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PRE family and Gaucho III

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 5 februari 2014 14:15

Presenting PRE family related to our youngest stallion ARTICO VIK, born 2013. 



Sire to Artico VIK is SOL PM II, an isabelo stud (PrlPrl). Sol measures 171 cm and has impressive movements and physique. Very much like his legendary grandsire Gaucho III. Sol is 4 years old in these pictures. 
Photos on the courtesy of Yeguada PACO MARTÍ

Sire to SOL PM II is LASTUR, the excellent Señorio de Bariain Lovera/ Yeguada Militar stud and MARIPOSA GUDE, also with Lovera/ Yeguada Militar bloodlines. His lines are coming down from the old Lovera lines and Spanish Pure Breds most important bloodlines via GAUCHO III - PANADERO VIII and LEBRIJANO III. 
bred by Señorío de Bariaín

But the famous one in the bloodline story is Artico's great grandsire is GAUCHO III. A stud that comes down from the legendary Miura sire Panadero VIII that was a very striking stallion known for his extraordinary movement. Panadero VIII was successful in important championships in Spain and has many points in the ANCCE "Book of Merits", both for conformation and movement.

Gacho III was the PRE ambassador for USA. He arrived there as a 7 year old 1997 to the fortunate and perfect hands of Janne Rumbough. The story goes (ref. no138 Trofeo Caballo 2011, by Katharina Braren) that Janne went to Spain to search for her dream; A PRE apt and prepared for dressage. Apparently she tried about 40 horses until she finally found Juan Matute and his Gaucho III that she fell in love with at first sight. She went home empty handed but told her husband Stanley about the magnificent horse she had met. Janne's competition warmblood had just died from a colic and husband Stanley went to Spain without telling his wife, where he visited SICAB and basically bought Gaucho III for Janne! What a super surprise and husband right!? Fantastic.
To say Gaucho III took the dressage world by storm is an understatement. Janne R says her stallion actually had 'groupies'  like a rock star! These groups of fans followed him touring, and he was so good and successful Janne says 'You had to love him and love him'. He learned quickly, had big and elastic movements and never got tense. He had a exceptional character and grew in competitions. A good recepie for success basically!
competing in USA Gaucho III was Region III Prix St Georges Champion, Intermediate I Freestyle Champion and qualified for the 'Festive of Champions' and Dressage at Devon several times. In breeding classes for Stallions Suitable for Dressage at the 1998 Devon Dressage CDI*** and Breed Show, Gaucho III was Reserve Champion in the 4 years old and older stallion in-hand class and Reserve Champion in the 4 year old and older stallions under saddle class out of 18 warmblood stallions. Gaucho III was the first PRE stallion to compete in Devon in this stallion class. He won his first 2 Grand Prix and got 2 place in his third one. Gaucho also got his rider her USDF gold medal in 2000. He had the respect of the international judges as a great horse but sadly he got hurt at the CDI*** selection trails for the 2000 olympics in the vet check, jumping a levade and landing, sliding on the asfalt. In 2007 he was presented at the first tribunal and became a Qualified Stallion, 17 years old! He has been a very popular breeding stallion since and now have several of his offspring competing and winning in dressage. Gaucho’s III’s legacy continues with his offspring and to this day, he still is the top USEF (United States Equestrian Federation) ranked Andalusian (PRE) Dressage Sire.

Legendary Gaucho III and Janne Rumbough

Gaucho III was trained by Juan Matute

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Ingela R

5 februari 2014 22:44

Were DO you find a husband like that? I'd like to know!!!;)

L Viktoria M Sandberg

5 februari 2014 23:12

Yes but good to know they exist right!?! Let's eat the dessert asap who knows what will happen next!

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Ingela R

10 februari 2014 12:37

I dag är det den 10:e feb. och skall väl bara vara några dagar kvar till fölningen enligt beräkningen!
Är så nyfiken på hur hur det fortskrider och när du tror att dagen D är. Svenska fölen kommer ju mycket senare och jag tycker det är sååå roligt att se bilder och naturligtvis nyfiken på vad det blir :).
Hade önskat läsa inlägg varje dag ;). Naturligtvis fattar jag att du inte hinner det, men...

L Viktoria M Sandberg

10 februari 2014 15:09

Hej Ingela! Ja datum för Nova är den 13e, samma dag som Tico föddes, men jag tror det dröjer lote till tror jag, fölningar denna tiden på året brukar räknas 11 mån+1 vecka, på sommarhalvåret 11mån -1 vecka. Uppdaterar lite bättre på facebook, se Yeguada Vikinga Pre. Kram!

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