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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 10 februari 2016 20:37

Stable feels full I have horses everywhere! TnT are now out in paddocks sleeping inside, I separated mares from Fiero and Chula because they were soo fed up of new generation mini-gangster Fiero. They had a real hard time raising him now with their big bellys :) So Chula has to take on little brother herself, no problem for Chula, she has what it takes to tell him off, she has the character of Start, smart and so quick it's scary! Bro is by the way almost same height now as his 14 months older sister,. In a few months I will have to separate them so now I am offering Chula to a very good price, anyone that is interested in a smart filly with alot of personality and super for dressage or WE this is it,. She is for sale this year becuse two new ones are on their way and we are many now! However, if Chuli is not sold then my plan is to breed her to Brillantino and make a pretty athletic palomino baby, oh yes! That would be my first pure VIK baby something to be excited about for sure. Breeding is a slow process but so exciting and so worth it!

Chula VIK & Brillantino VIK

Starti is stable under full time horse-nursing, he has been out a few hours in big field, back on square 1. He has his Back on Track rug on which works well on bloodcirculation and he seems less lame, I have only seen him take a few trotting steps but looks alittle better. I let him move like he wants. He rolls but is stiff and has no strenght to push himself around. After a little while outside he wants to go inside. So he still has recovery to do but he definitely has more energy and enjoys more, he can eat pellets quite alright despite infection in mouth from wires. I give him as a varied pellet diet but I just want him to be able to eat forrage asap. 

Villy is working well very happy with him, he easily get into concentration and we have done alot of canter work, he is taking stable contact low and long and pushes back up, good boy.
I have also had visitors, spanish breeders booked Donoso for their PRE mare, they are aiming to breed athletic PRE for dressage, very happy about getting another D-baby born in Spain next year. I also had 2 bookings for PRE mares in Sweden, semen is being sent from Spain so if anyone else is interested in Sweden please let me know and I can coordinate so transport fee will be shared.

Pictures of Donoso VII when starting his career VII winning two swedish championtitles in Stockholm and in same year in Sevilla at spanish championships, SICAB 2009, 7 years ago now wow!



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 7 februari 2016 15:37

Sorry this is in Swedish! Just realized when something is emotional I go swedish. Google translate! 
Helt knäckt. Tog ut Start som fortsätter vara stabil i magen, äggpulver kuren är nu klar, han är bra temp och allt normalt, har varit rädd att han inte druckit ordentligt så jag har gett honom linfrö och lite olja för att smörja magen. Idag såg han riktigt pigg ut så jag tog ut honom i paddocken och tog sats och ville trava så kunde han inte. Han fick inte med sig ena bakbenet. Fick riktig ångest för först såg det ut som en rörelsestörning men han vinglade inte så nu tror jag mer att det är ngt som är fel högt upp. Så nu står han med Back on Track täcke och jag ska gå igenom honom ikväll. Han har ju tappat en massa muskler men det finns inget synligt fel varken på ben eller i höft. Kan sitta i patella området jag såg ju bara honom trava med stort täcke så svårt att säga vad det sitter. Puh. Jobbigt det här. Nog om Start.
I positiv anda så har jag börjat jobba nykomligen som jag kallar Villy, en helt underbar individ! Stor och ståtlig, lite smal för tillfället men han är cool och det är första gången för honom på bortaplan. Han har otroligt lätt för både samling och längning, gör jättefina travökningar, gallopp är helt underbar och han har stort övertramp i skritten. En intressant dressyrtalang helt enkelt! Jag gympa rider honom nu för han behöver en överlinje,. Han är väldigt lätt att få rund, låg och är bärig så det ska inte vara några problem. Han är runt 170 cm hög, lätt och bekväm att stitta på och underbar att jobba, så positiv. Så en riktig sötnos som piggar upp tillvaron helt klart! 

'Villy' PRE born 2009, 170 cm, clear vetted and for sale! 

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 4 februari 2016 23:25

Yesterday I went to pick up my fighter as the hospital was not able to do anything more for him, values were ok and he was stable and eating. Cried some happy tears when I drove him home because only a few days ago he was dying. Still abit nervous of course but I had a back-up plan. Yesterday my dad flew in a special medicine from Sweden, it's a product still not on the market that has proven excellent for this type of acute intestine condition. My uncle vetPer Spångfors in Sweden generously gave me a dosis of this 'eggpowder' developed by Sahlgrenska, see 'Antisekretorisk faktor'. So yesterday evening I started to treat Start with this. Today at 6.30 in the morning he had already started to form normal droppings and today he has been out alittle grazing and with a happy face!


The fractured jaw now has to heal, 3 days ago one of the wires from the surgery had broke and Start was not able to move his mouth and in alot of pain. This was the time he stopped getting fluids intraveniously so it was even more fundamental he was able to eat. And fundamental he was not in acute in pain of course. I was very worried to see him like this as he had spent 1 night and one day without eating anything, and I could feel something was wrong. When the surgeon examined him he found one of the wires broken. He removed it and the day after he could move his jaw agan. So then I could also start to eat something :),.  


