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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 21 mars 2012 16:25

Whilst the water is coming out of the heaven (good, very good) and nourishes the earth I decided to inspire myself and create positive expectations. So today I have done things that makes me feel good, I played my favourite songs, listened to some inspirational lectures, talked to friends, decorated house, baked swedish buns and kept warm.

I believe that the most beautiful thing in life is when we connect to what is true to ourselves. And that is all what makes us feel good. 

Some of my sources of inspirations;
My beautiful horses 






'It happend just a few years ago to two young children in Illinois. The eight-year-old daughter became ill and was diagnosed with a life-threatening blood disease. A search went out to find a donor of blood compatible with her own. As she weakened, they looked and no donor could be found. Then it was discovered that her six-year-old brother shared her rare blood type. The mother and their minister and doctor sat down with the boy to ask if he would be willing to donate his blood to save the life of his sister. 

Much to their surprise he did not answer right away. He wanted some time to think about it. Six year olds can be quite thoughtful at times. After a few days he went to his mother and said, 'Yes, i'll do it'. 

The following day the doctor brought both children to his clinic and placed them on cots next to each other. He wanted them to see how one was helping the other. First he drew a half pint of blood from the young boy's arm. Then he moved it over to his sister's cot and inserted the needle so her brother could see the effect. In a few minutes color began to pour back into her cheeks. 

Then the boy motioned for the doctor to come over. He wanted to ask a question, very quietly quietly. 

'Will I start to die right away?' He asked. 

You see, when he had been asked to donate his blood to save the life of his sister, his six-year-old mind understood the process literally. That's why he needed a few days to think about it. 

And then he simply gave what is in the heart of every humin being to give when we are truly connected.' 

From; Soul Food

Wise words from wise people






And finally a favourite poem from the movie; 'Don Juan de Marco' with Johnny Depp and Marlon Brando.

'There are those who do not believe

That a single soul

born in heaven

can split into twin spirits and shoot like foreign stars to earth.

Where oceans and continents 

with their magnetic forces

will finally

unite them 

back into one' 

Enjoy your days people, life is supposed to be easy, life is supposed to be fun!

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 14 mars 2012 22:17

24 degrees today, how about that!?!! Day started with self-care in form of yoga and massage, I will try to be alittle more disciplined with my self-care so I prep my physical a little better. I had lunch in Starbucks and then I was inspired by spring and the slightly red nose to do a little shopping too. Talking about such things I can very much recommend a Aloe Vera product see; I love their facial products and creams called Sonya, lovely.

All boys worked out, Start in walker whilst I was riding Donoso and then he got a workout too and Halagador after him. Tomorrow yoga lesson and more riding. We are prepared for Germany arrival and have made a very nice plan with exciting horses and including a invitation to a studfarm's branding party that we hopefully will be able to squeeze in between the kilometres. 

Would love some new pictures from you people! For example of sold horses in their new homes with new owners would be great. And I would love some new pictures of Donoso's offspring, please send so we can all enjoy and see their development! 

Donoso VII


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 10 mars 2012 20:39

Is what I had to tell myself today when I woke up. I was almost almost convinced I was not going to make it. But I did it step by step, made it down the stairs, out and into car and hooked up trailer. After some and fixi fixi with Donoso he walks straight into trailer all by himself, totally up for a new adventure. 

So off we went to for second Igancio Rambla clinic, last one year ago, 15 min up the road. It is a wonderful spring day, I am travelling with the horse of a lifetime to go and get the best advice I can possibly get. This is a great day that should put a big smile on my face. But instead my tears are falling because I am in absolute agony fibromyalgia pain. But I did the clinic, I was told I my horse is awesome and that I ride with category. Bless Ignacio, I think I managed to give him one smile, I was just so aware that my body was not helping me. It is not so much that the body hurts when I ride and because and I have ridden constantly since I was born it knows what to do almost on instinct. But its real hard to make corrections when your body is weak in parts and other parts have to compensate for that weakness. And bless my intelligent horse that walks with me like my bodyguard, stands still so I can make his braid with my fumbly fingers, bows his head so I can put his bridle on without having to raise my hurting arms, stands absolutely still and quiet in hot trailer, without hay, waiting for his mum to come and get him and take him home so he can have lunch and get his well earned sunshower. It is quite overwhelming, he is so supportive and he is just a horse.. 
The last thing Ignacio said was 'He's a good person'. He may not have that special feeling for people but he sees a horse for what it is. I just know that I am going to foucus on health because riding is absolutely essential for my living, and I want to live to enjoy these beautiful horses I now have. 

So I went home to rest because today a swedish client has arrived and tomorrow I am going to helping her to find the horse of her dreams. 

Here's some of Javier's pictures.

Ignacio, me and the horse of my life today and always


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 16 februari 2012 12:01

I must be getting old!? When I was younger I observed how the 'old' people was always going on about how time flies in a complaining mode, NOW I understand, one week is soo fast!

