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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 1 november 2016 21:08

Artico VIK has done his debute in the PRE Championships of Segovia. It was an exciting moment for me as a breeder as this is the first time for one of my own bred. Artico did really well, good scores for morfology and 5th placement and he was second in movements, especially happy about the movement score. He behaved really well, I have prepared him myself at home so Tony only 1 day to get him refined but he's a absolute professional and presented him excellent, muchas gracias Ana y Tony sois los mejores!!
It was a proud horse-mami-moment for sure, breeding is not a glam business, it's expensive, alot of work and most of the time it's about mud, dust and trying to keep everyone healthy and alive,.. But the moment you see your baby horse standing there clean, shiny and with all the hairs in the right place it's so worth it and you can hardly take it all in - I MADE THAT ONE!
Artico's scores and placement qualified him to the Word Championships 2016 so he's coming with us to SICAB! I have no expectations but I am for sure going to enjoy this big moment with baby Tico. Time to celebrate we are here, alive, thriving, growing, learning and enjoying life.
Ciao y hasta SICAB!!

Artico VIK 5th placement 2nd movements 


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 18 oktober 2016 13:03

Finally we got autumn here and the rain removed all the dust, so lovely to finally light candles and get the fireplace going. I'm busy preparing Artico that is signed up for his first PRE championship, he will be the first I have bred and prepared from scratch which is special. Yesterday he got shoes on those golden big feet and today he is doing some interesting strides on the lounge, the walk is free and over back and he does a powerful trot extention, go baby-blue-eyes,.



Brillantino will come home this week and I look forward to see what he has learned in macho-school. New stars are selected for sale, this gorgeous PRE with a good level even doing even doing a little levadas, so pretty with that gooorgeous long hair. And I have a new a Grand Prix PSLusitano doing a piaffe passage transition to die for,. For more info please contact via email.


I leave you with some autumn pics of mini gangsters with nanny Chula raising them in her own strict but efficient way,.  SICAB is booked and starts early this year, I hope to see many of you there!? Hasta pronto!!!        


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 4 september 2016 19:04

Back from holiday with the love, lovely family and friends,. good food, crayfishparty, forrest walks picking berries and mushrooms and even seeing a majestic moose! Arrived with bicycles to magic concert right by the sea - 

Lovely Sweden at its best!!! 

We visited my uncle the vet Per Spångfors I have mentioned so many times, here he is showing us around his clinic specialized for treating lameness in athlete horses. Per has developed his own methods for diagnosis and treatment, he uses a treadmill to locate lameness and does not use flexion tests at all. 



Returned to Spain with charged up batteries yess ready to take care of client from Candada, it was great to finally meet you, Howard!!
Here are two of the favourites black or white,.


Groom is off on holiday so I am doing all stable workouts getting into shape,.   It's still very hot and on hottest days we are outside in the night and inside during the day. Chula's eye is now totally healed and she is out and happy with the rest of the herd. Start and Donoso and I are slowly sweating our way into shape again,. Donoso had 2 more mares confirmed preganant in USA so now he will be IALHA registered aswell to accomodate the breeder. Leave you with some Donut pics, hasta prontooo!   




Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 26 augusti 2016 00:32

Uy time flies and I am summer lazy with blogging but here's comes a quick update from us as we are just about to take off on a Sweden holiday, tjohooo!!
Finca has got new 2,5meter fencing so hopefully we will now have a herd only with PREs and without the addition of cows, bulls and donkeys,.. Both Starti and Donoso are now back in daily traing and I am aiming for Startis GP comeback this autumn cross fingers we'll get there! Chula has had a difficult 2,5 weeks, she got a trauma to her eye and need treatment several times/day. It's now much better and now she can keep her eye totally open. It took her 2 weeks to give in to treatment it was tough but finally she surrendered, very frustrating for her and me. As always my horses reflect myself so I learnt something interesting thanks to Chula and this situation,.


