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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 13 april 2014 21:48

Finally! It has been a marathon to get this baby into the world, pregnancy 11 months and 13 days. Yesterday I stayed on at the stables as the signs were getting alittle, YET only a  l i t t l e more intense. Prepared all horses (I have got alot done these days to kill time) and when all done I thought better sit down and be quiet. All those years of meditation vipassana, zen etc came in handy. Sit and wait and empty your mind not to disturb, be present etc. All was very quiet and Chula was sleeping, suddenly I heard a loud snoring and that was her! So funny. Pica did not seem to bother about me being there, I'm part of the gang I suppose. So around late at night she started and that was the time I wish I did not have fibromyalgia and have more strenght, I might be strong mentally but that doesn't help in this situation, I'm weak physically and it can be very frustrating! Pica had to do most by herself, when the membrane burst I got strenght from somewhere and pulled down and out she came, well done Pica because she was enormous, tallest newborn foal ever! When it was time to get up and eat next strenght issue, she was to heavy for me to help her up and her legs where simply to long for herself. So I milked Pica and gave her that just after 2 hours. At that point I was feeling nauseus and I just had to go home and sleep for an hour. So I did and then back and when I arrived the little leggy-lady had just gotten up and was eating, hurray! 
Very proud to present this special Donoso x Picara filly!
Euforia VIK!!!

Anyone want to guess her colour? 



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