I wrote a long blogpost yesterday starting with; Have reached the point when there are so many things going on so when you sit down to write, you go... blank... then ping! I pressed THE button and screen disappeared. So start again ------------------- Yes Start, his leg seem very well, we have been walking 30 min every day and he is not lame at all. Every day he gets a Nexcare ice bandage after walk, then medical laser, Amega Zeropoint, Furacin massage and then goodnight with Back on Track pads and a shot of Hyaluronic Acid. The whole procedure takes 1 hour.

It was Moli's and Donoso's turn to work out today, Moli is now much more supple in his neck, he likes the pole flexion excercises, it relaxes him. His transitions are much more fluid so he is stronger and no tounge over bit anymore so good boy. Hagge had a big session yesterday so he got a day off. 

Donoso got another booking from Sweden, his semen is handled by Flyinge in Sweden and here's the contact person for ordering; 

Carina Strömberg
Veterinär Assistent
Flyinge AB, Hästkliniken
247 93 Flyinge
Tel 046-649 30 Fax 046-649 38

We have a new exciting horse for sale, one of my favourites actually, I have followed him since he started his training last year and he is 5 years old now. He has the capacity for top levels dressage, normally I don't recommend a young unmerited stallion for breeding but this one definitely has stud quality. On top of all that he is a sweety and is not at all macho! For more info see Nr 560 

Happy weekend!


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 22 januari 2012 22:52

Yes today I am actually angry, very very angry. When a 'normal' person has a day of rest, they jump out of bed the following day, rise and shine, feel refreshed and happy, etc. Well be VERY happy if that's how it works for you, me on the other hand has a day of rest and wake up WORSE than ever with a surprising new pain in left side of hip for no reason at all, and I DID not do ANYTHING yesterday.. It REALLY makes me mad, and I know I should be accepting and all that stuff but if I just sat down and accepted I would go sad and I refuse. SO, from the deep depths of my willful will I drag myself up, out, on - go go go. So after having drugged myself out of bed - LONG LIVE IBUPROFEN - I had to do 30 min of soft yoga, to be able to move around the house, well, not a good start but A start. Now, the ONLY thing that makes me happy and in a better mood these days is to go riding. And the one horse I need is DONOSO. He is velvet for my body soul and spririt. So if I can only drag myself to the stables, I'll start with him, get rocking and then normally I keep going on with the others. It's always gonna be a day of physical struggle but hey, life's hard and I'm not going to whine, just get on with it! So I got there and I got on with it. Javier came to make some pictures because it WAS a glorious sunny day, not that I cared, to me it might as well hell rain horizontally, it wouldn't make a difference. ONLY Donoso makes a difference. So there you go, a day of my life. And LOOK at my beautiful horse carrying me making my crappy day so well worth living. I am so proud of him and actually (if you don't mind saying so) of myself too, because WE created this together, he does it for me and I do it for him. 

Thank you Donoso and thank you Javier.


'Watch your thoughts, for they become words.

Watch your words, for they become actions.

Watch your actions, for they become habits.

Watch your habits, for they become character.

Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny'

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 21 januari 2012 16:41

Back from intense period of working, clients, riding and setting up this years breeding season, contracts for the stallions, many things to prepare. Donoso VII and Festivo MR will be available for breeding for all countries in Europe and Halagador in Spain, very welcome to contact me for more info and booking conditions. I have now bookings on all three stallions for 2012 so all worth it and I'm very excited to see the new babies!

We have had mexican breeders visiting and been out showing them our selected stallions and mares. These guys doesn't buy just one horse so hopefully it will be worth all the travelling and hours, we'll see. I have been riding and training rare hours, when schedule has allowed. Today resting with some gardening, it doesn't rain here so lawn needs watering, so weired to put sprinklers on in January, in Sweden at this time of year we are all up to our ear with humidity. But I'm not complaining!

Here's some of D's new photos we' ve made now in January, he's such a diva!

Donoso VII


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 11 januari 2012 00:28

We are off for some serious kilometres to view, ride and vetcheck one of Spains most interesting dressage PRE, our friend C needs her next iberian now. We have had a nice and sunny weather and today was playtime for the boys, first out my pride and joy:
Donoso VII





Photos: Javier Villard

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 5 januari 2012 18:22

For both me and Moli, tuesday was another bumpy day again, this time lots of it in his head and some with pus. No fever and eating and looking normal. So, I had to inject him again.. Poor beautiful Moli, but excluding the han for the bumps he looks good don't you think?


Yesterday he was fine again but I was not. We went out for final family dinner and it turned out to be my turn for intoxication, not very interesting at all, had to take the day off. Setting up the breeding year and here we have the beautiful boys in catalogue Studs of Spain, correction: 34 PRE stallions in total and 10 of those Qualified Reproductors, two of them are Donoso VII & Festivo MR.
 The Vikinga PRE contribution to the breeding 2012!



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