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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 2 oktober 2012 23:05

This weeek I finally had my appointment with the reumatology specialist in Madrid, one of the most respected professionals in his field, a very respected Dr. And, it seems I got the the right man. It was great to hear him start with the questions previous doctors has ended with. He said not to worry, and that we will work it out! So in spring I start to take a long series of special refined tests and in May 2013 I will get the verdict.. 10 years with fibromyalgia symptoms but I am hopeful! 

I came home to do paperwork, no time for my horses that day as the work had to be done. 

Happy boys and girls are now vaccinated, dewormed and with new shiny and manicured feet. Yesterday I bought vitamin and mineral supplements for the girls which they seem to like. 

I have been asked questions about diluted colour genes so here's a little on this theme;

Cr - Is a dominant gene and Cr is the code of one dilution gene (heterozygous), in coatcolours such as buckskin, palomino or smoky black. If we cross a stallion with one dilution gene to a mare there is a possibility the offspring will inherit the Cr gene, the gene can be transmitted or not transmitted. This gene is mostly but not always clearly manifested in the coat colours. 
In most cases a buckskin foal is registered bay in LG (PRE studbook) until corrected at APTO registration when genetype is tested through the LG ANCCE laboratory. Novedosa on the other hand is registered as a grey in the studbook, even though she is genetested buckskin without grey gene (gg). When she will be APTO registered her colour can be corrected by the ANCCE delegate. As many others she has not had her phenotype tested via the studbook lab as this test has to be ordered and paid for, and as we did not use the LG lab for her genetest she is still registered grey in the LGstudbook. 

Novedosa (Ee AA Ccr gg) buckskin 


Reina Vikinga, buckskin (Ee Aa CCr) RV also has the dungene (D) which is recognized by a dorsal stripe and/or primitive markings. 


Palomino PRE colt 


Smoky black PRE 

Gg - The grey gene is dominant and not a dilution gene as you probably know.  But a grey PRE can have one dilution gene without it being visible in the coat. When the genes contain the grey allele it is coded (Gg). If no grey gene exists its genetic code is (gg). As the grey gene is dominant our filly Laia was registered grey as her phenotype contained one grey gene (Gg) even though she had a coat colour of a perlino and two dilution genes (CrCr). A horse with this disposition will always bring down the grey gene, it might be visible or not, in the offspring. The foal can be born coloured and sometimes they turn grey later on like this mare below.

Buckskin (one Cr) registered mare with grey coat


Laia (EE AA CrCr Gg), registered grey  

CrCr - Two dominant dilution genes (homozygous) produces the coat colours; cremello, perlino or smoky cream. After having had Picara's fenotype registered with LG her genetic colour is proven perlino (perla). She has not had her prl gene tested. The foals with these diluted colours are normally registered chestnut until their fenotype is tested. This can seem confusing and incorrect when we are looking up the identification of a PRE in the studbook. When the fenotype test is made by LG the genetic coat colour will be represented under Genetic Coat (Capa Genética). 

Picara (EE Aa CrCr gg) perlino  

Picara's dad Revoltoso, perlino  

A perlino has a light apricot mother- of -pearl shiny coat. The eyes can be blue or green and the skin is pink. At the moment I have no example to show of neither a smoky cream or cremello. The cremello has the same pale skin colour as a perlino but is more white and without the pearl gloss. To differentiate these colours a genetest is necessary. A cremello has an ee in their genecode as they origin is from the chestnut gene (or each parent need to have at least one chestnut gene e each). Whilst a perlino have the allele EE or Ee and can come out of isabelo, perlino and buckskin. 

PrlPrl Also called pearl gene, is a recessive gene and that can only be seen in the coatcolour in a double copy. This gene is not to be confused with the totally different gene of a perlino that is a dominant double dilute (CrCr). Isabelo is the most unusual colour existing in the PRE breed. This colour gene stems from the iberian breeds, PRE and PSL. A horse with two sets of Prl (PrlPrl) is called isabelo and will have hazelnut coloured eyes and a golden coat.
Isabelo PRE stallion      

At times a isabelo is incorrectly named and confused with champange and even though there is a resemblance in coat colour, the champange is a totally different colour gene (Ch). The genecode to the offspring of Picara (CrCr) and isabelo stud (PrlPrl) will be a pseudo-double-dilute, a pseudo perlino/isabelo one copy, and the offspring will most likely have green or blue eyes. The tone of the coat colour remains to be seen.. :)

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 13 april 2012 09:10

Today I wake up and no it is not so pleasant no, I have to meditate myself into feeling good, but that is ok, I can do it, I am a vikinga and what does not kill you makes you stronger.

