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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 5 april 2013 15:41

Thousands of kilometres and one week of intese work later I finally landed in sofa. It has been intense, scheduling of veterinarian visits to keep track on little Tico, visiting Donoso in Aranjuez and taking two different clients around in search of their dreamhorse. Last out was Sweden and there are two very exclusive candidates picked, one PRE and one PSL. The PRE is a chestnut of international quality and the PSL is a lusitano bred Pablo Hermoso Mendoza, totally out of series horse. None of these horses are indicated on web as they are exclusive and we want to protect our clients interests and I will present them later on. 

Donoso got a new booking from Sweden, a beautiful champion PRE mare, here she is!


And here is Donoso's happy swimmers after having been frozen and defrosted :)

Start has had problems with his hooves and has not been ridden for a month, so far Start has never been lame from this problem but now he was, bad quality hooves can be a serious problem. So farrier is working on them, this is before and after shoeing today and I am really pleased because after he was actually not lame at all. He has a special surfice shoe giving good support as his heels are not growing enough. I am giving him a hoof supplement and the will get Cornucresine massaged in to his crown twice a week. 


I am very happy with stablegroom Alex that takes good care of the horse-family :) 

We have also vetted a new horse for USA, it is a buckskin I seleced after we had the disaster vetting of artrosis and yesterday this beauty passed perfectly, 'freakin awesome', right Julie!? No pics until deal is closed..

Baby Tico is having tummy-poey problems and is now getting a stabilizer for his intestine flora. But he's happy and slowly growing into his body, here he is playing in the field this afternoon, he feels strong now and looks ready to start his journey! 

Ártico VIK 3 weeks old

Wishing you a happy weekend! 

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 24 mars 2013 21:55

Today was last day of medicating Tico, it has been a intense week of babywatching and he has been out when the weather has allowed. He is now f u l l of energy and it's such a joy to see him play with mummy running behind trying to catch up! With new stables and so much to do with that I just taken a break from training, stables are being cleaned inside out, new doors arrive tomorrow, fences are being removed and it is just alot to do, basically everything needs renovation. We are lucky to have very much appreciated help! So for first time in years I have not ridden at all for 2 weeks, Start and Halagador has been chilling out in paddocks rolling around in the mud. Donoso is still in Aranjuez and I have not seen him for 3 weeks, uff, so my priority this week is to go and see him, miss my boy! He is doing his stud-job and we are now also freezing for USA and Australia, exciting!

DONOSO VII is a Champion Calificado Prix St George PRE stud - a dressage PRE with a abundance of spanish racetype, supreme intelligence, exquisite temperament and absolutely unique in beauty! More info on


Tomorrow Tico will have a re-vet visit and we will check Pica is ready for insemination. Nova is already inseminated and will be checked in April. 

Other than being super busy with everything I am of course spending all the rest of my time happily working with wonderful clients. This week no visitors but next one Germany and Sweden is coming so have been planning and preparing viewings for them. Look forward to be riding again tomorrow, wishing you a great new week everyone!

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 2 mars 2013 00:20

We had a lovely springday, all day working in our 'finca', girls went discovering their new fields and Viggo and Betty started their job as guarding their farm :)
I present our humble little place! 


Novedosa and Picara, two sisters that get on very well even though they want the same grass :)



Nova today in new field

Yesterday forage de luxe arrived; hay, green oats on straw, alfalfa and golden straw


And,,, the time has come to send the little Donoso-swimmers off to other continents, Donoso VII is now booked by breeders in USA and Australia!
So yesterday w
ith an absolute contentment I drove into the regal Cuetara farm in royal Aranjuez, with almond trees starting to blossom.
 And when Mrs Concha Cuetara, traditional topbreeder of pure carthusian PREs and a veterinarian expert in reproduction that has worked with the best of the best PRE stallions, looked at Donoso said he had developed into a impressive stud, I felt so immensely proud. I very much respect Concha and her opinion as a professional. Donoso knew exactly where he was even though last time was 3 years ago, he got a deluxe suite, reared and said; Hey everyone, I have arrived :) It's real hard to leave him but Concha knows he is my everything and no doubt he will be in the best hands. 

