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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 22 april 2015 10:48

Gacela is recovering, it is not a straight road and still lots of worries on the way, one day she looks better and another she looks a little worse, but all in all she is progressing. The big news is that from times to times she is able to nurse from mami, Pica is 100% cooperative but we still have to handfeed her every 3 hours though because only sometimes Ella is able to get up by herself. She has a lot of personality and this character helps her, she is full of will and want to grow and discover.  My super parents are/have been watching over her with helping hands, guided by intuition and feeling in what she needs and how she needs it which this is fundamental for her progress. So because of this backup I was able to go to Israel, I used to travel alot but now it was the first time I went somewhere in many years. First day was Holocaust Memorial day, started with a siren and silent minute. This day I went to the south to teach some very ambitious dressage students, an intense and interesting day with 9 lessons. Next day I helped Maya with Halagador and Eva with Exo, it was great to see them in their nice homes and with new happy owners. On the sunday I went back to the south for more lessons and we had more fun!
Beautiful people in Israel, it's a special place and I met so many warm people, I got to go to special places including Tel Aviv center and beach, Jerusalem and the Dead Sea. The water is oily and supposed to be very good for you, I floated properly for the first time it was great to feeling of weightlessness. Dead Sea is the lowest point in the world. I saw camels on the road and met a Beduine living in the desert. And I had my favourite food, the best hummus and falafel ever. I also got my first lesson in reining and realized my dressage muscle memory doesn't respond as the commands for reining are totally opposite to the ones in dressage. I realize I have all the patience in the world for my studens but none for myself. Good lesson! Special thanks to Amir, Maya, Sagit, Daphna, students and to both my parents for making this trip possible and super special. Now it's great to be back to work! 



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 12 april 2015 11:58

Two milestones this weekend, Start did his second GP and Gacela is finally at home!!

We start with Starti that has not got the preparation he deserves as have had my little foal in hospital now for almost 2 weeks. So I have ridden when I had the time and the energy and most of these two weeks I've had neither. But with my work and the life I lead realize I will never arrive to a perfect timing before a competition so I thought f,..k it, we are going. I made our goal for this competition a serious test and over 60% and S actually did his absolute best test, nailing all the tempis and trot extentions, nailed all flying changes 100% clean, super stops, tripping once, one canter step in one of the passage and a kick at the end of 15 perfect tempi ones! So a great feeling and super pleased with my Starti!! 



And finally today on her 12th birthday we went to pick up Gacela. She is much stronger and I hope she will keep advancing, my warmest Thank You to the most fantastic team of vets and assistants at HSVM Hosptial Veterinario Sierra de Madrid, they have given Ella a chance to live. 

Gacela 12 days old and at home.


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 2 april 2015 23:16

I have had the most emotional day, I try hard not to 'feed' the feeling of emotion because it is totally overwhelming and I've got to keep it together. Today a long drive to testride two wonderful horses that was both a pure pleasure to ride and look at, excellent presentated and professionally trained. Of course hitting the easter traffic and journey got longer than estimated and of course also I get lost. All the time I get lost as I depend on the GPS and never seem to know where I am but finally I was were I most wanted to be; In the hospital where Gacela 'Ella' is fighting for it together with her mum and a wonderful team of vets. I am so greatful to these people, and to my friend Jorge that got us there in the night. I am totally aware they saved/are saving her life. So my heart held it's breath when I saw my little baby, she stood up. Wow, that feeling to see her on her legs. We all supported her and helped her going to have her first intent to suckle from mami Pica that is a super mami. Wow it was an incredible feeling to see her fight for it and be able to be there and support her. She got hold of it but she didn't get to drink because she is not in balance and development for that yet but it felt like almost. She fights and she wants it which is the most important for her possibilities. Such a big girl with with the longest legs ever and so much spririt. Then she had to lie down again to rest and get her milk and fell asleep next to me. So beautiful with much love in this and around this little horse. Just beautiful. And thank You so much for all your support in facebook, so many good people, I can feel you. I am the most greatful horse-mami ever. 

Gacela VIK, 2 days old!


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 1 april 2015 23:40

My two new little new lifes are killing me softly. One because he is adorable and just the perfect mini-golden Donoso and my heart skips a beat when I see him. And the other because she was born premature and is now in intesive care in hospital and it's a critical situation for her. Gacela was born at 21.20 and I was there to deliver her, I got the feeling very quickly she was weak so I gave her milk and massaged her to dry. I felt she would definitely be too weak to stand up so I called vet, he gave her 0,5l milk in tube and stitched up the cord as she was bleeding alot. Only 3,5 hours old we carried her into the trailer and drive her and mummy Picara 1 hour up the road. She had convulsions and was very weak not able to stand or even sit up. I arrived home at 6am in the morning and at 10am I got first update that she was still here and not worse. She is now in the best hands and her situation is alittle more stable as she has no infections and seem to respond to the treatment. She is always with one person by her side and I was sent pictures and told that she is able to hold herself up lying at times. And with the help of the people supporting her she could actually maintain herself standing alittle. These are very good news but she needs time and there is alot of develoment still necessary for her recovery. I gave her the name Gacela, she is very big foal with incredibly long legs, let's hope we will see her run on the fields using them next to her brother. She is the grulla type buckskin, just beautiful.

