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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 10 mars 2013 21:14

After having attended 2 weekends of intense 3 day courses I am now a zenpractitioner! Very exciting and simple stuff, the Zen practice was developed by a retired minister from Sri Lanka, and is basically a humble healing method that everyone can benefit from and perform. Obligatory is daily meditation for all practitioners and you offer your help to everyone that wants it, and always free of charge. The courses I have done are also for free. The person behind the zen movement in Spain is a irish lady called Suzanne Powell that was diagnosed with a fatal cancer in her twenties. She was told by the doctors she had 1 out of 100 percents chance of survival. She said 'No way, I have no time to die' and went to Spain. She survived, (obviously) and has since then dedicated her life to helping others. She studied all kinds of healing teqniques and did voluntary social works. But there was always something missing until she started to practice Zen. How does Suzanne make a living? She wrote a book called 'The Collective Reset' and whenever she gives a lecture or treats a patient you can buy her book if you want to, it is 10 Eur as she does not accept payments for her treatments, lectures nor courses. I have attended lectures and took my dad to her clinic so I know this is so. Suzanne has worked with several medical practitioners who have offered her employment but she rejected them all as the basis of zen is working to helping people unconditionally. How about that.

Some time ago when I was suffering from severe fibromyalgia symptoms and basically 0 energy in my body, I told my mother that I just needed someone to put their hand on me and heal me, I am not religious but I was referring to someone like a Jesus, someone that just fixed me basically. I had reached the point of too tired to do it myself (the doctors gave me no real help) and I felt like I had tried it all. As the health system told me I was fine, I turned to alternative methods such as, homeopathy, serious buddhist 10 day retreats, anthroposophy (through the waldorf degree), acupuncture, osteopathy, I bought self healing cookbooks and tried microbiotics, you name it, I had tried it.  Zen is that hands on healing and I had no idea it existed. This saturday I got a 5 min of hands on zen healing and today I woke up and I had no pain in my body whatsoever. I felt like a 'normal' person! I can't describe the joy of feeling light and no pain in the morning, it was such a surprise and absolutely incredible for me. This evening the pain came back because I was exhausted but I am still thrilled about the morning! All seems possible now I have a new hope I will get 100% well! I also sat through the hours of the course also comfortably, normally I get excrutiating pain from sitting in the same position. So I will definitely keep up my zen practice, I will tresure it as a beautiful gift and if you are interested and want to know more I am happy to answer any questions, you are also welcome to go visit Suzannes blog for more info; the page is in spanish but here's the link for videos in english;

Lots of love to you all on this windy and rainy sunday night!     


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 7 mars 2013 20:28

Working day at the finca, floor is in the making, it is still raining alot and I have been shoveling water and mud to prepare the patio where the girls will hang out meanwhile we wait for floor. Floor in patio is inclined so remains dry except in one corner. Sun came out early this evening and you can really feel how everything is getting ready to start growing and sprout! 


Preparing fluffy beds and haybar with a delishious mix of alfalfa, hay and green oats :)   


Evening view


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 6 mars 2013 21:23

Phew what 3 days, it hasn't stopped raining one minute and we have had grey skys. Whilst our stable is getting renovated we have been out with USA visitors that has not seen any spanish countryside because of these foggy days, good thing we had horses to see and indoor arenas to use! And lovely people with a great positive attitude helps alot to endure kilometres and rain!

I have also been arranging and coordinating transports of 4 horses that are leaving for their new destinations, payments had to be done, issuing of healthdocuments and it has been non stop from 7 am to 2 am, so today I came home and crashed, but now revived again. A spanish breeder called me to book Festivo for two of his mares so next year more F babies will be born in Spain!

Super FEI PSG PRE - candidate for USA



Halagador warming up with Kate yesterday evening

Getting ideas for stables..


Here's Donoso's son today before leaving, a big boy now with grown out hair and trimmed ears :)

Beautiful Pinturero BAT ready for his journey and new home in USA, safe journey, be good and shine!


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 4 mars 2013 20:28

This morning the vet told me he thought Pica was due anytime now, I have a feeling it's not quite time yet but difficult to say as it is her first one.. 
Today I saw Festivo's chestnut son, he already about 165 cm!


And he moves like this

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 2 mars 2013 00:20

We had a lovely springday, all day working in our 'finca', girls went discovering their new fields and Viggo and Betty started their job as guarding their farm :)
I present our humble little place! 


Novedosa and Picara, two sisters that get on very well even though they want the same grass :)



Nova today in new field

Yesterday forage de luxe arrived; hay, green oats on straw, alfalfa and golden straw


And,,, the time has come to send the little Donoso-swimmers off to other continents, Donoso VII is now booked by breeders in USA and Australia!
So yesterday w
ith an absolute contentment I drove into the regal Cuetara farm in royal Aranjuez, with almond trees starting to blossom.
 And when Mrs Concha Cuetara, traditional topbreeder of pure carthusian PREs and a veterinarian expert in reproduction that has worked with the best of the best PRE stallions, looked at Donoso said he had developed into a impressive stud, I felt so immensely proud. I very much respect Concha and her opinion as a professional. Donoso knew exactly where he was even though last time was 3 years ago, he got a deluxe suite, reared and said; Hey everyone, I have arrived :) It's real hard to leave him but Concha knows he is my everything and no doubt he will be in the best hands. 

Donoso ready to do leave Escorial to do his job



Donoso in Aranjuez 2010





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