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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 6 februari 2017 00:29

We are having stormy hail/snow/rainy days in Madrid right now, tonight all horses are snuggled up inside, ladies got their hair done and Starti is shaved naked and looking his super self again, he gets very hairy,. It was now one year ago he was struggling for his life, I look at him now and he is glowing, born 1999 and no signs of age on that horse, love him and so happy he is still here, life is good! 
Quinto has moved to live with his owner so now it's just us in stables and we are down to 9. Today we had a visit from a owner of two horses that might come and share our home, we have plenty of space so they would be very welcome to come and share. We are all getting back in business training wise, I have had some time off from riding in January and December because of personal reasons, but today in the middle of the worse weather the inspiration was on top and all 3 boys got a good workout between the hailstorms,. Viking-weather I suppose, makes you feel alive when the frosty wind is biting your cheeks :) So now I have made a 2017 training program for Donoso, Start and Tico and I am looking forward to getting back into competition arena with the boys si Dios quiere as they say in Spain,.   


Artico is now being booked of the 2017 season, his semen has been exported successfully to Australia and storage is on its way to USA. I made a breeding page for him where breeders can post offspring and you can follow his progress. He is developing alot and it will be interesting to see what will become of him. He is not for sale, I have realized he is my (another jejeje) soul horse,. See his fb page here;
Donoso just had another PRE mare in Australia confirmed pregnant on one and only insemination, superman! A breeders happiness!

Web is updated with new horses for sale under DRESSAGE, one is already sold and I will do better to keep the listings of this page updated. If you are not able to access the page kindly let me know on;, thank You. 
I don't list all sourced horses so please contact me on email and let me know what you are looking for and I will send you informations.

Have a great brand new week everyone and hasta pronto hopefully!

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 28 juni 2016 23:20

Heyy people here we are in the middle of lovely summer, I'm back from a holiday in London, first real one in how many years?,. Lost count! Both my mares are now confirmed in foal, Novedosa with Artico and Picara with Donoso. Artico's mare in France was also confirmed on first try! 'Tico' is still working at breedingstation where they are freezing storage for all of Europe, USA and Australia and will soon be available for worldwide breeding!  

And today another mare in Sweden is also confirmed with Donoso, good job dear breeding colleagues!

Babies Hidalgo and Indigo are probably the most handsome colts ever, love-bugs! And for sale!


And finally Villy has found his new person and will be living his life in Sweden, congratulations to everyone!!!

Here's the last video of me and Villy and me working out.

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 20 maj 2016 12:23

Yes Donoso is lame on left hind and as it turns out he has a fractured hoof.   He probably injured himself whilst covering and will now be in rehabilitation/recovery for 2-3 months. Yes it sucks but I will make sure he will be good,..    


Meanwhile Villy has started on his flying changes and is being seriously into his work. Start is doing build-up workouts, he is looking tip-top again with shiny coat and roams around free on the farm grazing and chilling out under the fresno trees. We have warm temps now and babies slept outside for the first time yesterday. 

Brillantino is now broken in and Artico has did his debute as a breedingstallion!! Tino is being a exceptionally well behaved student I have been told. Good boy, will probably go and visit him next week!

Artico turns out to be born to breed! He has now covered Novedosa in a perfect manner, we have also collected him and checked status of semen and he has super quality swimmers, these ones!!   


Here's one of Artico's PRE mares in France!

Artico VIK x Bengala breeding 2016



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 4 mars 2016 23:07

Uy friday again! We started with a beautiful early monday morning collecting Donoso for a spanish breeder, D was a star and vets got semen delivered in perfect time to get the mare bred bred the same day, good job!!


Here is Villy this week, little by little, he is much more connected now through the topline and certainly better in contact. He is super centered in his work. Goooood boy :)

We have tried a new very interesting process with Start through a tecnique called TBM, Total Body Modification. This tecnique is basically applied physiology through kinesiological testing, used to strenghten the natural energetic system of the body through body muscle testingwhich indicates the organic deficiency of the body. With this tecnique you regulate the system of the body through the autonomic nervous system, which regulates all the physiologic processes of the body. We applied it to strenghten Start's overall physiology last week for the first time. The practitioner is a doctor and had never done TBM on horses so we used it through me. Very interesting. As Start was weak he was not able to recieve alot of treatment, if the body is not well it can only recieve so much healing and indicates when to stop. 
The day after the wound from the surgery stopped leaking pus and he was able to go out grazing all day,. 

But on the monday this week he again got sick, stopped eating, had acute colic pains, raised temperature and 100% watery diarrea. I did not get a good feeling at all. Actually I got a emergency acute feeling that he would not make another intestine infection. I decided to give him more TBM immidiately that evening. And wow. After the treatment he changed totally, pains stopped, he started to eat and drink, temp normal and calm! The day after he was still ok, the feces were now substantial and visual even though he did not digest the food well. We gave him more TBM focusing on digestive system. The day that the after feces were back to normal and he is stable again. Yeeeees!!!!!   Thank you, thank you, thank you,..

Total Body Modification (TBM) is a comprehensive system of alternative healing compiled by Victor L. Frank, DC, NMD and first taught in 1978. As a trained chiropractor, naturopath, osteopath, charter diplomate of Applied Kinesiology and a radionics practitioner, Dr. Frank was able to create a synthesis of the healing arts that is unparalleled in scope, effectiveness and efficiency. 

