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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 26 mars 2014 21:17

It's a great feeling coming home with a body weary from a a good stable-work out. Day started at 7.30 getting all inside as weather is playing up and we are having nasty nights of snow and wind. Went to get a trailer of hay, up a not so steady mountain of hay I went. Just got back and farrier was knocking on the door. Ladies + mini-girl + young boys got new feet in no time. Mini-girl strutts around with her skirt (rug) and lifts her little legs like she is saying yes you may polish my nails Mr Farrier. 5 year old Farrier-daughter took Chulas head with both hands and cuddled her, Chula very happy someone was actually lower than her. Super cute little ones! Chula is the most social, funloving little baby, she bullfight-plays running straight towards you, does the skipping side to side and then takes off with a squeeky content noise. Love her. 
And I have to give the whole crew lot's of stars for always beeing super easy. Pica can't stand having her nails done, she crawls out of her box knowing what is waiting, and she is actually genuinely scared but she puts her head down and whilst I pat her forehead she let super kind farrier Paco do his job. So much given trust, makes my heart die alittle.
Little gangters happy to be inside with mummy oco and in mode pat me, do anything to me and I am sooooo happy! So in 30 min they were ALL done, fantastic!

Then the vet dropped in and we had Nova checked, I am waiting to get her covered as I want babies to arrive abit later next year so we won't need rugs etc, it's nicer to have foals arrive with warmer temps and just before grass sprouts.   
We measured Tico and Tino as they are exactly 1 year old now. Artico is  now 150 cm!! This means he will end up at 170cm. Brillantino was 145 so he will be 165cm, goodygood! 
Cosy evening at our horse-home
And finally I got to clean out stables with my Spotify, Cameron outside for a run and roll and Start grazing when it started to rain. I called him but I don't think he even notice it as long as there is grass under his nose he couldn't care less. I had to go out there with some pellets to get his attention, a never failing tecnique. 

All for now, more tomorrow, and the next day,. and the next. The woman worthwhile is the woman with a smile :)

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27 mars 2014 07:59

Aaaaahhhhhhh soooo lovely, I can "see it"! :D

L Viktoria M Sandberg

27 mars 2014 08:34

Haha you crazy woman! Me too,. ;)

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