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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 20 februari 2011 19:45

Ohh, don't know how to deliver this! I want to share it all because this was very inspiring. Worked the 'new' flying changes, trot work in half pass, canter pirouettes and piaffe as a follow up today and in the very effective and, 'herregud', very intense Ignacio-way!

The enthusiasm can be totally overwhelming, he controls every step and he wants you exactly THERE or HERE and NOW. So there is a constant flow of him telling you where to go, what to do and corrections. He always correct with stopping excerice and walk, start again. But it is not all bad, he is also generous with praises and exclamations like OLÈ! - CABALLO FANTASTICO! - MARAVILLOSO! So he definitely lifts your spirits whilst giving you a hard time, nice man. And we can take it, just bring it on! He really liked Donoso and said it was a long time since he saw a horse with such class, great movements and intelligent personality, olé to Donut!

I don't normally share my training as it is very personal stuff for me but I have decided I will post you the video of this clinic because I think you will enjoy it. But meanwhile here are the photos from today, even Javier was exhausted from trying to get all the action on photos and video, but I think he managed to catch the intensity and interaction real well.

Ignacio Rambla & Donoso VII



   Explaining the 'false diagonal' - never heard of it..

   'Go this way' and you better go THAT way...


Good flying change..

   Great flying change, do you see it Bill?


   Had to pay alot of attention - eyes and ears wide open!




Canter pirouettes - love it!


A classy horse reacts alot to the smallest signals

   Passage coming on



So proud over my beautiful horse!   



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 19 februari 2011 22:55

In the end Donoso was the chosen one! We arrived and tjoff we had a groom painting hooves etc. what service, viva España!   First 30 min round was probably the most intense 30 min in my ridden life - Ignacio is a intense man  with a electric energy, he does not fuss around, it is straight on, right on and full on! You know, like rollercoaster adrenalin.. He talks fast, thinks fast and give YOU NO time for thinking or saying - just doing - v e r y  good, out of the head and into the feeling.. So no mercy, no waiting for the rider to be ready - just had to BE READY. I had to center myself, the pressure could have made me nervous and given me a extremely explosive horse, but we went for it and it was great! We did another session in afternoon after having had lunch together and here we covered; half pass, shoulder in, canter pirouettes (super!), flying changes and piaffe. In 30 min.

This guy knows spanish horses inside out, he understood Donoso's quality and personality instantly. Tomorrow more, as I felt we need to finish what we started I will not bring Start tomorrow, his turn will next clinic, it will be interesting to see how he responds to this kind of riding, think I will have to prepare him (and myself) alittle..

And right this moment Bonnie is celebrating her black Mini-Totilas!

Ignacio Rambla & Donoso VII












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