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How I changed my story.

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 27 september 2015 15:53

Ok so I promised to do a write-up on my healing process. I will focus on the two main processes.
1. Zen
2. Asea
I am that type of person that when the shit hits the fan I go competitive with my life. Fall down, get up and GO. When something crappy happens I decide to turn this event around and make it something which improves my life by blocking negativity making the space for postivity bigger. I am in charge of my life and I can choose what I want and I make it happen and I let it happen. I have done alot of of serious meditation retreats, yoga, food diets, I hardly ever read novels but my bookshelf is filled with books on self-help and selfawareness and all kinds of philospohy. After my teaching degree in Sweden I studied anthroposophy for 2 years at university in England. I decided I cannot have all this education and not use it for my life because this sucks and is unintelligent!

We all have our own healing capacity and I have always believed we need to use both spiritual and scientific methods to succeed. I studied Anthroposophy to get a balance for my stateschool teaching methods because I wanted to understand WHY we start to teach children at the age of 6-7, I could not accept the answer that's just WHAT we do. The mental abilities are as important as the physical so when I use spritual methods in combination with the scientific approach we get the holistic balance. This is what I know. I am not imposing my ideas I am just talking from my own experiences and maybe my story can give ideas for others. We have to help each other.

The first thing I did was to recover my zen capacity. When my foal Gacela died I was as low in energy as I have ever been in my life. I could not save her but I decided that something constructive had to come from this harsh experience with her. So I basically decided that even if I could not save her I could save myself. So I decided to get well from fibromyalgia. By a coincidence (there are no coincidences) there was a new zen course in Madrid already the following weekend after her passing. I had planned to do the course to be able to use zen on Gacela but even if it was too late for her I was now going to do this for myself. Zen is a healing teqnique you can use on a energetic level. Attending the courses is totally free and anyone can attend and learn the teqnique that was passed down from a government working man in Sri Lanka (my brother is adopted from Sri Lanka). When the men in these countries retire it is customary to go and practise some kind of refinement of your mind and dedicate yourself and what remains of your life to help and improve society. And this guy developed the technique called Zen. Now a irish woman called Suzanne Powell teaches zen on 3 day courses in Madrid and all over the spanish speaking world. She cured herself from cancer using zen. I have already attended her courses but as I did not keep up the daily meditation and I lost the capacity for the practice so I had to reactivate this. 

In a haze of pain and dizzyness because my baby had just died, I have no idea how I got myself out of bed into the car and ended up in the middle of Madrid where I had to be. I had questions but I could not muster the energy to speak in public in front of hundreds of people because I was overwhelmed of my pain. I knew I woud cry and this would have been embarassing because who would understand a broken hearted horse-mum in the middle of starving childen in Africa etc. But my questions got answered through the other participants's questions and basically I understood that when 'Ella' died it was her time to die. I had to take the lesson to accept this fact of life and let go and feel love for myself knowing I had pushed myself over my limits saving her over and over again but that in the end it was never going to be up to me to keep her alive. Accept and let go process started. And my goal was to get well from it.

I want to point out that I am certain the decision to get well was absolutely fundamental. I switched my mind to give importance to being well and not to the fibromyalgia symptoms anymore. So I meditated and I gave myself zen every day.

I have for over a year been taking a product called Asea. Asea works on a cellular level and is basically redox molecules that make our cells work efficiently and that we all have stored naturally in our bodies. These can work more or less efficient and Asea makes them go to work. They have with great scientific skill managed to store these in bottles of basic distilled water and sodium chloride and you take the product orally daily.

Over time diagnosed with fibromyalgia you understand there is no doctor that knows how to fix you. I had a discussion with rheumatology specialist at Puerta de Hierro, Madrid and when I asked him frankly if help for my condition lies outside the contemporary medical system he actually aswered yes. Finally I got an honest answer and it felt correct. So I decided to find my own way with alternatives and Asea seemed to ring a bell for me.

When Gacela happened I had been taking Asea for alittle less than a year but I had not done this with dicipline and I had been taking a too small dosis so I ended up with alot of bottles stored up in my basement. I decided to start to take this daily without failure and increase the dosis 4 times. When I did this something incredible happened. I woke up with a clear head, I had a constant energy and even high energy levels all day long! I was able to go out dancing to 6 am and I had a totally different power during the day for my work, working out my horses and normal stuff. It was an incredible feeling and this good feeling generated more energy and happiness and suddenly I realized I did not have any fibrosymptoms at all. Gone.

I am a very sceptical person so I didn't tell anyone until this condition had been constant for 1 month. I kept taking the 4x dosis and because I was not aware of how many bottles I had I was suddenly totally out of storage. From 4x dosis to nothing became a big chock for my system and I had very strong withdrawal symtoms, sweating and fatigue. This affirmed to me that this product was doing its job and that my system was supported by it. When next Asea delivery arrived I was back on track again. At the moment I am down to 2x dosis and I am now back to feeling like before with good energy and I still have no fibromyalgia symtoms going into my third month.

And that's that's how I changed my story, with the inspiration of this beautiful little horse. Thank you. 


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27 september 2015 16:14

Thank you so much for sharing your story. Wooooow. :,) <3 I agree with you - making the decision is fundamental. Once you make the decision your actions follow, because action-steps are needed in this physical form we live in. Beautiful!

L Viktoria M Sandberg

27 september 2015 22:07

Thanks so much for all the fabulous support!!

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Lisa Cassiano

28 september 2015 19:33

Wow! Amazing story! Loved it. It is so full of hope. And I agree with you that the cure of some diagnoses lies outside the grasp of medicine. I'm a licensed psychologist and strongly believe that healing happens through head and heart. Just like the journey that Ella took you through. Some things are just meant to be and she was here to show you this path. So beautiful! The power of mind and spirit overcomes everything! Love, Lisa.

L Viktoria M Sandberg

28 september 2015 22:27

Thank you Lisa! ?

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