Several new PREs for have been selected for sale, a mulitichampion, a Grand Prix incredible and some young talents, visiting clients are booked for September, have a great ending of August, hasta pronto!!    






Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 3 augusti 2016 14:52

Hellllooouuuuuu in the middle of the lovely summer!!! 

I have to admit I have been lazy with the blogging but here comes a short update!
Donoso is back in training so riding him and Starti, Artico is back from his breeding job in Aranjuez so now I am training him aswell as a proper grown-up. We froze him for USA, Mexico, Australia and Europe and he has already had some bookings for 2017, welcome to contact me for info if you want to reserve your breeding with Artico for next year!

Here he is the day we picked him up and arriving home, so proud of my first own bred breeding stallion he is one of a kind! Tico is also very special to me because he really shows that I am his person, he is starting to feel like my third soul-horse,..   


And here is TIno! Still in summer school, now he knows rearing, laterals and some tricks like sitting/lying down! He learns quickly and is very good student according to his teacher, gracias buén trabajo Oscar! 

And I want to share this gorgeous golden perlino 3 years old I have sold to a very lucky and ambitious PRE breeder, how about a PRE championship for this one!?!!
Hasta pronto! 

  to a 

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 28 juni 2016 23:20

Heyy people here we are in the middle of lovely summer, I'm back from a holiday in London, first real one in how many years?,. Lost count! Both my mares are now confirmed in foal, Novedosa with Artico and Picara with Donoso. Artico's mare in France was also confirmed on first try! 'Tico' is still working at breedingstation where they are freezing storage for all of Europe, USA and Australia and will soon be available for worldwide breeding!  

And today another mare in Sweden is also confirmed with Donoso, good job dear breeding colleagues!

Babies Hidalgo and Indigo are probably the most handsome colts ever, love-bugs! And for sale!


And finally Villy has found his new person and will be living his life in Sweden, congratulations to everyone!!!

Here's the last video of me and Villy and me working out.

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 29 maj 2016 15:20

Took Artico to bredding station and he was such a good boy doing his first trailer-trip, loeading and standig still. He is very sensitive but stay cool in all new situations. He is now working out everyday and getting his semen tested in all kind of ways. As it turns out he has excellent quality swimmers, great motility and an incredible amount calculated to 18thousand million in one collection!! That should be plenty for anyone right!? Here's the semen refrigrerated 24 hours, party swimmers!

Artico is tested negative of Arteritis which is a common disease in Spain which can be transmitted also through breeding. 


On friday most handsome Villy will get a visit and be testridden by Sweden! 


Donoso got his medical shoeing and is now free from lameness! The fracture will still take time to heal so I am still handwalking him. He is full of energy and wants to move but is so well behaved and controls himself even with the mares. So civilized, simply the best. 



And here the mares and babies this morning, Indi and Hidalgo are now 1 respectively 2 months old. Absoutely adorable both of them, Hidalgo is gorgeous, very social and so tall. Indi has this super special personality, sensitive and curious with an expression to die for, he melts my heart completely, phew!
Hidalgo VIK 

Indigo VIK






Indigo & Fiero 

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 20 maj 2016 12:23

Yes Donoso is lame on left hind and as it turns out he has a fractured hoof.   He probably injured himself whilst covering and will now be in rehabilitation/recovery for 2-3 months. Yes it sucks but I will make sure he will be good,..    


Meanwhile Villy has started on his flying changes and is being seriously into his work. Start is doing build-up workouts, he is looking tip-top again with shiny coat and roams around free on the farm grazing and chilling out under the fresno trees. We have warm temps now and babies slept outside for the first time yesterday. 

Brillantino is now broken in and Artico has did his debute as a breedingstallion!! Tino is being a exceptionally well behaved student I have been told. Good boy, will probably go and visit him next week!

Artico turns out to be born to breed! He has now covered Novedosa in a perfect manner, we have also collected him and checked status of semen and he has super quality swimmers, these ones!!   


Here's one of Artico's PRE mares in France!

Artico VIK x Bengala breeding 2016




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