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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 16 september 2012 21:37 now sold, its the black lady by Calificado sire and she goes to France, more info and pictures of her this week. She's the pregnant and will foal this autumn already. She will stay at our stables and be girlfriend to Novedosa and also to Picara when she's home. 

Three boys worked out saturday, Start got new bed as Virutec woodshavings arrived, best brand there is, totally dustfee. Then party in the saturday evening at old horse-home Jade, a very cool party set up with buffet, stage and full on loud dj in indoor arena :) Sunday restday and catching up on emailing, a good weekend and ready for next week. Have a great new one!

Novedosa's big sister competing 


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 19 maj 2012 11:10

Another week of fun has passed, Donita has moved to Finland and we wish her new owners much happiness with beautiful vikinga queenie! Two PRE ladies arrived friday and it turned out to be excellent timing as one of them was ready for a perfect date with Halagador.   

Novedosa is now hanging out with the new girls and it feels lovely to have horse family in one place. Here she is in her new beautiful field just about to meet her new friends.


We have also been to see a Donoso son and Halagador daughter, pictures are coming up, one of them might be for sale..

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 16 mars 2012 22:38

I had to get myself together and call the dentist today, after 2 weeks of self-dentation ie flour, rescue remedy, zero-point energy, laser, Ibuprofen, Listerine I had to give up. 18.30 was my hour so to forget all the fear (it is very silly because I have never had a painful moment at the dentist so from where does all this fear come from?) I had to go shopping horsey stuff absolutely necessary things of course. The shop had a fruitful day today. Then I went to ride and dress up the boys in all the new stuff and with terror I saw the clock moving towards THE hour. I chose a female dentist.. After two rounds of anastetics and lots of drilling the nerve was near and it was not so nice. But I endured as a true vikinga, knowing that if she would not be able to drill enough the whole root nerve had had to be killed.. And THAT did just not seem like a good idea. I behaved very well I have to say myself, as there was no swedish empathic dentist telling me how brave I was, and just a few fear-tears out of pure fear. 21.30 I left the dentist, mouth still totally numb. She summed up I needed no less than 7 more drillings, my god.. 

The good new is that my DNA arrived today, its a nutritional supplement I have been recommended and it stands for; Dynamic Nutrition Advantage - Enhanced with Amized Fusion Technology - Harnessing the power of nutrients for life changing benefits. It's a part of my self-help-feel-better program. Let it work. 

Germany has also arrived, tomorrow towards the spanish horizon to all the pretty horses!

Laia's and Novedosa's beautiful dad Revoltoso XXIX 


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 21 december 2011 14:48

Hiya! I really should not be here, I should be cooking, baking and doing christmas stuff but I have been good girl and done some shopping and am SO excited with my new darlings I just need to share a little more of them!! Today farrier came to do 12 ladies feet. Very good quality feet he said. Nova didn't mind and Laia was a little more sensitive, she needs her mum to convince her softly Donita is VERY happy to have her turn, as long as someone do something, anything, with HER, she is happy. Donita used to boss her two big brothers around but today I saw Laia telling her to WAIT her turn at the water - and she did! - my eyebrows lifted..
Laia and Nova are primarily selected for their quality of conformation, movements and temperament. They are also matched in bloodlines for Donoso, Festivo and Halagador. Like Festivo's new mum so nicely put it when she saw the girls, she said; 'I knew you had a master plan when you sold Festivo' And that was to find the quality in dilute colours to be able to produce exquisite blond Vikinga offspring. Laia has double cremegene, CcrCcr. This means that with a bay or black stallion she can have buckskin, palomino and smoky black offspring. Nova is single dilute Ccr. She has a slightly more reddish tone to her coat. With a bay stallion she can produce bay, buckskin, smoky black, black, palomino or chestnut. With a black she can have black, smoky black, bay, palomino, and buckskin. No matter what colour these babies will come out (and I am not going to say I don't care because I DO want blondies) they will all be carrier of the cremegene. Now I am thinking; HOW will I be able to SELL any of these future babies!!???? Oh no!   

Laia's CcrCcr coat

Novedosa's Ccr coat

Nova - my beautiful brave girl!
And here she is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 19 december 2011 23:16

Today was Donitas day! She waved her tail and for the last time she stirred up the shouting stallions (not mine, they behave) and said 'adios chicos y hasta luego'. Up she went in trailer, arrived and entered the field saying 'come on girls, let's rock it'! Guess who is the leader.. Donoso's daughter trotting elegantly over the field in freedom, in shining sun with the mountains as a frame followed by two golden girls decorating the painting - where was Van Gogh!?! Almost too much for a horse mum like me   !!!

From field back to curtains, we swedes l o v e to decorate house at this time of year with lots of lights, candles and red things hanging and dangling everywhere.

SO with these pictures of our female pride and joy we want to wish you very FELIZ NAVIDAD!!

Donita VIK, Novedosa PM, Laia PM together for the first time



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 15 december 2011 16:50

It is all because of this young lady, Laia PM. I cried when I saw a picture of her and that was it - connected with no return. Laia is my soul-mare, the other side of the Donoso coin. She is a blond cremella with blue eyes and I see a part of myself in her. Laia is pure sensitivity. And the worthy girlfriend to Donoso.

LAIA PM born 2009


And Laia brought us to Novedosa. 'Nova' is beauty in action and she went straight into our hearts when we saw her in her box. So much quality. Tall and so feminine. When she started to move we knew she had to be a Vikinga, wow! She is confident and soft. And she has black socks. So she will  be our competition mare for 2012!

NOVEDOSA PM born 2010



A presentation of Dad Revoltoso XXIX is absolutely necessary. He is so beautiful it takes your breath away. He is same type as Donoso but in gold, unreal. Revoltoso lines up incredible offspring, fantastic stud.
Revoltoso XXIX


And then Divo PM that is a brother to Laia which is another reason I fell for her. Laias mum is also Divos mum, and they have the same grandsire. I love Divo, he has lots of integrity and is simply magnificent!
Divo PM

So there they are, finally we found our beautiful girls. It has taken a little more than a year to get the thinking, feeling and willing syncronized and it has been very emotional! I keep telling people they can't settle for less than their dreams so I have to live by it myself, and selling Festivo made this mare plan possible. I have studied many bloodlines and always ended up with Cardenas or Paco Marti. I spoke to Cárdenas but Laia led me to PM, I think I probably know their studbooks by heart by now! We are very greatful to Paco that we now also consider a friend, so thank you for the inspiration and for making it possible for us to have these beautiful princesas!  





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