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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 13 oktober 2013 21:04

Today Tico was diagnosed with strangles and Tino had to be stiched up. 



Tino got 6 stiches and will be fine, he was such a incredible star, just rested his head in my arms and let the vet stich him up. I am absolutely blessed with intelligent and cooperative horses. Tico is fine, no fever, no runny nose or other symptoms except the huge bump that will probably burst at some point, puh can't wait,..
Tomorrow all horses stay in, I need to focus on going out with a client. What can I say, I am emotionally exhausted. Lycky to have my mother here and my vet-aunt is coming on thursday, how convenient,.. 
Some pre-trauma pics from Halagador training today.



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 28 september 2013 16:14

The legue of super spanish riders are very well represented by placement, right man and woman won! Jose with Norte and Carmen with Ricardo, they both rode so incredibly well and in their own league in today's freestyle, huge congratulations to both of you!
Here Jose Mena and outstanding PRE Norte in yesterday's GP Special! 

No dust from this piaffe,..

Such a beautifully trained horse, just look at these spectacular tempiones and the d i v i n e transitions, just says it all to me! 

I want to mention Victor Alvarez on Curioso as he also did a topclass performance, Victor gives the impression of a today's (somewhat extict) nobleman or knight but in the modern-athlete-version, riding with such ease lightness and absolute skill. Together (and they are very much together, a oneness, unity) with Curioso he did a beautiful and skilful freestyle, I think the best he has made, and I get very inspired because we can all see how non-faked and absoultey true this horse is trained in ALL movements and forms, congratulations and thank you!


Today autumn arrived with alot of rain and I spent all morning in stables.

And here my 'champions' having fun in the mud today, not quite as glamorous but we had fun! Halagador told me he was happy he did not have to do a Grand Prix in Segovia today, H; 'Would have been such hard work Vik'! Start on the other hand was pissed of I didn't take him, so I promised next year,.. I am ready and he will be too :)

Halagador having a nap after his morning run in the pasture. 


And finally my babies has now met and get along very well as you can see - Brillantino, or 'Tino', arrived totally quiet and calm, thin and bony abit like Viggo really, Tico probably weighs 50 kg more, but he seems happy about the Vikinga-menue and Tico showed him how to eat the pellets and organic carrots :) He had a small legwound but I can tell you that this cutiepie is the coolest guy, he let me shower this and plaster it with an big ice bandage without even moving a little bit! He has a adorable personality and I just love him!! To be continued :)  


Nanny Nova did not step down from her guard as it was Tico's first whole day without Mami <3
It was a trauma and even though he had his new friend he tried to jump it and when I stopped him he both bit me and kicked me a spanish walk, he neighs like an adult stallion and already looks like one too! 
Artico VIK born March 2013

'Tino' with his incredibly long ears, they don't even fit into the picture :)
Brillantino VIK born March 2013
Pedigree Brillantino VIK;

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 5 september 2013 23:17

Autumn is coming, this evening a storm was stirring up and temps dropped to 18 degrees, we just got the hay under roof and Pica, Nova and Tico will also sleep indoors tonight. Girls got a haircut and now it is really time for Tico to get grown up for real because in a little while he will be hanging out with his new friend Tino, that I am super excited to meet! And no I have never seen him live, but can my clients buy expensive horses unseen so can I, hopefully he will live up to my expectations :)

Both guys are now registered in studbook and here's my first genetic treasure, so proud of him!
T is growing fast, today I measured him and he is now 137 cm, all legs!
Here saying hi to Donoso.

Mummy and aunty

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 20 juli 2013 22:11

I adore the summer, love love love the warm, velvety evenings when you can sit outside and sip on a frozen margarita like we did in Madrid city yesterday! Today I spent all afternoon and evening in stables. Yet I have not ridden even one horse, so much to do! As the sun now fries everything all of the horses stay in during the day and go out in the morning or evening. Trueno the 1 yearold colt has left for California, good luck with him, he will be a tall awesome mover! And Infanta left for France, it was abit late to cover her again I prefer to get foals in spring so they get raised on grass. 
This evening Donoso got the big field as small boys where inside, he loves it! I gave girls and Tico got some beauty-treatment and a haircut. Tico (now adolescent) had to protest so when I got hold of his nosy-nose mummy got upset and pushed me to defend him, beautiful beautiful mum, she has had to put up with me doing so much with Tico, she always let me but you can see she suffers it. Both her and T are sensitive individuals but as they trust me they learn incredibly fast. Picara is so wise I just adore her. Nova got some laser treatment on her wound that is healing well but it swollen on the inside. Tico and Donoso are now speaking to each other, Tico imitates him. I have bought best quality garlic so they can sweat away the flies and boost to immunesystem, stables smell lovely! 


Exciting news! A young beautiful black super mover is soon heading for Sweden, I selected a special one for my friend and when she saw him move she suddenly howled out her happiness like a true viking decendant! We were all stunned and very happy she fell in love! I look forward to follow them both, pictures soon. 

Here my darlings this evening, have a great sunday tomorrow! 


