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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 6 april 2013 21:47

Today was a good day, it started interesting as we noticed we had run out of gasoil, this means no heating and we still have winter in Madrid.. Luckily I found a service that could deliver same day but deliverer tried to cheat me on a very high rate so I had to get serious and negotiate it back to normal. When that was done we went to buy some more shopping for finca, last week I bought 6 new (expensive) buckets and they are all deformed 1 week later. Now I was back and wanted new (even more expensive) buckets. I kindly asked for some kind of refund or discount, obviously I was back to spend double on buckets I had already bought and I got one for free so that was cool. I finished off the day closing the deal for Dominique's horse, she will have her buckskin dreamhorse and I am very happy for her as she really connected with this special individual! Yay, one more happy person! Thanks to her boyfriend Albert also!
My absolutey best news for the day is that my baby Tico is finally breathing normal and we are so relieved. He has had +60/min ppm and it has been worrying as we did not find any reason for his condition. Today he was outside full of energy and playing, when suddenly he saw something new...!

Someone my size!


Hey, I like your ears..

Wanna be friends?..


Aha, this is how you hold them?


And that was the end of Tico's day, off to bed.. And breathing was normal!   


To celebrate and warm ourselves up from chilly day, still -1C at night, we made some swedish waffles with fresh rasberrys. 


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 5 april 2013 15:41

Thousands of kilometres and one week of intese work later I finally landed in sofa. It has been intense, scheduling of veterinarian visits to keep track on little Tico, visiting Donoso in Aranjuez and taking two different clients around in search of their dreamhorse. Last out was Sweden and there are two very exclusive candidates picked, one PRE and one PSL. The PRE is a chestnut of international quality and the PSL is a lusitano bred Pablo Hermoso Mendoza, totally out of series horse. None of these horses are indicated on web as they are exclusive and we want to protect our clients interests and I will present them later on. 

Donoso got a new booking from Sweden, a beautiful champion PRE mare, here she is!


And here is Donoso's happy swimmers after having been frozen and defrosted :)

Start has had problems with his hooves and has not been ridden for a month, so far Start has never been lame from this problem but now he was, bad quality hooves can be a serious problem. So farrier is working on them, this is before and after shoeing today and I am really pleased because after he was actually not lame at all. He has a special surfice shoe giving good support as his heels are not growing enough. I am giving him a hoof supplement and the will get Cornucresine massaged in to his crown twice a week. 


I am very happy with stablegroom Alex that takes good care of the horse-family :) 

We have also vetted a new horse for USA, it is a buckskin I seleced after we had the disaster vetting of artrosis and yesterday this beauty passed perfectly, 'freakin awesome', right Julie!? No pics until deal is closed..

Baby Tico is having tummy-poey problems and is now getting a stabilizer for his intestine flora. But he's happy and slowly growing into his body, here he is playing in the field this afternoon, he feels strong now and looks ready to start his journey! 

Ártico VIK 3 weeks old

Wishing you a happy weekend! 

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 27 mars 2013 22:43

We are absolutey super bored with this constant never ending rain, mud and cold but yesterday we wrapped ourselves up and had lunch on the veranda, abit chilly but still! 

Yesterday at lunchtime


Unfortunately bay beauty USA horse did not pass vetcheck and with those xrays I am glad vet did not recommend his sale, he is now taken off the sale list. All happens for a reason and J & K will get the best horse as one thing leads to another.. :)

Halagador is spending time paddocking and seems to love life being the stud of the stable. He is such a quiet boy, the mare and foal pass him and he just looks at them in admiration without saying a word, such a gentleman. I had found him a home in USA but when we now tested for piro one of his tests where doubtful which means he cannot fly  as there is a risk for bloodlevels passing the limit when the horse is exposed to stress. So no USA home for Hagge :( He is ok for Europe, Mexico as all countries as different import protocols, his price is now also adjusted accordingly now so- who wants our black beauty!? I hope he will find his new person soon as I have no time to train him as my priorities lies elsewhere now. He is happy though I know he could be happier with his own person. 

Halagador keeping an eye on mother and son

Here Start and I grazing, only good with this rain is that WHEN sun will be back the grass growth will explode, yum can't wait to get them all on that grass!

Starti posing in front of almond blossom

Viggo loves his new play-mate Tico, when he was in hospital he searched him stall to stall and cried when he did not find him, very cute pair! Little guy is having to do indoor gym as I don't want my mother-of-pearl-cutie-pie to get wet, he's cantering around in stable whilst me and mother do the stalls. My pride and joy! 

And finally a pic of my new shopping-object! It is 1 year since I lost Laia and I have since then been searching for the one that can replace her and be my third broodmare, now I think I have found her <3


Back to work and new plans for new USA candidate + France and Sweden visits coming up!



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 21 mars 2013 21:35

Total with Korean clients; 1200 km, I hope they left for home with some good impressions, here's one!


Yesterday was a tough one, after being out all day long arrived home at 21.00 pm and then off to pick up baby Tico that is declared well and was signed out from hospital!   Luckily mum and son are wise even in the middle of the cold night, Pica went straight into trailer and waited there whilst we security packed door up with packets of hay and woodshavings, love her!

My little lovely is 1 week today, today we took the time to celebrate this watching him running and playing in paddock with his mum. Here's his homerun from today!

Ártico VIK 1 week old, well and happy   


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 14 mars 2013 14:30

Here the baby story; Yesterday afternoon Pica showed all signs except wax-pluggs (any other name anyone?) and we sat in stables and almost froze to death. In the meantime our doormen came around to make some noise and we breathed through that with zen-patience, Pica did not seem to bother though, she was in too much pain :(

Pobrecita Pica yesterday    
Nova being supportive next door

We thought we'd better go back and get caravancar to be able to continue our watch and so we did, nervous to leave them but my mother is the guru-baby-watcher so I went with her feeling. Back in stables 2 hours later, the benefit from getting also some food and heat in system was great. We drove back and met a quiet mother-to-be. At this point she also had wax-plugs, the only missing sign, getting closer.. So we had some tea and I went checkin in on her every 30 min. Nothing. Then we decided to get some rest and through sleep I heard my mother going out to stables. 1 min later she opened door and said she was giving birth, he had just peeked through and looked curious at us both! Brr it was the coldest night in Spain ever, just right for my Viking-boy to arrive :) Mum gave birth with the jacket on no problem and baby arrived well and full of energy, hurray!!! Picara greeted her baby, such a beautiful moment, and then stayed resting for a while whilst we dried baby with towels. I had wished for a isabelo colt without any white markings, and there he was - absolutely straight from that vision! Incredible joy!!



After some rest he told us he wanted to eat, so we helped him on his legs and he had his first meal. All in the timespan of 1,5 hour. Then we had some tea and went back for a little while but as he looked full and sleepy we decided to go to bed aswell. And that was that - no drama, only love and peace! Beautiful!

I finish off with some pics from 'Tico's' first evening walk today  

Ártico VIK




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