So today I had to have a quiet day, I sat down in flowering field with Fiero that comes running when he sees me, the new alfalfa arrived, went home and rested until it was time to go back to give everyone dinner. Finally I took D for a ride under the moon and listening to the frog-serenade. It was a good day.
Here my new little heartbreakers;


Cream buckskin colt sired by Donoso VII, dam Novedosa PM born 26-03-2015

Grulla buckskin filly sired by Donoso VII, dam Picara PM, Born 31-03-2015 

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 25 mars 2015 10:37

April is lined up! There is no limit to the fantastic connections and activities our horses create for us, I have been invited to go to Israel to hold a course for the PRE riders and the dates and participants are now set up, one competition is lined up with Donoso and Start, visiting clients are booked in and I have some serious selecting to do, all in for April! On top of that it seems like my ladies might join in for the April happenings because our weather turned cold again and with that the mares seem to have decided to keep their foals inside. Next week is fullmoon so I am guessing they will pop little pocorns then?! The Novedosa-Donoso should be first and name has to start with an F. Picara-Donoso (if second) will have a name starting with a G, name suggestions are welcome, both foals will be for sale, I have not enough time for more horses!!!

Dam; Picara PM 
Picara has two offsprings, Artico VIK and Euforia VIK
Dam; Novedosa PM
Nova has one offspring, Chula VIK

Sire; Donoso VII - Reproductor Calificado - PRE Champion - Dressage Prix St George

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 17 mars 2015 10:33

Babies on their way! Nova is super-due now and I am standing by, wow it's exciting stuff every time! 

Have been trestriding and selecting PREs and presenting this exceptionally classy stud. He is mature, has excellent offspring, extremely talented, sensitive, ambitious and 10 for attutude and movements. No refined schooling but everything started and one of those horses that if you tell him how good he is he will give you his soul and get it all together in whim. I wish he was mine, so lovable and look at all that beauty,.


Today I went to pick up this gorgeous PRE born 2009 that I have sold to USA, he is now in for his gelding procedure and cuarantene. Tic says hi!


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 10 mars 2015 22:09

Wow now I remember why I live in Spain, got my first suntan today! (slightly crayfish as always,.) Glorious sunshine all day long, pastures are now dry and grass is growing love it. Boys are doing regular daily routine workouts and I am setting up competitions in my schedule oh yes I will get there with both Start and Donoso, aiming for april! D has not lost hardly anything after his injury, he is the best. D is now full on controlling the mares from his paddock or stable but as always 100% working and I channel his high energy into his movements to get him even more expressive, he loves this work makes him feel macho-man! Start is on on on. Today he told me we HAD to do extended trot, this is a excersice I practice least as it is very streuous and because he is overflexible. He does amazing transitions from piaffe to passage and I can ride him with an incredible sensitivity, I love this, simple finetuning no strenght needed. But we still work up a sweat both of us because concentrated work and focus makes you work out just as much, just on another more interesting level. Love this work!
Today it was hairday for Quinto and Donoso, they get schampo and conditioner and smell lovely.

Quinto is so lovable! 


Queen of Africa is sleeping inside tonight so she can rest properly because she is leaving for her Southafrica home tomorrow. Carry your tresure well across the continents, hasta siempre Loma!
So tomorow standing by for this pick up, newly sold mare for Sweden also embarking so this is also coordinated and also I am standing by for a new arrival sold to USA that will be checking in for his gelding snip-snip procedure. It might seem as all horses I sell get gelded and actually lately this has been the case, the reason being the import protocol is so much easier and less costly for a gelding than for a stallion. And of course I offer my clients my own horse-home and personal care during convalesence as I am more relaxed doing this myself than having to send the horse to some clinic or unpersonal facility. I get rewarded with so much trust from my clients and naturally I feel a great responsability for the horses I have sold in transit. The convalesence that lasts various weeks I want both the horse and the new owner to be comfortable so I do the recovery procedure myself together with my personal groom. 
All for today more tomorrow, ciao!

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 7 mars 2015 09:07

We have a glorius spring here now, almond trees in blossom and not a cloud in the sky, now aticipating the first foal that is estimated arrival 18th this month, our first Novedosa x Donoso baby!

New booking for Donoso VII and new PRE mare in USA, good luck to Kristi!
Here a jet black Donoso VII filly born 2011 bred in Sweden by Yeguada Windy Hill, not for sale.

Selected for her excellent conformation, movements and bloodlines via Calificado outstanding stud and multichampion Armas Tarugo, Swedish breeder will to use this excellent mare for her new dressage PRE breeding program, congratulations and the very best wishes!


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