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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 24 februari 2012 15:01

Moli has left the building and arrived safely to his new home in France. He has been with us since June 2011. Molinete XI is a PRE stallion we selected for his good potential as a dressage competition horse and breeding stallion. We made a sponsorship plan with his owners to train and compete him in Spain. After some time he developed recurring nettlefever that we maintained under control but were not able to find the cause of, despite allergytests and strictly controlled food diets. So after having tried it all we decided that it was best to change his environment. So this week Moli left for his new home in France and we wish him and his owners all the very best. Here our last day of training. Moli has his own album on our Vikingapre fb. 

Molinete XI


And here he is arriving.

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 24 januari 2012 21:59

A satisfactory day, all horses had been out in the sun and worked out and finished at 16.00 - yay! So happy to be able to work out at these hours, normally I don't get going until late afternoon and that's when sun is going down, not the same warmth and can't give the horses their sun-showers. But today yes! So all aloevera shampooed and sundried like tomatoes. Now this weather is NOT normal, but who cares!? 

Now I can announce Moli's future, he will be going home to his real mummy in France! He is not going to be cured here, something in the environment is not doing him well and its time for a constructive change. I will be missing him alot, he is such a beautiful and talented horse, so elegant and exciting mover. We are hoping a natural enviroment with many hours outdoor will be his cure so he can shine and show his true talent.

Here he is in the shower after today's work, uff I will miss him! But I am very pleased he has such a professional mummy that will give him nothing but the best possibilities and I am certain Moli will give her a great satisfaction in return!

Moli today


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 5 januari 2012 18:22

For both me and Moli, tuesday was another bumpy day again, this time lots of it in his head and some with pus. No fever and eating and looking normal. So, I had to inject him again.. Poor beautiful Moli, but excluding the han for the bumps he looks good don't you think?


Yesterday he was fine again but I was not. We went out for final family dinner and it turned out to be my turn for intoxication, not very interesting at all, had to take the day off. Setting up the breeding year and here we have the beautiful boys in catalogue Studs of Spain, correction: 34 PRE stallions in total and 10 of those Qualified Reproductors, two of them are Donoso VII & Festivo MR.
 The Vikinga PRE contribution to the breeding 2012!


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 2 januari 2012 21:19

I hope  your new year has started with high energy, here we have had incredible days and 1rst of January weather allowed us to have a sunny picnic and today all four boys have been working out! I have great news on Moli, I have been giving him a product from Sweden called 'Probimin' to stabilize his metabolism. Probimin is a lactic acid bacteria and stabilizes the flora in the intestines and bowl. I also decided to follow my gut feeling and put him on strawbed, I felt he needed more fiber as this is important for the bowl. He has never been as beautiful as he is now! His body has changed, he is more compact and strong so I'm very pleased. 

I can recommend you to buy this catalogue if you want to match your mare with any of the 34 best PRE stallions in Spain, 10 of them are TRC stallions, Donoso and Festivo are two of those!

For more information on our stallions available for breeding 2012 : 

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 28 november 2011 19:31

Today we had a visit from Molis real 'mum' and she rode him for the first time! She talked to him in french and voilá Moli understood perfectly!They looked very nice together and seemed to like each other. It was great to see him from the ground he is a very handsome horse! I have to measure him now, and lots of lieing down lately so he is still growing, looking good for Moli.

A litte SICAB nostalgia, here a tribute to 2011 Champion of Spain!

Sevillano XLI

And live

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 30 oktober 2011 22:03

Last week Moli had a new allergy reaction, poor poor Moli. He has been on a super strict diet excluding all possible risky food. This is what he looks like just before being injected, these bumps disappears instantly when injected and develop quickly over 2 days. Perhaps someone recognizes these symptoms.

Whilst warming up Halagador I was on the phone to the vet telling him about Moli. As always I placed phone on arena wall and left (forgot) it there. A few hours later when I am about to leave I go to get my phone, but it was GONE. We tried calling it but it was turned off.. Perhaps I put it in my pocked and it had fallen out, searching, searching, went home without phone. I realized I had all the info stored on IT and in NO other place. Even though I am pretty sure noone has taken it, it felt good to have a pinlock. I tried syncronizing my old phone with Itunes, but it saved the EMPTY info from that phone. Shit. Together with Apple store (my computer is in swedish..) they managed to pull some of needed info out from unaccessible security copies, it took 2 days but h a l l e l u j a. Today I found out that as we have reported the IMEI nr the phone can be traced IF it is TURNED ON. I will definitely find out how that works.. We have scanned the stables and the area in case the dogs has carried it somewhere but no phone, so far. I am definitely doing to write down all my info with a pen and paper from now on!

On the saturday I had to disconnect this story and feel good. So picked up fabulous cleaning lady Sofia and went to IKEA. Came home to a shining house which makes any woman feel good. And now the kitchen is adorable, just like I want it, all in wood and white, with allmoge (traditional swedish style) - simple, pretty and comfy! So now I am ready to face a new week and recieve my four friends. Have a GREAT new week people, make it the best because YOU are WORTH IT!

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 21 oktober 2011 12:38

Happy friday!
Here's a short walk clip of Molinete after work last week.

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 13 oktober 2011 22:53

Madrid is still in 30 degrees, every day I wake up, look out over the mountains and... is it really ANOTHER day of sunshine and blue sky?!??! 
Today I am very happy to be able to show you a handsome, well and happy Moli woking out wonderfully!
Molinete XI



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