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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 8 augusti 2017 17:50

Dear all, I hope you are enjoying the summer as much as you can!?!

I am right now rearranging our breedingprogram and I have decided to sell our broodmares as we now have a line of progeny of the mares including fillies and two new studstallions from all three mares. All three have possibilities to give me perlinos next year so I have no rush as I would be excited to see these foals, I am determined to find the best homes for my girls, they deserve it. All three are top breedingfoundation mares for breeding PRE for dressage with exclusive colourgenetics and they are all three in perfect shape as always and confirmed in foal. I will make a short presentatation of them here, and then you are very welcome to see more info on their respective pages on and contact me for any info! 


Born 2009

Breedingstatus; APTO
Colour: Perla (EEAaCrCrgg)
Height: 163 cm

Confirmed in foal for 2018 with Fiero VIK (Novedosa PM - Donoso VII) 

Artico VIK 2013, on our international breedingprogram


Euforia VIK 2014 sold to Finland
Offspring Indigo VIK 2016 by calificado Donoso VII - for sale 


Born; 2010

Breedingstatus; APTO

Colour: Buckskin (EeAACrgg)
Height: 165 cm

Confirmed in foal with Artico VIK for 2018

Offspring Fiero VIK (sire Donoso VII) - On our breedingprogram 2018

Offspring Hidalgo VIK (sire Donoso VII) - for sale   
Offspring Chula VIK - broodmare      
Offspring Judith VIK by Artico VIK 


Born 2014

Breedingstatus; APTO
Colour: Golden Buckskin (EeAACCr)
Height: 162 cm

Chula and Viva 2017

Viva VIK palomino filly by Chula VIK y Brillantino VIK



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 25 mars 2015 10:37

April is lined up! There is no limit to the fantastic connections and activities our horses create for us, I have been invited to go to Israel to hold a course for the PRE riders and the dates and participants are now set up, one competition is lined up with Donoso and Start, visiting clients are booked in and I have some serious selecting to do, all in for April! On top of that it seems like my ladies might join in for the April happenings because our weather turned cold again and with that the mares seem to have decided to keep their foals inside. Next week is fullmoon so I am guessing they will pop little pocorns then?! The Novedosa-Donoso should be first and name has to start with an F. Picara-Donoso (if second) will have a name starting with a G, name suggestions are welcome, both foals will be for sale, I have not enough time for more horses!!!

Dam; Picara PM 
Picara has two offsprings, Artico VIK and Euforia VIK
Dam; Novedosa PM
Nova has one offspring, Chula VIK

Sire; Donoso VII - Reproductor Calificado - PRE Champion - Dressage Prix St George

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 27 maj 2014 17:20

Ladies checked again and both little new hearts are still ticking nicely inside Novedosa and Picara, love! And ladies got new proper haircuts with the help of stylist and veterinarian Jorge, thank You so much for all your assistance and excellent work with the herd!!
Girls today
'Capi' has started to settle in and work lightly on the pessoa after his surgery that is healing well. And Camaron has left for his new home in Switzerland, he's a special one to me as we have had a long journey together, have a great life you special little one!

Here in shower after last workout and he says goodbye with his favourite move :)

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 2 april 2014 01:37

Panik hittar inte Betty, övermodiga mini hund som tar sig en promenad bland unghingstarna när hon känner för det är puts väck, känner hur magen bara drar ihop sig, hon kommer alltid när matte går upp i falcett för hon vet att då menar jag det, men nej nu finns hon i n t e. Jag traskar upp och ner för hagarna, ut i grannens hagar och nästan in i grannens trädgård. INGEN liten mini hund med blå jacka, har någon bil kört förbi kidnappat henne?  Blir helt iskall av tanken fy fan, hon finns ju inte!? Har letat i 1 timme, ringer då min mamma för nu är jag helt blockerad och kan inte tänka alls. Hon säger; Vågar knappt fråga en dum fråga är du säker på att du tagit med henne? ÅÅhhhhhhhh så glad man kan bli för ett hjärnsläpp! HUR pinsamt är detta,. men så kan det gå när man är stressad och gör 100 saker samtidigt, puh, men nu känns det som jag vunnit på lotto, verkligheten är inte alltid som man tror! 

Verklighet nr 2; Picara visar att hon ska föla, sen ångrar hon sig och så försvinner alla tecknen, sen kommer de igen, lite vaxproppar, sedan inga vaxproppar etc. Jag åker fram och tillbaka till gården, morgon, eftermiddag, kväll, natt - snälla madam-P, matte är trött!!! 

Nu går det att rida på marken igen, vi har fått underbart vårväder och det är sol och stilla. Igår tränade jag och Start piaff/passage övning i cirklar runt träden, super samling och förlängde registret för övergångarna. Roligt och riktigt nöjd med fina, heta vassa Starti! Här tränar vi för ett par år sedan.