We have just passed the easter holidays that in Spain is a pretty holy time, time for families to get together. My family are my horses, they are what I have chosen and I live in symbiosis with them, I live of them, they live of me and they give me a purpose of existence. When a family-member die one need to stop and feel. Not the pain, no I don't believe in pain, but I do believe that without accepting pain we cannot realize the opposite, that which we need to open our hearts and what really matters.

Sometimes our dear clients hit the wall and with sorrow they start to doubt buying the horse of their dreams for various reasons justified, can be money, can be xrays, can be insurance companies. In this process I see a painful blockage and uncapacity to feel they really deserve their ultimate dream come true. I try to say in various ways what are actually Monty Roberts words 'How does this work for you' in a kind and hopefully helpful way. What matters most is to feel good and to know that all happens for a reason, that from our experiences we expand and develop and become better persons.

Yesterday my friend told me that all is written, that it was always going to be Laias time to go now and yes it was a comforting thought. But WHY was it time for my Laia to become an angel, now? What did she want to tell me, what blockage in me did I need to release and realize when this trauma got me crying on my knees and head onto the earth?

Right after the easter holidays I said I felt like I needed a resurrection. It was meant as a Monty Python joke on the spanish-heavy-easter-on the cross-atmosphere here, and my own feeling of YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN. To resurrect a part of you need to die. That part was Laia. I am not going to glorify my beautiful angel, but my connection to her was pretty special and she was selected with such care, thought and tenderness. And in her rested my great dream of making my own horse babies from the two horses I believe so much in. When she left yesterday it was such a spiritual incident for me and I I knew that there must be a reason for this happening. I felt it in and now I know. She was telling me to go for my absolute highest dream, without a backup plan B, just straight for plan A. And believe me I am going for it, and nothing in the universe will be able to stop me. 

Right when I had finished writing this the program the program got stuck and I was asked if I wanted to stop the program (with the option of loose all) or if I wanted to wait. I pressed 'wait' I think over 30 times and like a miracle the program boosted up again. So I will wait and rest in knowing that Laia became an angel for joy in my heart and for my highest purpose. 

Love always


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 12 april 2012 16:57

Laia did not like the halter. Not at all. She wanted to be free. Today she made it clear how serious she was about it. She went up and down, her legs did not support her and she did not get up. So I ran to call vet. She had reflex in her eyes, looked normal but did not move. Vet was there in 20 min. We gave her fluids and waited. I massaged her body, I poured all my love over her, I prayed, I cried, I gave her Rescue Remedy and tried to imagine her on her feet. The vet did what he could. After an hour she started to have convulsions. I held her in my arms, I could feel something was wrong in her head. I put my hands on her but I was not sure my energy was enough for her so I called my friend and asked her to send me energy through my hands. I couldn't bare seeing my beautiful princesa suffer so I said to her, you either get up now or you go towards the light. I put her head down and in less than 30 seconds she had left. Now she is our free angel, forever. Laia PM was 4rth generation and she was the chosen one for Donoso. But when something good dies their energy nurtures. She was my soulmare, first time I saw her picture I cried and the day we went for her and her sister I felt such a profound happiness. Now my heart is wide open because she gave me nothing but great love and happiness. 

LAIA PM - Our angel


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 16 mars 2012 22:38

I had to get myself together and call the dentist today, after 2 weeks of self-dentation ie flour, rescue remedy, zero-point energy, laser, Ibuprofen, Listerine I had to give up. 18.30 was my hour so to forget all the fear (it is very silly because I have never had a painful moment at the dentist so from where does all this fear come from?) I had to go shopping horsey stuff absolutely necessary things of course. The shop had a fruitful day today. Then I went to ride and dress up the boys in all the new stuff and with terror I saw the clock moving towards THE hour. I chose a female dentist.. After two rounds of anastetics and lots of drilling the nerve was near and it was not so nice. But I endured as a true vikinga, knowing that if she would not be able to drill enough the whole root nerve had had to be killed.. And THAT did just not seem like a good idea. I behaved very well I have to say myself, as there was no swedish empathic dentist telling me how brave I was, and just a few fear-tears out of pure fear. 21.30 I left the dentist, mouth still totally numb. She summed up I needed no less than 7 more drillings, my god.. 