Donoso ready to do leave Escorial to do his job



Donoso in Aranjuez 2010




Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 17 februari 2013 20:20

Winter rugs and now washed and folded away, spring arrived! So yesterday all got a sunbath. But today it seems spring came and went, grey sky and chilly again. Picara now has started on her last weeks od pregnancy and filled out her udders a little, so excited and a little nervous, can't wait to see the baby 
And talking about excitement, I have been working alittle also and now one horse is due for a vetcheck next week, a scandinavian young lady is now very excited :)

I have trained boys also as usual, Halagador got a super stretch workout, Start did so well he was finished in 15 min, he knew dinner was waiting.. I am sorry I never get around to do a proper video of Donoso, I am absolutely teqnically crap and I don't seem to ever get the time to sit down and learn. But I have a friend who offered to do some footage and perhaps it can hopefully be a video when there is enough material. So for you that has asked here is a unedited sneakpeak from today :)

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 14 februari 2013 20:41

We have had a glorious sunshiny Valentine, I hope you had a good one, here some sillyness from our day, cheerio!

And beautiful 'Hagge' after work, black'er than his own shadow :)


And this was meant to be idyllic so just ignore the barbwire in the foreground.. 

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 8 februari 2013 19:20

Snowing here today, all boys worked out and happy. I have to make a video of Donoso and the others these days, so much work with sales horses I don't seem to get around to do my own. Have a nice friday and weekend everyone, I'm off to airport to pick up visitors for a horse viewing weekend, cheerio!

Donoso says hi   


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 2 januari 2013 00:31

Back from christmas holidays, even though I have somewhat disconnected I have been working with various clients. D from USA has now reserved some super exciting PRE youngstock, one of them being Donoso's son Pinturero BAT! That will be D's first offspring exported to this part of the world. Today I have been viewing two horses with T & J from Germany, it was a very nice meeting and even though we have been driving all day. At one point I almost backed over a lamppost and gave my car another scar but I assured them I AM a good driver. T said she prayed for us so I think she was not totally convinced! Despite no spanish meal I think I left them satisfied at the airport, safe and sound, only good horses can make you feel good despite many kilometres and no food!

Now I can't wait until tomorrow because then I will go and see MY horse family and I'm anxious, it has been over a week.. Cheerio til tomorrow!

PINTURERO BAT reserved for USA


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 7 november 2012 22:02

Today Start was well again. No swelling, no warmth. So he got a walk in the rain, firm surface. Rain, rain, drizzling rain, the one with mini-drops but that you get really soaked from. But I am not complaining. Yesterday Donoso got a workout with a snaffle, not because he likes it but because his mum likes to check how he does on it once and a while. But Donut can't stand it, he grinds his teeth because of that stupid snaffle. He only likes a certain material of steel (it's the light golden one can't remember the name of it) and the snaffle is a normal gold but. So I have to order a new one for him if I want to keep 'snaffling'. Today I rode with his double bridle and he was all smiley and quiet again. The bar bit is 1 cm too big but he loves THAT one, and NO other. Donoso has a big personality and likes his details. He always wet his hay so watercup has to be cleaned everyday otherwise he won't drink as it is full of hay. He wants (warm) water after work. He can't stand the shower in the face. When you clean his backfeet he stretches them. If I talk on the phone or with someone else in the stable he pinch me or if I am not closeby he puts his leg somewhere inconvenient like between a bucket and its handle to attract my attention. Just to take it out quietly without breaking or getting stuck in when I come back. The best reweard is to let him canter fast, low and loose (with a WIDE angle) after work. He LOVES his mummy. He does not care for sweets or carrots as long as he has the attention of his person. He accepts she has to go out with the other boys but only because he knows she has to. And because he knows SHE loves him back. Donut got his diagonal of tempi twos today, it was the third time he did them. No new pictures but here's some of my favourites in replay.

Donoso VII February 2012


April 2012  


      SICAB 2009  


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