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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 8 februari 2013 19:20

Snowing here today, all boys worked out and happy. I have to make a video of Donoso and the others these days, so much work with sales horses I don't seem to get around to do my own. Have a nice friday and weekend everyone, I'm off to airport to pick up visitors for a horse viewing weekend, cheerio!

Donoso says hi   


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 6 februari 2013 17:33

Brr, today we are having icestorms with icyrain, it's freezin! When I ask Viggo if he wants to go out he quickly runs under the sofa, that's means a definite no! And then I always put a rug and double for stables, but even so - no way he says! I have been working non-stoppelistop. 100% plugged in, late nights, lots of phonecalls, emailing and long distance matchmaking. But now I am happy to say we have 4 young and exciting PREs for USA and tomorrow 2 are leaving for Mexico. On friday visiting clients are arriving for the weekend, plan is now set, I will be taking them from friday to monday and viewings are arranged. Two horses has been moved to be viewed conveniently for this client. Two horses still without rider as the regular one is on leave, hopefully another one will be arranged otherwise I will ride. 

So after today's morning earrands I crashed in the sofa. After resurrection from sofa, I went to train my boys and care for my girls. Tomorrow I have a new appointment with Suzanne Powell, I will be going with 'my' massage-master Mer, look forward to it! 

I still have no reply from owner of 'my' new golden longlegged boy so I am slowly running out of patience. You cannot imagine how difficult it is to buy or sell a horse, every time is a different case and you would think you had been through all versions after 8 years of working, but no no. There is always a new story to your surprise! You live and you learn. I guess that is because we are all different and everyone wants to do it their way etc etc.
Let's take the Halagador case. H was according to a contact sold via an intermediate. I was told what client and accepted. For 2 months he was sold, all his documents were sent, his vetcheck, his bloodtest. This client was going to pay in December between one date and another. No funds arrived so we kept talking to the contact, correctly of course via our contact. In January we were told the deposit had arrived to the intermediate and that the horse would be paid in full in 10 days. We asked our contact of permission to speak directly to intermediate to clarify because we had not recieved any deposit and now we started to doubt there even was one. He did and we spoke. No no the intermediate replied, I told my contact from the beginning this client was not reliable and that he should not wait for him.. Very strange as we have heard these two people communicate about our horse and been forwarded messages about the sale. Anyway, I said Ok not to worry. I can't say I am used to these kind of stories because I normally work directly with clients. But I have a open mind and if someone else has a suitable client for my horse I am happy to cooperate as long as all is done correctly and everyone's work is respected and the horse will have a good destiny. And of course the intermediate is entitled to comission for his work. I know how difficult it is to match a person to a horse sucessfully and it comes down to everyones ability and professionalism to find a suitable horse to the right person. So this case could aswell have been perfect for everyone, now it wasn't because the communication was not clear somewhere, but it doesn't matter. What is meant to be happens. 

So I continue enjoying my horse that I love very much. Right now Halagador is at his most beautiful phase for sure, it's a pleasure to work and watch him. He is filled out in every corner even though he is not working 100%, none of the boys do at this time of year, Donoso and Start are working 70% and Halagador less. For example today Donoso did a diagonal of super tempi-two's only after 15 min work so then I stopped and he got his dinner for being such superstar! Start is also fab, today a little naughtly because of windy weather makes him hot and he kicked against my spurs, cheeky cheek, but with a little sharpness from my side he goes 'oops sorry' and does the rest brilliantly. 

Viggo today not sure at all that he wants to join me in cold stables..


And Halagador last year





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