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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 23 maj 2011 11:18

This is Donoso's first offspring with a Hanovarian mare, result; lovely Ferrosa! Mum Ferrara is a Hanoverian that made her career in showjumping. Ferrosa's owner Tanja says she is the kinderst horse with the best temperament you can wish for and she has already shown she can jump a 120 cm fence! No Donoso offspring is for sale so I was curious to know Tanja's plans and she says that she is very content with her and that she will never ever be for sale!   
Born 2010
u. Ferrara (Hanovarian)
e. Donoso VII (PRE)


These are for you Tanja!
Donoso VII

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 18 maj 2011 19:06

Today I recieved the sad news that a Donoso foal died in delivery. The mare did not push and he came hind first and was too big big for the veterinarian to turn, so he did not make it. I am so very sorry for I know this was a very much wanted foal, he was a perfect, beautiful and big stallion that would have been Donoso's first PRE boy. I wish I could have helped but I know they did all they could. So so sorry.   
The beautiful PRE mum

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 3 maj 2011 00:45

Yesterday Donoso had a vist from a girlfriend and it is very exciting match because this lady is also halfsister to Halagador and to Intimidad that is the mother to our 1 year old Donita VIK. So same set up (Cárdenas/Y.M) pedigree as Intimidad and as the combination of Donoso and Intimidad proved sucessfull this breeder wanted to try the same 'recipie', which of course we are very happy about! He wants a Donita but in a boy-version = wish him a   beautiful superman!
The plan is that Donoso will finish the breeding the season here in Spain and then we will send him to Sweden for a short period so he can serve the mares that are booked for him there. 
Donoso's beautiful girlfriend!   
Proud owner! And he rides his mare regularly!!
 A Monty Roberts headcollar does the job in all situations...


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 10 april 2011 22:58

We have had a summer weekend mowing the lawn, having coffee on the terrass and even a litte sunbathing! On the saturday I was either superattacked by some pollenallergy or was it a fatigue stressreaction or perhaps some bug that did me in? I have no idea but I was totally out, absolutely no energy whatsoever. Did not become 'alive' until today in the afternoon and it is probably no surprise that I ended up in stables training my horses, the best medicine for ALL conditions! Today they went on the pessoa/long-reins, excellent work for collection, topline and stretching backs.
Some more photos of Donut training last friday. As always it is Javier who takes all our pictures, I think he is real good at catching the artistic quality and personality!
Donoso VII in canter pirouettes
It's all about happy riding!

And this is Donoso's first offspring, our elegant 1 year old PRE lady Donita VIK!
Donita with her extra-mummy Aniara

She got her dad's super movements and personality, and her mums female elegance!
And I have had good news from Bonnie and her Mini-Totilas happily training in Florida, they are all outraged about his movement, she will have so much fun with him! Look forward to pictures Bonnie. And our darling Talmud is happy under the palmtrees in California, they are very impressed by him and take excellent care of him too.
Happy new spring-week everyone!

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 10 mars 2011 20:46

Cátalogo de nuestros sementales disponibles 2011

Festivo MR - Campéon Movimientos SICAB 2010


Pos. 18e de 46 participantes. Mov. 24 Total 73.93

MEJORES MOVIMIENTOS sec 10 Caravaca 2010. 
Pos. 5e de 13 participantes. Mov. 24 Func. 24 Total; 95,438

MEJORES MOVIMIENTOS sec 6 Equital 2007.      
Pos. 5e de 11 participantes. Total 75.940

7 Pos. final, Montenmedio Circuito del Sol, 2009

Festivo MR es un semental contrastado, tiene un físico impresionante y movimientos superiores. Orígenes Lebrijano III por padre Academico VII. Castaño encendido, da alazán. Tiene 12 hijos. Alzada exacta; 174 cm!


Donoso VII - Campeón de la Raza y de Funcionalidad 2009


CAMPEÓN DE LA RAZA 2009 Suecia Sec 12.  
Pos. 1 de 9 participantes Morf. 69.188 Mov. 21 Fun. 25.5 Total 94.7


SICAB 2009, sec 12

Camp. de Europa, FIECVAL 2010 sec 12.     
Pos. 27 de 30 participantes Morf. 66.313 Mov. 20.333 Total 66.313

Doma Clásica Nivel 4, Suecia 63%

Donoso VII
es semental contrastado con mucha belleza y movimientos excelentes para la doma clásica. Tiene mucha clase y un temperamento fantástico. Línea Yeguada Militar por Agente. Tiene 5 hijos. Talla exacta; 163 cm. 

Halagador Cen - Exclusivo semental negro linea Cárdenas


Medalla de Plata Oviedo 2006 sec 6           
Pos. 2 de 12 participantes. Morf. 62.7 Mov.7.944 Total; 78.667

SICAB 2006 sec 6
Pos. 33 de 53 participantes Morf. 61.450 Mov. 7.672 Total; 76.788

Halagador Cen es un semental contrastado que tiene una belleza especial, clase y movimientos con mucha elevación, amplitud y ligereza. Hijo de Delegado MAC, negro limpio. Tiene 9 hijos. Alzada exacta 165 cm.


Para más información;

Tel; 0034 616314307
Viktoria Sandberg
Javier Villard

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 9 mars 2011 21:38

We had a lovely day of spring, both Donoso and Start got a good workout and so did I, both are thriving, we are just playing around now and having fun, my playmates. We are invited to FIECVAL again this year, FIECVAL is the Euoropean Championships for PRE in which Donoso VII participated last year. This year we will go with Festivo MR that will now have to compete against the adult stallions 7 years and up, huu, my big baby against all grown up hotshots! Festivo is born in October so he will really only be +6 but it is the birthyear that counts (year going 7 for adults section 12) so there you go, well someone has to be the youngest, we see it as a challenge! Last year we saw some exceptional horses, very high level and in some sections they were even better than in SICAB, so I can really recommend you to go because it is a joy for the eye to see all the beauties. You will find us under the swedish flag, hope to see you there!
FIECVAL Campeonato de Euoropa de Caballos PRE - 31rst of March - 3rd of April
Donoso VII & Tomás FIECVAL 2010

Donoso and Javier
My favoutite photo from exhibition this weekend, there is so much beauty in a the stillness.

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 27 februari 2011 21:26

This is a picture of a SWB mare by the elite stud stallion Master 850 that will have a offspring with our studstallion Donoso VII. We think SWB/ PRE is a truly interesting combination and we look forward to seeing this offspring move!

As my parents bred the swedish warmblood for 39 years, and I did a college degree in Flyinge National Stud, I have to present my favourite Flyinge studstallion; Master 850. He was trained by Kyra Kurklund that also competed him international toplevel. He won his World Cup debute and out of the 21 competed he won 18. FEI ranked him 7th best stud stallion 2007-2008. Some of his top offspring are Max (Kyra Kyrklund), Tip Top (Leslie Morse USA),  Master Mind (Natalie zu Sayn Wittgenstein, Denmark), Vivo (Maria Von Essen, Sweden). His movements are supreme and it is a joy to watch these two dance together!  
Master 850 and Kyra Kyrklund

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 22 februari 2011 23:51

Sharing the footage from Donoso's 2nd day clinic with Ignacio Rambla. Please note this video does not show finished or prefected forms, only exercises that aim to improve the quality of movements/exercises. Apart from Donoso's natural movements you can clearly see the horse's excellent work-ethics, how he responds to pressure, intensity and the new excercises. Enjoy!


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