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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 8 augusti 2017 17:50

Dear all, I hope you are enjoying the summer as much as you can!?!

I am right now rearranging our breedingprogram and I have decided to sell our broodmares as we now have a line of progeny of the mares including fillies and two new studstallions from all three mares. All three have possibilities to give me perlinos next year so I have no rush as I would be excited to see these foals, I am determined to find the best homes for my girls, they deserve it. All three are top breedingfoundation mares for breeding PRE for dressage with exclusive colourgenetics and they are all three in perfect shape as always and confirmed in foal. I will make a short presentatation of them here, and then you are very welcome to see more info on their respective pages on and contact me for any info! 


Born 2009

Breedingstatus; APTO
Colour: Perla (EEAaCrCrgg)
Height: 163 cm

Confirmed in foal for 2018 with Fiero VIK (Novedosa PM - Donoso VII) 

Artico VIK 2013, on our international breedingprogram


Euforia VIK 2014 sold to Finland
Offspring Indigo VIK 2016 by calificado Donoso VII - for sale 


Born; 2010

Breedingstatus; APTO

Colour: Buckskin (EeAACrgg)
Height: 165 cm

Confirmed in foal with Artico VIK for 2018

Offspring Fiero VIK (sire Donoso VII) - On our breedingprogram 2018

Offspring Hidalgo VIK (sire Donoso VII) - for sale   
Offspring Chula VIK - broodmare      
Offspring Judith VIK by Artico VIK 


Born 2014

Breedingstatus; APTO
Colour: Golden Buckskin (EeAACCr)
Height: 162 cm

Chula and Viva 2017

Viva VIK palomino filly by Chula VIK y Brillantino VIK



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 4 november 2015 12:04

Hello from a autumn Madrid, have had some busy and lovely days with visit from a client that converted into a genuine friend, started to breed with the herd of PREs I sent to her over some 7 years, in the very north of Sweden where she lives with her family, home of the beautiful aurora borealis, santa claus and the reindeer! After my experience with the product ASEA we are now also collaborating with this business, I am dedicating some of my time to get this product on the spanish market as I believe we ca all benefit from better health, a residual income based on cooperative networking,. It's fun!

Happy evening in Vikinga stables with Eva-Lisa, vet Jorge and Starti

Working, love my job! So greatful.
Kitchen networking,.

And here's four of Vikinga's autumn collection of iberian sales horses selected and lined up for clients, both PRE and Lusitano, contact me on for more info!  





And a clip from a work-break having fun with Chula and Fiero in the field!

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 28 april 2015 11:33

Wow killing us softly sweet baby Ella, but she is now stable and has her own brand new grasspaddock in the field and yesterday she learned about electricity. She fell to the floor everytime she got to the fence but now she can get up by herself and I try hard not to run to her rescue so she can learn. Yesterday I hired another groom so I can get more sleep and other things done when my family back-up is leaving for Sweden. Fiero is now 1 month and a super beauty, incredible movements, will be new generation Donoso-stud. I want more like him so now I have repeated the combination of Novedosa & Donoso again. I enjoy every day just looking at my horses growing and seeing them develop. I had plan to sell this years foals but Gacela is obviously not for sale, Fiero possibly as I have no same age companion for him. My 1 year old girls are like a decoration on the green flowery field. Both are very tall, totally correct in conformations and extremities. My horses are handbred and they get the individual care and this is not the same as a horse bred and thrown out on field and treated like livestock for 3 years, or bred in small unnatural corrals. Mine go on the grass fields and are kept inside when the weather is bad on golden strawbeds and they get the best quality food, vitamins and minerals that are essential for their development. And most importantly they are treated with individual care and human interaction and are able to develop their personality. I like to raise horses in a personal way, they need to be horses but they also need to know how to communicate, interact with humans and develop their personalities. My parents raised a filly on bottle as her mum died when she was 3 weeks. That mare did Grand Prix dressage and 140 showjumping. She got great dressage offspring, some exported to USA. She was bred well and was given the oportunity to develop naturally and with the personal care she was able to develop her ability to cooperate with people, which are the bases also for dressage. We need horses with a developed personality if we want winners, I believe. And when we care about our horses they give it back to us in one way or the other. 

Caring for Gacela


1 year old girls Euforia and Chula

I have testridden a new black beauty PRE stallion for clients and tomorrow we do vetting for USA, a stunning black PRE I have selected for dressage. Recently I have worked intensively with specific requests from clients without the client coming to view the horse. 
There is now a jet black Donoso-mare for sale that I will be happy to forward information on if anyone wants a mare for dressage or breeding. 

D is now a grandsire in Finland, congratulations Tiina and Donita VIK to little beautiful Nelilyn Armoniosa!!

Donita VIK 


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 1 april 2015 23:40

My two new little new lifes are killing me softly. One because he is adorable and just the perfect mini-golden Donoso and my heart skips a beat when I see him. And the other because she was born premature and is now in intesive care in hospital and it's a critical situation for her. Gacela was born at 21.20 and I was there to deliver her, I got the feeling very quickly she was weak so I gave her milk and massaged her to dry. I felt she would definitely be too weak to stand up so I called vet, he gave her 0,5l milk in tube and stitched up the cord as she was bleeding alot. Only 3,5 hours old we carried her into the trailer and drive her and mummy Picara 1 hour up the road. She had convulsions and was very weak not able to stand or even sit up. I arrived home at 6am in the morning and at 10am I got first update that she was still here and not worse. She is now in the best hands and her situation is alittle more stable as she has no infections and seem to respond to the treatment. She is always with one person by her side and I was sent pictures and told that she is able to hold herself up lying at times. And with the help of the people supporting her she could actually maintain herself standing alittle. These are very good news but she needs time and there is alot of develoment still necessary for her recovery. I gave her the name Gacela, she is very big foal with incredibly long legs, let's hope we will see her run on the fields using them next to her brother. She is the grulla type buckskin, just beautiful.

So today I had to have a quiet day, I sat down in flowering field with Fiero that comes running when he sees me, the new alfalfa arrived, went home and rested until it was time to go back to give everyone dinner. Finally I took D for a ride under the moon and listening to the frog-serenade. It was a good day.
Here my new little heartbreakers;


Cream buckskin colt sired by Donoso VII, dam Novedosa PM born 26-03-2015

Grulla buckskin filly sired by Donoso VII, dam Picara PM, Born 31-03-2015 


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