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Some appreciation

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 20 februari 2013 23:15

I appreciate so much my life right now, the people around me my family, friends, my horses and my job. I decided to give all my energy to what is positive and rather than be upset or try to push away the negative parts. Instead I just ignore it, turn my back at it and give it no energy. I have have noticed to my surprise that like that unwanted things falls away naturally.. and I am abit surprised, I somehow thought I had to work hard for everything..? 
Having a very interesting and rewarding job helps alot to focus on the positive. I get to know so many different people, all passionate in their own special ways about horses, and it is pure pleasure to be able to share my own passion in this way. I try my best to answer all emails and inquiries in a personal way. Of course I make most effort with clients that are communicating openly and have a genuine interest in finding a suitable horse. And I can't help  getting very enthusiastic about finding the best possible horse and the best possible personal match, it's a very creative job!

Just as there are more or less serious and professional horse-mediators, there are also more or less serious horse-buyers. I see the buying/selling process as a cooperation. Many times I get emails asking about prices of horses and nothing else. But I take my job seriously and work in a personal/professional way and I need information to be able to match a horse sucessfully with a person. Most times I answer; Please send me your requirement in as much detail as possible. If a person is interested only in the price it will be very difficult to match them with a suitable horse. Some are just wanting to know prices and location to be able to locate the horse by themselves. I respect they want to do the job themselves, it is a different journey, but then my job has to be respected for what it is, a professional business. We don't go to IKEA to ask for the distributors prices and contacts, do we!?   

Breeders/horseowners and brokers doesn't just communicate about horses we also discuss clients and the horsemarket in Spain doesn't work like many seem to think. Horses are not a finished product ever and the prices can seem very difficult to understand. If we have sold horses from one particular breeder/owner we obviously have a better relation to this person and would be given better prices. They also know which quality horse we are interested in offering our clients. There are many ways to cooperate and we cooperate with many people. In Spain a very good reputation is required and I mean real reputation, no bullshit.
At times a person turns up at a stud get a much higher price than the one we have. This can depend that we have had a long time negotiation over this particular horse or with the owner in general, they can have a personal interest in us selling their horses, for different reasons. It is not the same to send your 'products' abroad to a prestigeous rider or studfarm as it is to sell it to the next door neighbour where it will be hidden away.
Sometimes a horse have one price one month and another the next. The reason for this is that horses get reevaluated and prices can only be maintained over a period of time becuase of new merits, level of training, keeping your horse in prof. training is expensive in Spain.

Our horses are selected with much seriousness, many years of work lies behind being able to source quality horses from professional people and achieve reasonable prices. And we are always able to justify the price of a horse that we offer our clients. And you are always very welcome to ask any questions!

Today a swedish client has made my job being an absolute pleasure and it makes me want to do my absolute outmost for that person. By now there have been quite a few of you, I appreciate you all alot and I want to thank you for making special horse-connections happen!

Nina-A's new pure carthusian passed vetcheck today, I wish you much happiness together, you have the possiblities but now it up to you to make happiness happen :) 


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Sarah COL

21 februari 2013 11:54

And thanks alot to YOU for sharing to us through your blog!

MalinMalin Johansson

MalinMalin Johansson

22 februari 2013 10:53

It´s a really nice horse you sold to Nina, she is very happy
Nice blogg

L Viktoria M Sandberg

22 februari 2013 12:51

Thank you very much Malin, roligt att Du tycker det :) Mvh Viktoria



22 februari 2013 17:16

Å, det är ju min stjärna! Han är så fin. Blir glad bara av att titta på bilden :D

L Viktoria M Sandberg

22 februari 2013 20:58

Grattis Nina!

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