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Scandinavian team at CDN Segovia

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 27 juli 2013 21:55

Yesterday was time for Donoso and me to do our 3rd Prix St George. We joined our Norwegian dressage collegues Asbi (chef d'equipe, photographer) and Mette that was doing her 4rth level tests on her black PRE Rociero. We arrived friday evening and we really enjoyed stepping onto a super arena again! 

And I am so super proud of my horse! This time he proved that he can perform despite our limited training possibilities = round-pen and 35x20 paddock which is basically our gym since March. His halfpass, trotextentions and tempis are now rewarded with 7s! He was only 1/2 late behind on one flying change, and yes he added an extra one the finish central line alright but that's ok because his canter-work was great! Trot it is in the remaking and is not strong enough in its new form but that's ok as the rest has improved. So I am happy and D's attitude is simply the best, he's 110% with me at all times, serious, ambitious always doing his best and happy to be out competing. We had lovely temps and fresh air but it was also a serious competition with flags at half mast and minute in silence dedicated to the people and their familys from the train accident last week.
Our PSG test, we had a 62% score and winner got 66%, getting closer!

Mette and Rociero got a great 64% score in their first test and a second place, 63% and a third place on their second one, congratulations!

Thanks to our scandinavian team mates that helped me tack up and make D look smashing :)
Team 'Golden-Girls' with doggy-fanclub.
The End. That is only the beginning. 



9 augusti 2013 23:40

Ni är sååå fina Viktoria!

Ingen bild

Ingela R

15 augusti 2013 02:59

Grattis till fina resultat. Så roligt att det går framåt för er på tävlingar.

L Viktoria M Sandberg

16 augusti 2013 23:04

Tack snälla Ingela!

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