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Campeones/as de España 2013!

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 28 september 2013 16:14

The legue of super spanish riders are very well represented by placement, right man and woman won! Jose with Norte and Carmen with Ricardo, they both rode so incredibly well and in their own league in today's freestyle, huge congratulations to both of you!
Here Jose Mena and outstanding PRE Norte in yesterday's GP Special! 

No dust from this piaffe,..

Such a beautifully trained horse, just look at these spectacular tempiones and the d i v i n e transitions, just says it all to me! 

I want to mention Victor Alvarez on Curioso as he also did a topclass performance, Victor gives the impression of a today's (somewhat extict) nobleman or knight but in the modern-athlete-version, riding with such ease lightness and absolute skill. Together (and they are very much together, a oneness, unity) with Curioso he did a beautiful and skilful freestyle, I think the best he has made, and I get very inspired because we can all see how non-faked and absoultey true this horse is trained in ALL movements and forms, congratulations and thank you!


Today autumn arrived with alot of rain and I spent all morning in stables.

And here my 'champions' having fun in the mud today, not quite as glamorous but we had fun! Halagador told me he was happy he did not have to do a Grand Prix in Segovia today, H; 'Would have been such hard work Vik'! Start on the other hand was pissed of I didn't take him, so I promised next year,.. I am ready and he will be too :)

Halagador having a nap after his morning run in the pasture. 


And finally my babies has now met and get along very well as you can see - Brillantino, or 'Tino', arrived totally quiet and calm, thin and bony abit like Viggo really, Tico probably weighs 50 kg more, but he seems happy about the Vikinga-menue and Tico showed him how to eat the pellets and organic carrots :) He had a small legwound but I can tell you that this cutiepie is the coolest guy, he let me shower this and plaster it with an big ice bandage without even moving a little bit! He has a adorable personality and I just love him!! To be continued :)  


Nanny Nova did not step down from her guard as it was Tico's first whole day without Mami <3
It was a trauma and even though he had his new friend he tried to jump it and when I stopped him he both bit me and kicked me a spanish walk, he neighs like an adult stallion and already looks like one too! 
Artico VIK born March 2013

'Tino' with his incredibly long ears, they don't even fit into the picture :)
Brillantino VIK born March 2013
Pedigree Brillantino VIK;


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