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Arena is broken in!

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 29 juni 2014 22:10

Start and Donoso have done the premiere tour of arena hurrayyyy!! I have longed so much for this moment it almost felt sacred stepping into the sandpit, ears pierced forward on all of us and the boys happily cantered into the softness, super happy to dig in with muscles rather than joints and tendons taking the impact of a hard floor. Wow, for a passionate dressage person this got to be one of the happiest moments in my little life, highly rated anyway!!! It has been 16 months training in fields, but I think we did great and I have to say that I have not have one leasion since I changed stables. Ok it's not ideal and very unglamorous without a proper floor, muddy in the winter, hard in the summer but horses are perfect in health, motivated and I not had even one lesion, no swollen tendons, no joint problems, no suspensory issues - nothing. And I have not even given them joints supplements, no Hyaluronic acid just good food some minerals and that's it. They are all happier and healthier with this more natural routine with freedom outdoors on a daily basis, so now when we've got the balance we can get alittle more ambitious!
Fibro is not being cooperative so right now I have started to take Cortisol (Hydrocortisone) to see if I can be helped by this at all. I have been working alot for clients and when I do not get to ride regularly I get worse, so riding is my physiotherapy and has to be prioritized so arena will be benificial also for my own health. Meanwhile the youngsters are growing like grass and here is 'Tico' checking out the girls in the field next door. 
Artico 15 months old



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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 19 januari 2018 19:25

So now we are well into the new year how was the start of yours? Ours started with spanish byrocracy as I have spent 1,5 years issuing a new farm-code necessary for economic activity and export which requires a l o t of patience and perserverance! Bu...

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 25 augusti 2017 13:55

Here watching the European championships, such great riding!! Thank You so much everyone for your warm and kind comments and messages, it really does help. It is terrible to loose a horse always but this time it has been alittle bit worse than 'norma...

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 8 augusti 2017 17:50

Dear all, I hope you are enjoying the summer as much as you can!?! I am right now rearranging our breedingprogram and I have decided to sell our broodmares as we now have a line of progeny of the mares including fillies and two new studstallions fr...

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 6 juli 2017 02:22

Hello everyone in the middle of the summer hope you are enjoying the sunshine!!  4 horses in vikingafarm are now in full training and there is no time to be lazy! I have been selecting horses for clients and here are two of PRE both with 100% mind/bo...

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 16 maj 2017 22:39

So have we said goodbye to Kiko our beautiful baby. Nature has had its course and wisely decides what is to be and what is not. And we have to accept and let go. Kiko was born too early, he was premature and weak and was not able to eat himself. I go...


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