The good new is that my DNA arrived today, its a nutritional supplement I have been recommended and it stands for; Dynamic Nutrition Advantage - Enhanced with Amized Fusion Technology - Harnessing the power of nutrients for life changing benefits. It's a part of my self-help-feel-better program. Let it work. 

Germany has also arrived, tomorrow towards the spanish horizon to all the pretty horses!

Laia's and Novedosa's beautiful dad Revoltoso XXIX 


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 21 december 2011 14:48

Hiya! I really should not be here, I should be cooking, baking and doing christmas stuff but I have been good girl and done some shopping and am SO excited with my new darlings I just need to share a little more of them!! Today farrier came to do 12 ladies feet. Very good quality feet he said. Nova didn't mind and Laia was a little more sensitive, she needs her mum to convince her softly Donita is VERY happy to have her turn, as long as someone do something, anything, with HER, she is happy. Donita used to boss her two big brothers around but today I saw Laia telling her to WAIT her turn at the water - and she did! - my eyebrows lifted..
Laia and Nova are primarily selected for their quality of conformation, movements and temperament. They are also matched in bloodlines for Donoso, Festivo and Halagador. Like Festivo's new mum so nicely put it when she saw the girls, she said; 'I knew you had a master plan when you sold Festivo' And that was to find the quality in dilute colours to be able to produce exquisite blond Vikinga offspring. Laia has double cremegene, CcrCcr. This means that with a bay or black stallion she can have buckskin, palomino and smoky black offspring. Nova is single dilute Ccr. She has a slightly more reddish tone to her coat. With a bay stallion she can produce bay, buckskin, smoky black, black, palomino or chestnut. With a black she can have black, smoky black, bay, palomino, and buckskin. No matter what colour these babies will come out (and I am not going to say I don't care because I DO want blondies) they will all be carrier of the cremegene. Now I am thinking; HOW will I be able to SELL any of these future babies!!???? Oh no!   

Laia's CcrCcr coat

Novedosa's Ccr coat

Nova - my beautiful brave girl!
And here she is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 19 december 2011 23:16

Today was Donitas day! She waved her tail and for the last time she stirred up the shouting stallions (not mine, they behave) and said 'adios chicos y hasta luego'. Up she went in trailer, arrived and entered the field saying 'come on girls, let's rock it'! Guess who is the leader.. Donoso's daughter trotting elegantly over the field in freedom, in shining sun with the mountains as a frame followed by two golden girls decorating the painting - where was Van Gogh!?! Almost too much for a horse mum like me   !!!

From field back to curtains, we swedes l o v e to decorate house at this time of year with lots of lights, candles and red things hanging and dangling everywhere.

SO with these pictures of our female pride and joy we want to wish you very FELIZ NAVIDAD!!

Donita VIK, Novedosa PM, Laia PM together for the first time



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 15 december 2011 16:50

It is all because of this young lady, Laia PM. I cried when I saw a picture of her and that was it - connected with no return. Laia is my soul-mare, the other side of the Donoso coin. She is a blond cremella with blue eyes and I see a part of myself in her. Laia is pure sensitivity. And the worthy girlfriend to Donoso.

LAIA PM born 2009


And Laia brought us to Novedosa. 'Nova' is beauty in action and she went straight into our hearts when we saw her in her box. So much quality. Tall and so feminine. When she started to move we knew she had to be a Vikinga, wow! She is confident and soft. And she has black socks. So she will  be our competition mare for 2012!

NOVEDOSA PM born 2010



A presentation of Dad Revoltoso XXIX is absolutely necessary. He is so beautiful it takes your breath away. He is same type as Donoso but in gold, unreal. Revoltoso lines up incredible offspring, fantastic stud.
Revoltoso XXIX


And then Divo PM that is a brother to Laia which is another reason I fell for her. Laias mum is also Divos mum, and they have the same grandsire. I love Divo, he has lots of integrity and is simply magnificent!
Divo PM

So there they are, finally we found our beautiful girls. It has taken a little more than a year to get the thinking, feeling and willing syncronized and it has been very emotional! I keep telling people they can't settle for less than their dreams so I have to live by it myself, and selling Festivo made this mare plan possible. I have studied many bloodlines and always ended up with Cardenas or Paco Marti. I spoke to Cárdenas but Laia led me to PM, I think I probably know their studbooks by heart by now! We are very greatful to Paco that we now also consider a friend, so thank you for the inspiration and for making it possible for us to have these beautiful princesas!  





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