It's a thin line and extreme stress not knowing if your horse is going to make it or not. It was so hard to see him suffer I could hardly can't stand it. This time I also found it hard to be the owner/client of a horse in hospital but I am still very greatful. Recieve all, judge nothing. My horse survived and how does it get any better than that!! 
I have have had fantastic support from so many and I want to genuinely thank everyone, it means alot and I got power from you so thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Start happy at home :)


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 25 januari 2016 21:56

So Start's problem was a fractured jaw. I have absolutely no idea how this happened, perhaps he was in pain when he had the obstruction and hurt himself in the box. Incredible how he was still able to graze, Starti is a tough guy. I decided to operate because as this was the best option for him. So on saturday I took him to the clinic and stayed with him through surgery, it took ok all in all 3 hours. I was relieved he behaved well with the local anastetics, he was very good and cooperative actually. So right now he is still at hospital, feeling much better, I have visited him and he had a happy face but very hungry, not able to chew forrage but he can eat mashed soaked pellets. Hopefully he will be ok to bring home tomorrow. It will take time but I will minimize this as much as I can. I am planning to continue his training to GP this year but we will do it without a bridle, anyone can recommend something we use for training meanwhile? 

Here some pics from operation. Many goldstars for my smart Start. 



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 22 januari 2016 20:42

Today we had spring weather here, sunny and I had a nice afternoon working out the boys. Donoso did not want the new snaffle bit today so I changed to another thinner one and he was happy. It's all about awareness with animals, they speak loud and clear when they know you listen :) I am having alittle worried days as Starti got a esophageal congestion (correct term?), he has most likely hit himself on something and cannot chew properly. For Starti this is probably the most traumatic that could happen as he he loves his food, and it is quite serious as a horse cannot starve. So I have crushed apples and I boil the pellets and alfalfa leaves and he eat this like porridge. Today he was able to graze alittle but the chewing is very limited and slow. I gave him a snakebalm/arnica massage, laser treatment on the throat and chin and I hope this will help the absess to go down. I give him Asea and painkillers also. My most precious Starti soon you are well and that's a promise. 


And the good news are next week that this gorgeous big guy is moving in with us! For sale! 

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 19 januari 2016 21:48

No time to write too much work at the moment, if I don't answer straight away please bare with me I'll be right back!! Thanks.  
Posting these pics of Brillantino after-work today, OF COURSE no sun today either, I can't believe I don't have even ONE session of pictures in sun of these boys with their shiny sparkly coats in 3 YEARS!? How is that even possible living in Spain? So here my little gold-dust boy shining away all by himself under the clouds today. Have a great week everyone, hasta pronto!


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 11 januari 2016 22:55

Sooo, here we are again! New year new possibilities and alot to look forward to! What else is possible!!? I have been to my beautiful country Sweden to visit family and friends, no horses, I had not been back home for 2 years and wow it was super great to see everyone irl. So last week I got back to my horse family here, found everyone well and with charged up batteries, I honestly think they had missed me! Very nice to walk into a stable and hear a choir greeting you, how did I get to be so lucky :) So now we have been back with our routine working for 1 week, little young guns are asking for action so this week they will now start riding school, wohooo here we goo,. We have had some rainy days so at the moment everyone are sleeping inside, simply the best evenings to have everyone snuggled up, happy and dry, love it.

I have also (is constantly) been selecting and searching on behalf of my clients and I've now got new exciting sales horses listed and here's one of my new favourites; An advanced PRE with an important curriculum of merits from serious spanish championships and professionally trained, super interesting horse for opening up possibilities in the dressage world or to just have incredible fun with!
I hope to hear from or even meet you somewhere in horse-Spain this year, ciao y hasta pronto! 


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 13 december 2015 16:33

Looking back at 2015. It has been a intense year with the arrival of baby Gacela that had us all running and feeling intensively. Ella la más bella only lived for 2 months but she showed me what it is to love altruistically and how to choose light when there is alot of dark. This year has to be dedicated to her.
RIP Ella la más bella, my baby forever.


Our worldwide horse family has grown with the five new 2015 arrivals of Donoso VII offspring on three new continents!!! USA, Southafrica and Australia,.. Well done all breeders and gooo PRE breeding!
And we have made new D-babies for 2016. Mine will be for sale as I will focus on the work with my stallions. I so believe in the genes of D and now we are seeing that his offspring are even better than himself. This year Donoso VII did a great debute in Intermedia I. 

In May I went to do a clinic in Israel! 

Starti did his second serious Grand Prix! And started working on his freestyle that will hopefully be performed 2016!! :)))) 

I have prepared for the breeding season 2016 and Vikingapre will be able to offer these 5 incredible PRE stud stallions for international PRE breeding.


I have matched people with their perfect iberian horses, here are some of the 2015 ones. Look forward to making new successful ones 2016, love my job! 

I will always remember 2015 as the year I cured myself from fibromyalgia, the non curable disease I lived with for 10 years, yes it's possible. 
I have fallen in love totally. I have fallen out of love but dammit I will keep loving with all my heart until I hit the right note. I have danced to 6 am, made new real friends and re-connected with old ones. 

And I have bought a new car. I think I did pretty well this year. So I guess I should to give myself some credit, hell yes, give yourself some credit people! We do our best to live the good life and we rarely turn gratutude towards ourselves. How did I get to be so lucky and how does it get any better than this!? Thank you all for being You and for sharing You!
I hope to meet you one day and I wish you the lovliest christmas and best 2016! 




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