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 27 maj 2013 14:46

So another weekend has passed and this weather has been super strange, cold and wintertemps so all horses have been tucked in their fluffy beds with closed windows. But this weekend I could finally leave the mares and Tico outside over the night comfortably. Boys are now taking turns in the big pasture, they loooove it! Hagge has lost a shoe but Donoso doesn't get a scratch. Start is the perfect live-lawnmower and doesn't move faster than a snail.
Finca is  s l o w l y  coming together, last week; The plummers. It was interesting to enter stables and see NO tubes,  anywhere,.. I finally found them,.. along the floor.. Either it is some hightech super great invention or it is totally hmm incompetent,.. but hey I am not a plummer so what do I know, at least it looks nice, so I decided will just leave it to the spaniards to work it out.. I have started to ride the boys again but my wrist is painful so I have to take a little more care and give it more support. So tomorrow to the doctor, how boring :(

I've made the following write up as a complement to the blogpost on colour breeding and registration I wrote last year;

From scientific knowledge we can learn how different genes work on a basic level. However we can only learn so much from reading and calculating science and I have come to the understanding that in the end it is nature that has to teach us. If genetics were an exact science and nature did not take unexplicable leaps we would certainly not have this colour spectrum in the PRE race. And we would have many grey PRE horses, so thanks to nature we have the wonder of many beautiful colours to enjoy! Below more examples of PREs with rare colours and examples of colours with genes that does not manifest clearly in the coat of the horse. Please feel free to give me any thoughts or questions, enjoy!

Black PRE stallion Smoky blacks can be difficult to distinguish from a regular black. Below is a regular black PRE even though coat is darker bay or chocolate and he also has the lighter hairs in the ears which are traits of a smoky black. 


Smoky black PRE stallion with one dilution gene (Cr)

Jet black PRE stud - Delegado Mac, out of both grey parents (Sire to Halagador)  

Grey PRE mare; Genetyped grey EEAACrCrGg, however she has the coat of a perlino (blue eyes), she is also a double dilute. This is Laia, an example of the hidden grey gene and of course impossible to know her genecode by looking at her coat.

Here a genetyped black PRE foal with blue eyes, adding to the challenge and wonder of colour breeding! Further geneinvestigation will be made of this special foal in USA. 


Isabelo PRE stud stallion (double pearl, PrlPrl), Sol PM II, a descendant of registered grey and bay parents, each parent has a single prl, this is a recessive gene and a single copy of this gene does not manifest clearly in the coat (hidden gene) (Sire to Ártico VIK)

Bay PRE mare with hidden pearl (single prl)   

Smoky cream PRE filly (Black CrCr) 

Pseudo perlino/isabelo PRE colt (Cr/Prl) 


Bay PRE filly with hidden pearl (single prl)

Cremella (CrCr)

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 23 maj 2013 22:15

Plaster is off and I realized I have converted to lefthandedness, I can actually use whatever hand. Another example of out of bad something good always develops, but it's great to have two hands available again.
I gave Tiki-Tiki a haircut that he absolutely h a t e d, horses are so sensitive it is unreal how he can feel the sissors on the tips of THIS fluffy mane..

BUT he CAN, so I had to be a good pedagogue and let him have his time to get used to me doing what I want. In the end he let me put my hand on his forehead, between and on ears even though he was very clear with that he does not like it. So we had an agreement, if he was good and let me cut some hairs without running away he got a good scratch and I did not hold him in his halter. The result was not as perfect but it shouldn't be when you teach class 1 in PRE school   

Today with new grown-up PRE-hairstyle, Tico does not leave nanny-Nova's side and only sees mummy when he's thristy.


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 14 maj 2013 11:46

After a extremely stressed return and almost missing my flight I am now back and charged with new swedish energy. I am spoiled to come home to a fixed up garden thanks to dad and friend, here's something growing from my palmtree and not sure what it is, anyone knows? Looks like a flower or is this the beginning of coconuts perhaps? 

Super happy to see my beauties enjoying their lush green park   I just got them in before the thunderstorm today, they are all well in shape and thriving in their new home!

My smallest tresure! Tico is now 2 months old :)
Time for a haircut?
Some filling out with sand and painting has been done, nice!
Our only gym at the moment  

And here's a greeting from England and 'Mr Spaniard', now called Res and Natalie winning the Parade Class at Royal Windsor, congratulations, you look great!

This made me laugh yesterday
Here's Albert's and Dominiques beauty arrived safely to new home in France! Looking great Albert, you will end up a true horseman after all!


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 9 april 2013 21:48

Day started with testriding this young buckskin PRE that I have selected for a friend, thought he was fab when I first saw him and now I am absolutely convinced this is a supertalented horse, he is not even 4 years old yet and he already has a full movement register, awesome! He has the most quiet mind and just like Donoso he only swooshes his tail and get even more serious if I pat him with whip and activates hindlegs (that as you can see don't need much activating) Soooo comfy, it was like sitting on a highly schooled horse, back is 10 out of 10 up, neck stretches down, BIG strides, swift on feet, great action, super elasticity! He can extended trot aswell as collect it into some passage too. Doesn't hurt he is  t y p i c a l  spanish and a handsome buckskin either :)


I am not in top shape, for the first time I have not ridden regularly in one month, my body has been too painful basically and also had alot of work. Luckily I've had my mother helping me through emotional stress with Tico, stable set up, stable work etc etc, lucky me to have a mum with 40 years of experience from horsebreeding by my side days like these! 

Here baby Ártico VIK 3,5 weeks old with his grandmum    




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