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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 3 augusti 2016 14:52

Hellllooouuuuuu in the middle of the lovely summer!!! 

I have to admit I have been lazy with the blogging but here comes a short update!
Donoso is back in training so riding him and Starti, Artico is back from his breeding job in Aranjuez so now I am training him aswell as a proper grown-up. We froze him for USA, Mexico, Australia and Europe and he has already had some bookings for 2017, welcome to contact me for info if you want to reserve your breeding with Artico for next year!

Here he is the day we picked him up and arriving home, so proud of my first own bred breeding stallion he is one of a kind! Tico is also very special to me because he really shows that I am his person, he is starting to feel like my third soul-horse,..   


And here is TIno! Still in summer school, now he knows rearing, laterals and some tricks like sitting/lying down! He learns quickly and is very good student according to his teacher, gracias buén trabajo Oscar! 

And I want to share this gorgeous golden perlino 3 years old I have sold to a very lucky and ambitious PRE breeder, how about a PRE championship for this one!?!!
Hasta pronto! 

  to a 

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 12 maj 2016 10:53

Raining raining!! My wells are full and beyond and you can almost hear the grass is growing! 
Tino baby has left for his school, good boy went straight into the lorry and he arrived well. Did a photosession and alittle lounging before he left so you can see his development, Video on his sales page here; 
Tino is a player, always jumping swiftly and making high school movements over ground which is very easy for him as he is super athletic and elastic. He's not a docile horse, he's intense and loves to express himself as a stallion beautifully. 

Brillantino VIK APTO PRE stallion born 2013

I'm not a good seller when it comes to my horses! I just hate to write FOR SALE beacuse they are all keepers and it's so hard to choose which one/s are going. So I have decided to offer Brillantino, Chula and Fiero for sale and see what happens. If one of them sells I will re-asess and might decide to keep the other two and take them off the sale. This my strategy to leave it up to the horse to attract their new owner and avoiding how to choose which one is going,.. Like this I leave it up to the universe to decide their future and not me!

So here's Chula she's the coolest lady with the biggest personality, makes me laugh because she thinks alot and quickly and figures out fast how to get what she wants. With all that selfconfidence, elegance and eagerness to learn she is just made for activity - dressage or working equitation or both.

Her sales page;

Chula VIK born February 2013 


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 19 januari 2016 21:48

No time to write too much work at the moment, if I don't answer straight away please bare with me I'll be right back!! Thanks.  
Posting these pics of Brillantino after-work today, OF COURSE no sun today either, I can't believe I don't have even ONE session of pictures in sun of these boys with their shiny sparkly coats in 3 YEARS!? How is that even possible living in Spain? So here my little gold-dust boy shining away all by himself under the clouds today. Have a great week everyone, hasta pronto!


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 5 oktober 2015 22:02

All fourlegged darlings dewormed and vaccinated, today it's raining so everyone inside munching away. So cosy to listen to everyone munching away on their dinner I didn't want to leave this evening. Quinto got a workout in pessoa and in between rainclouds Donoso got a light stretch jog. Start was happy to stay in. I am making plans for my young guys, they have now moved into the stallion stable and paddocks and especially Tico is super content! He is all the time reaching out wanting attention. I have decided that both Tico and Tino are going to start breeding next year and take part our breeding program! They are both so mature in body and mind so I reckon they are ready for that kind of work. Both are asking for action. Exciting with new home-made V-generation!

Artico VIK & Brillantino VIK


Baby Fiero is the most lovable of them all, awsome temperament and sooo beautiful, tall and he just takes my breath away. I have had offers on him thank you so much, but I have decided he will stay with us. And this little gentleman is now registered in PRE studbook;

Fiero the coolest guy.


I want to give some attention to the grown up D-girls and I was very happy to recieve this greeting from Lotta and Parvaneh, thanks alot and good luck on dressage arenas, you both look great!

Doña Parvaneh e. Donoso VII u. Palas.


And this other D-girl just arrived in the loving arms of her new person, we wish Raza and Sara much luck and a alot of exciting new horizons, look forward to follow your journey!
Raza Z e. Donoso VII u. Harmonia Cen


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 21 december 2014 20:25

I was going to do a resume of the year but I rather look forward and say how thankful I am for my friends and for the the old and new connections I have/made with people and horses, thank You, it's the connections which gives magic to life and the living!
Vikinga herd is now enjoying their home in harmony of a natural environment and I am so grateful to have been able to make this dream possible for my animals and by myself, terracotta stable, new paddocks and my  w o n d e r f u l arena, I made it!! This is how we enjoy a weekend at the farm, my världens bästa dad has just finished our new paddocks and some painting and my mother is helping me so I get time to ride in the middle of all christmas, business and farm-tending.
So with these pics we want to wish you a Very Merry Christmas, with peace and happiness for all!! 

Super smart incredible Start enjoying his life!
Thank you Donoso, my inspiration to all.      




Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 29 april 2014 15:47

So after my saturday evening off and stable stand-in I got back sunday morning and found these huligans here,.
Just checking out your arena mami, guess what, it's not finished!!  

We have had so much fun!! And vips did I have 3 times bigger stable-work out this lovely morning,.


Bandit Nr 1 - But it wasn't me!!
Sooo inventive yes yes.Tico is in my face non stop begging me for action, just dooooo something with me! Oh how to keep these ones busy and stimulated until we start work 2 more years down the road,. Anyone who wants to come here to teach 2 young huligans circus tricks or whatever are most welcome! They are up for anything! Luckily they are well fed and never hungry so they did not had too eat too much of the pellets, just played and opened about 10 sacks á 25kg each,.. soooooo much fun! Grrrr. Still nervous for colic but I gave them epsom salty water orally, they happily opened their mouths and let me give one shot after the other, happy for the action   

Here T&T the day after

So I have been a good mature and responsable breeder and decided to sell one baby. It has been 1 day and now I have already changed my mind! So much for that responsable decision!!   

Well we'll see, I am open for the possiblities but these girls are super quality and I would love to see them develop together, and it's always good to have two filles as they can play. Also fillies are easy to keep as they can hang out with the mares and it really doesn't matter if I have 3 or 4, haha it's a good justification anyway!  
Morning at the farm today    

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 12 april 2014 12:27

I am afraid I have NO baby-news, feels like the loooooongest pregnancy ever, there she is with all signs and looking heavier than ever but that's all, not sure who is more tired she or me, puh!! You can probably imagine how many times a day I have checked in on her now for over 2 weeks,. morning, afternoon, evening, night,.. but fullmoon next week so maybe then Pica!!?
Meanwhile I have painted the stables, ridden my boys and the farm is really a nice place to hang out now with the birds singing and the lush green grass, my second home. I have two storks that live on the mares field, very cute couple. Start lives mostly outdoors, now when temps are exceptional 18-24 degrees he has even slept outdoors, with a blanket of course. Camaron and Donoso stays in but have fresh grass timeout every day. D is very attentive of the girls but when I ride on the field he is totally focused, happy horse!

I have been working also of course, bloodwork now initiated for a USA pirotest, a very exciting bay dressage PRE stallion, cross fingers for Florida! 
Little gangster came strolling by on the wrong side of the stables the other day, Tico had learnt how to open the gate,. Piece of cake to pick them up, especially Tico with his big mummy-love. I gave them a shower, which was abit scary for them as this was actually their first shower ever. Here they are playing in their field after their little adventure.

1 year old Tico and Tino 

And the super affectionate Chula is glued to me at all times, puts her head on my shoulders and snoozes me with her that cute muzzle! She has the most beautiful neck and head, is super leggy and very tall, how beautiful can you be!?! 
Chula VIK almost 2 months



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 26 mars 2014 21:17

It's a great feeling coming home with a body weary from a a good stable-work out. Day started at 7.30 getting all inside as weather is playing up and we are having nasty nights of snow and wind. Went to get a trailer of hay, up a not so steady mountain of hay I went. Just got back and farrier was knocking on the door. Ladies + mini-girl + young boys got new feet in no time. Mini-girl strutts around with her skirt (rug) and lifts her little legs like she is saying yes you may polish my nails Mr Farrier. 5 year old Farrier-daughter took Chulas head with both hands and cuddled her, Chula very happy someone was actually lower than her. Super cute little ones! Chula is the most social, funloving little baby, she bullfight-plays running straight towards you, does the skipping side to side and then takes off with a squeeky content noise. Love her. 
And I have to give the whole crew lot's of stars for always beeing super easy. Pica can't stand having her nails done, she crawls out of her box knowing what is waiting, and she is actually genuinely scared but she puts her head down and whilst I pat her forehead she let super kind farrier Paco do his job. So much given trust, makes my heart die alittle.
Little gangters happy to be inside with mummy oco and in mode pat me, do anything to me and I am sooooo happy! So in 30 min they were ALL done, fantastic!

Then the vet dropped in and we had Nova checked, I am waiting to get her covered as I want babies to arrive abit later next year so we won't need rugs etc, it's nicer to have foals arrive with warmer temps and just before grass sprouts.   
We measured Tico and Tino as they are exactly 1 year old now. Artico is  now 150 cm!! This means he will end up at 170cm. Brillantino was 145 so he will be 165cm, goodygood! 
Cosy evening at our horse-home
And finally I got to clean out stables with my Spotify, Cameron outside for a run and roll and Start grazing when it started to rain. I called him but I don't think he even notice it as long as there is grass under his nose he couldn't care less. I had to go out there with some pellets to get his attention, a never failing tecnique. 

All for now, more tomorrow, and the next day,. and the next. The woman worthwhile is the woman with a smile :)


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