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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 13 juni 2011 17:37

Has started his ridden work today as his allergic reaction had calmed down alittle. I asked for some backup as 'Moli' has no foundation and no balance and is really only sat on a few times. He seems to have been free-lounged mainly in left hand (the hand you show horses in morfo-funcional shows) so he is more unbalanced in the right hand canter. He worked up a good sweat and was happy with a shower afterwards. I look forward to seeing him develop muscles and those wonderful movements he has!
Molinete after-work sunbathing today
Rode Donut and Start 30 min each, very hot and we don't need to go on and on when we are doing it all well. After shower Donut stepped on a nail and had blood running from his hoof as it was stuck besides the frog - uff - had to do a super bandage and hopefully he will be fine tomorrow. The farrier was lucky as he was not around, not popular guy right there and then, leaving nails on horse floor, fy, fy, fy..
And so Sara.. finally she decided this beautiful horse was hers. What a choice she has made Sara, congratulations to this absolutely beautiful PRE stallion that will have the best 'mum'! We wish you the best and look forward to seeing him in int. dressage in Europe and USA, show them what a excellent piaffe and passage is all about and enjoy!
Sara and 499



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 21 maj 2011 14:37

Molinete XI!!!
Yes, the good news are that Yda. VIKINGA PRE have been sponsored with this young talented boy, we are of course very greatful and excited about this!!    
He will be arriving to us next week and we are going to compete him in morfo-functional shows, so there will be another VIKINGA horse for you follow here on blog, hope you will like him, we look forward to working with him!
See his page Nr 521 

Yesterday I got help with Start, we practiced control of the tempi-ones, three and then medium canter on short diagonals. Then the piaffe, passage, extended trot, half pass, canter pirouettes all in 30 min. If form is good the reward is to stop and walk on loose reins. It is very effective and like this we don't get exhausted and horse is happy and alert. This training suits me (and horses) as it is short, intense and makes you and the horse think less and be attentive on you and the work.

Donoso's pretty lady was also pregnant, jippie!

And we got a new booking of Festivo yesterday, a couple that saw him on stallion exhibition and fell in love. They have been all around Spain but he is the favourite so now he is booked for their mare. 
And yesterday I got the keys to new house, now big cleaning project - happy weekend everyone!



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