Drawing from the alternative medicine roots planted by Franz Anton Mesmer, MD, in 1766, Dr. Frank developed an integrative approach to restoring the body’s self-regulation and, thereby, healing capacity by working through the autonomic nervous system. TBM rapidly restores function-specific and global energetic harmony to the human body resulting in seemingly miraculous, yet predictable, changes in a patients’ state of health.

And here is Starti working out yesterday!!!!

Happy weekend everyone! 



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 10 februari 2016 20:37

Stable feels full I have horses everywhere! TnT are now out in paddocks sleeping inside, I separated mares from Fiero and Chula because they were soo fed up of new generation mini-gangster Fiero. They had a real hard time raising him now with their big bellys :) So Chula has to take on little brother herself, no problem for Chula, she has what it takes to tell him off, she has the character of Start, smart and so quick it's scary! Bro is by the way almost same height now as his 14 months older sister,. In a few months I will have to separate them so now I am offering Chula to a very good price, anyone that is interested in a smart filly with alot of personality and super for dressage or WE this is it,. She is for sale this year becuse two new ones are on their way and we are many now! However, if Chuli is not sold then my plan is to breed her to Brillantino and make a pretty athletic palomino baby, oh yes! That would be my first pure VIK baby something to be excited about for sure. Breeding is a slow process but so exciting and so worth it!

Chula VIK & Brillantino VIK

Starti is stable under full time horse-nursing, he has been out a few hours in big field, back on square 1. He has his Back on Track rug on which works well on bloodcirculation and he seems less lame, I have only seen him take a few trotting steps but looks alittle better. I let him move like he wants. He rolls but is stiff and has no strenght to push himself around. After a little while outside he wants to go inside. So he still has recovery to do but he definitely has more energy and enjoys more, he can eat pellets quite alright despite infection in mouth from wires. I give him as a varied pellet diet but I just want him to be able to eat forrage asap. 

Villy is working well very happy with him, he easily get into concentration and we have done alot of canter work, he is taking stable contact low and long and pushes back up, good boy.
I have also had visitors, spanish breeders booked Donoso for their PRE mare, they are aiming to breed athletic PRE for dressage, very happy about getting another D-baby born in Spain next year. I also had 2 bookings for PRE mares in Sweden, semen is being sent from Spain so if anyone else is interested in Sweden please let me know and I can coordinate so transport fee will be shared.

Pictures of Donoso VII when starting his career VII winning two swedish championtitles in Stockholm and in same year in Sevilla at spanish championships, SICAB 2009, 7 years ago now wow!



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 12 oktober 2015 10:46

Autumn is good and fresh, Start is peeled and with his thick rug on. SICAB is pinned on schedule and Donoso is signed up for his first Intermedia I! D absolutely did not like his new gorgeous perfectly fit Aurigan Sprenger curb bit as much as I did, he want his old one slightly to big and alittle bent. OkOk I hear you, old one it is. 

One of Donoso's USA born sons are now sold to Florida, amazing little gorgous guy we look forward to his development and career, congrats to new owners!

Mercurio out of Galaxia IIX & Donoso VII



New V-horse for sale!

My most precious.



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 9 september 2015 13:16

Heyy it's been long time no see, yees time flies when you are having fun but I have not been on a holiday nono, lot's of work and movement and many things to be excited about! Here is one, last year I assessed the setup of the first PRE stud in South Africa and selected 2 excellent mares for their breeding. We bred this 165cm mare out of excellent dressage family to Donoso VII, she stayed at my farm for 6 months and then she embarked on a long journey to her destination, she has been in quarantene all this time and yesterday finally she got her baby! A long process but so worth because look at this absolutely stunning bay colt, only 1 day and so present looking straight at you and standing on those correct straight strong D-legs - r e a d y for life!! 

Welcome 'Laquan'!! (meaning; beautiful divine)



And I am buying this wonderful PSLusitano, love him 100%, such a little luxury ride! 

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 19 maj 2015 13:32

'Survived' weekend of full feeding-schedule, though this one with some backup thankful for that, feeding every 4 hours is a serious business of willpower. Gacela still has problems with getting up by herself and I worry about this, she resists lieing down so at times she let me help her down. We are up to full dosis of milksupplement now and she as grown quite alot, she is learning how to eat pellets but it's not easy for her. So when little viking girl trots into big field and have her adventures I'm a happy breeder. But no time to relax because then she suddenly dives into the bathtub and I have to drag her out all slippery and soaked ;) This was our hottest day and she had alittle fever so it turned out a good idea in the end,. 

Love little viking girl she's a fighter. 

This black beauty Café has arrived and is now also successfully gelded.


We also have a new black girl added to the herd, 'Laila' is a cool lady that knows how to impress with her spanish walk and passage, she's a lovera/ carthusian and has the absolute perfect temperament. She will be covered with Quinto and when confirmed in foal she will be offered for sale to a special person. Pics of her coming up!
Greetings from Donoso offspring Antartica in Norway, 2 years and gorgeous!

And here are the first Donoso VII offspring made in USA, congratulations to Lindsey we wish best of luck with these stunning boys!
Nr 1; Dark bay colt

Nr 2; Light bay colt



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