Camaron still lodging at Vikinga-hotel, I think he believes he lives here now and that I am his person, he looks to me as his leader and is very personal, we will miss him when he leaves. Finally found him his bridle and the classical vaquera style suits him best, in light bay. We are now practising levadas ridden, he's got great balance and strenght!
Young gangsters prefers to sleep outdoors but are happy to have their patio with haybar and roof over their heads when it is raining. 


Stablework outs getting me into shape and litte Chula now has her spanish haircut. Not sure I like it, she was so pretty girly in her curls but she has a upset tummy and we just needed to get rid of the hair to keep clean. And this yellow little lady can really move, today she got happy and floated elegantly over the ground! 


Keep waiting for Pica,. 



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 31 mars 2014 15:36

Morning stable workout done in 1 hour, all 3 boys got a pessoa cavaletti workout and Picara is looking more ready than before, but not yet. She has her date tomorrow so passed risk of having premature baby like last year, phew. For fun I did the ring-trick my mother always did on her mares to predict the gender of the foal. When the ring swings in a circle this indicates female, back and forth is male. The ring should be flat, no stone and preferrably gold. You have to have a steady hand, not sure mine was, but here's the test;

Girls today

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 5 september 2013 23:17

Autumn is coming, this evening a storm was stirring up and temps dropped to 18 degrees, we just got the hay under roof and Pica, Nova and Tico will also sleep indoors tonight. Girls got a haircut and now it is really time for Tico to get grown up for real because in a little while he will be hanging out with his new friend Tino, that I am super excited to meet! And no I have never seen him live, but can my clients buy expensive horses unseen so can I, hopefully he will live up to my expectations :)

Both guys are now registered in studbook and here's my first genetic treasure, so proud of him!
T is growing fast, today I measured him and he is now 137 cm, all legs!
Here saying hi to Donoso.

Mummy and aunty

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 20 juli 2013 22:11

I adore the summer, love love love the warm, velvety evenings when you can sit outside and sip on a frozen margarita like we did in Madrid city yesterday! Today I spent all afternoon and evening in stables. Yet I have not ridden even one horse, so much to do! As the sun now fries everything all of the horses stay in during the day and go out in the morning or evening. Trueno the 1 yearold colt has left for California, good luck with him, he will be a tall awesome mover! And Infanta left for France, it was abit late to cover her again I prefer to get foals in spring so they get raised on grass. 
This evening Donoso got the big field as small boys where inside, he loves it! I gave girls and Tico got some beauty-treatment and a haircut. Tico (now adolescent) had to protest so when I got hold of his nosy-nose mummy got upset and pushed me to defend him, beautiful beautiful mum, she has had to put up with me doing so much with Tico, she always let me but you can see she suffers it. Both her and T are sensitive individuals but as they trust me they learn incredibly fast. Picara is so wise I just adore her. Nova got some laser treatment on her wound that is healing well but it swollen on the inside. Tico and Donoso are now speaking to each other, Tico imitates him. I have bought best quality garlic so they can sweat away the flies and boost to immunesystem, stables smell lovely! 


Exciting news! A young beautiful black super mover is soon heading for Sweden, I selected a special one for my friend and when she saw him move she suddenly howled out her happiness like a true viking decendant! We were all stunned and very happy she fell in love! I look forward to follow them both, pictures soon. 

Here my darlings this evening, have a great sunday tomorrow! 


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 27 mars 2013 22:43

We are absolutey super bored with this constant never ending rain, mud and cold but yesterday we wrapped ourselves up and had lunch on the veranda, abit chilly but still! 

Yesterday at lunchtime


Unfortunately bay beauty USA horse did not pass vetcheck and with those xrays I am glad vet did not recommend his sale, he is now taken off the sale list. All happens for a reason and J & K will get the best horse as one thing leads to another.. :)

Halagador is spending time paddocking and seems to love life being the stud of the stable. He is such a quiet boy, the mare and foal pass him and he just looks at them in admiration without saying a word, such a gentleman. I had found him a home in USA but when we now tested for piro one of his tests where doubtful which means he cannot fly  as there is a risk for bloodlevels passing the limit when the horse is exposed to stress. So no USA home for Hagge :( He is ok for Europe, Mexico as all countries as different import protocols, his price is now also adjusted accordingly now so- who wants our black beauty!? I hope he will find his new person soon as I have no time to train him as my priorities lies elsewhere now. He is happy though I know he could be happier with his own person. 

Halagador keeping an eye on mother and son

Here Start and I grazing, only good with this rain is that WHEN sun will be back the grass growth will explode, yum can't wait to get them all on that grass!

Starti posing in front of almond blossom

Viggo loves his new play-mate Tico, when he was in hospital he searched him stall to stall and cried when he did not find him, very cute pair! Little guy is having to do indoor gym as I don't want my mother-of-pearl-cutie-pie to get wet, he's cantering around in stable whilst me and mother do the stalls. My pride and joy! 

And finally a pic of my new shopping-object! It is 1 year since I lost Laia and I have since then been searching for the one that can replace her and be my third broodmare, now I think I have found her <3


Back to work and new plans for new USA candidate + France and Sweden visits coming up!




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