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Breeding success

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 12 november 2013 15:20

This summer two breeders from Denmark inseminated 5 mares with Donoso VII and all 5 was confirmed in foal after first insemination. As my swedish storage was running out they had to share 3 dosis between all 5 of them but these incredible mares was confirmed on first insemination and there are still straws left over for next year!! Super fertile Donoso! Awesome mares! And warm thanks and congratulations to most professional danish breeders and veterinarians!
This result is of course a total sucess for all of us and we look forward to seeing 3 PRE babies and 2 PRE/Knabstrupper babies (yes the ones with the dots) D-babies being born summer 2014 in Denmark!       

But I have not had the best experience with setting up and storing semen abroad. To make Donoso VII conveniently available to the swedish breeders I sent a relatively big storage to Flyinge in south of Sweden some years ago. Unfortunately the breedingstation Flyinge changed policy and I had to move storage to another company called Skåne Semin. I contracted their services and being in Spain I obviously relied on them to do the job with orders and transportation. Still I seemed to be constantly on the phone to mareowners and coordinating emails. This summer there was a incident with transportation and a mare did not have her semen delivered in time. The delivery was not only delayed but actually lost so all the semen was destroyed and the mare did not get pregnant. Disaster and a loss for all of us. When the storage company later wanted to send a bill for this failed delivery I had had enough. I did not ask for a compensation for my lost semen but I wanted the company to at least compensate the mareowner for the veterinarian costs related to this incident. As far as I know they never did.
So now I have decided to keep storage with my veterinarian here in Spain, Vet. Dra Concha Cuetara who is the most professional in her field, she collects, evaluates, stores and transports the most valuable semen all over the world with 100% expertise. And she will never fail a client.       

Studshow at Cuetara's facilities in Aranjuez 2011, Concha Cuetara far left.
I am very pleased and proud to be able to offer first class breedingservices from Donoso VII worldwide! Donoso's semen has passed many tests from the TRC and Dra C. Cuetara but most importantly has now proven to have excellent fertility in the field. With these guarantees I have fullfilled my responsability as the stallionowner. I don't consider myself responsable for the status of the mare and I reckon it's the responsability of the mareowner to contract a professional enough veterinarian to do a good job with the insemination. So from 2014 and onwards the semen will be sold by dosis and will be charged when ordered. Like this I can give the mareowner the right to inseminate unlimited amount of mares and they get the oportunity to, like the danish breeders, get more mares pregnant on one single shipment!


Please visit for info on breeding with thee fantastic PRE stallions!
We are happy to be able to offer both Donoso VII and Festivo MR internationally, two exceptional Calificado studs! Donoso is available on FAI to all breeders in Europe, USA and Australia. We distribute Festivo via FAI to all european countries. Halagador is available to mares in Spain. 
Donoso VII

Festivo MR

Halagador Cen




13 november 2013 17:51

Splendid Viktoria! Hope to see many, many Donoso babies in Sweden!

L Viktoria M Sandberg

13 november 2013 19:47

Thanks Nina!

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