, 1110 km right now and we are still not home but this time the trip was worth it, we have seen some fabulous horses, I am so happy to see breeders are still breeding genuine PREs, breeding ALL their mares not just a few and thriving on horses made straight out of dreams, incredible beauties! And yes, I am definitely in love with one in particular!..... To be continued ?

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 27 januari 2013 22:51

Well I am! After a weekend of total relax and some socializing avoiding the nasty weather we are ready to go for it again, there are horses to be viewed and the kilometres are waiting to be done. There something I especially look forward to seeing so that will hopefully make this loooong trip worth it   We'll see..........................!?
These two exceptional PRE boys are now sold and are heading for the American Dream, congratulations to new owners and also to the boys that will be in professional hands!

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 24 januari 2013 18:31

Week in running away, friday again tomorrow! It's cold and girls have been indoor snuggled up with double blankets..

Nova growing out of her indoor rug, need a new one..

Beautiful Halagador drying up in Back on Track blanket, the best after-work rug ever!
Nova saying hi to Start

Still this horse, this horse on my mind.. I was not going to buy another buckskin, however the colour doesn't matter, but then I was definitely not going to buy another stallion. I have the ultimate breeding stallion/ competition horse in Donoso and he is the main stud for my breeding program. But I did fall for this one. So I have decided to follow my feeling and even though he does not really fit into my plan I am going to feel him in next week. Have to keep an open mind, after all my plans have always evolved out of the individual horses. And it's important to be true to yourself..

Spotted buckskin PRE born 2010 - Got my eye on you :)


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 21 januari 2013 19:53

Happy monday, we have had a stormy weekend in Madrid with electricity cuts and icy winds from the mountain, brr! Today sun came out again and all boys got a workout happy to stretch. Girls got a cleanup and was happy to come in at 18.00 just before dark. Festivo breeding certificate arrived from USA and will be forwarded to mare owner in France, thanks Doreen. 
Last weeks viewing with did not turn out as I had expected, the horse people had spoken so nicely of turned out to have a parallel offset of the tibia, a wekness of conformation I could never accept in a horse for breeding. This default often makes the horse hang in the knees, this one didn't but even so, no incorrect extremities for me thank you very much. He was also narrow in front (chest) which is not good for balance. But the trip was not in vain, I found another very interesting horse and if this can turn out well it can be a very exciting project. Que será, será. 

Here's a new favourite young boy, he's got me and I am keeping an open mind to feel him in. I love his expression and eye..
PRE born 2010


Today I recieved this very nice email from Olivia, Thank you so much and wishing you all the best!

'Viktoria - I just wanted to thank you for helping me earlier this year
regarding a new horse. I have imported a 3 year old from Germany and he is
arriving this week. I will still continue to refer people to your site
and your horses as I believe them all to be of the highest quality.'

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 15 januari 2013 21:47

Brrrr, right when the snow is falling over the mountains I run out of heating, great timing but now it's fixed.
Today I got two new visitors booked and they flying in from Finland and Germany, welcome! 

Tomorrow viewing PREs on schedule, look forward to the horses but not so much to the kilometres.. But there is something very exciting for me aswell, something I have been looking forward to alot so I am hoping it will be worth the long trip.. 

Here's Tina's beauty, the typical spanish horse - pure classy and absolutely beautiful, super movements, correct strong physics, with a super trainability and intelligent personality. Every day it is more difficult to find this type of PRE as the breeding tendency has been to breed the taller horse which unfortunately has made the PRE loose its type and what most are looking for - the typical spanish horse. This horse was on the top list of a olympic rider that was absolutely determined not to get a horse over 165 cm. We owned Festivo at that point and he said absolutely no to that size. He also wanted this type because of the balance and quality of piaffe and passage these horses perform and bigger horses have difficulties with. From the many veterinarian exams we have made over the years we have also seen that these normal sized PREs also have less physical problems and strenght is after all most important when you are looking to buy a horse for breeding and dressage. Also it's becoming hard to find a well kept horse with not only a good level of training, but also a continuity of training. This horse has no big competition record even though he has competed level 4. As training is expensive in Spain adding competitions on top of those monthly expenses makes a big economical effort for the owners.
Congratulations to Tina from Germany!


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 10 januari 2013 21:00

Finally fog and the worse cold weather went away and sun came out so I spent all afternoon in stables without being painfully cold.
Here's a non glamorous picture of Halagador on the pessoa today.


Good news Tina's PRE stallion passed vet! I am so pleased, she will be one happy lady riding this gorgeous well trained spaniard. There is nothing more satisfying than to see people find their dream in a horse and get happy, it's fabulous and I just love being part of that process! Thank you for confiding in us Tina   

And these two special Horsespre guys are now moving to luxury homes in Mexico.. 

Gorgeous classy palomino colt will no doubt make the mexican extremely happy. Brother to my girls and simply adorable. I just love this colour, looking at a beautiful PRE palomino it's like eating your favourite chocolate, well it is to me anyway :)

Novedosa today in her big golden straw box with cosy warm rug and yummy hay. Vikinga girls live a very good life and very soon it will be even better.. 


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