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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 29 december 2011 22:53

.. I share with you the happiest moment of my life!
When our pride and joy passed the first test of TRC grading in FLYING COLOURS..

Donoso VII - Reproductor Calificado  2011 

And then test 2 - teamwork!



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 26 december 2011 20:25

Is what we swedes say these days after christmas, direct translation is good continuation. I have had a few halfdays off, I have been seeing the horses but we have only done laid back things and played alittle and I have been giving them their christmas mandarines that they love. Everyone except Moli that could only get extra oats, he has been fine now so I don't dare to give him something new. Girls have been glorious in incredible sunshine, we measured 31 degrees in sun the 24th of DECEMBER! My brother came from Norway and we had to go buy him sunglasses on christmas eve, so totally weird for a swedish people. Today boys are back in training and that's really what we like and what makes us feel good. Starti is the superhappy horse right now, he's in perfect weight and pingy! Donut is determined to create the most beautiful passage/ piaffe and everyday its alittle stronger and more swingy. I let him decide what we do from day to day, it works, and today he wanted trot/passage work. Other days he wants to canter loose before we start and then do the changes. Normally I do one day of focused trot work and another of canter, its too much to cover both when horses are at this level. I am having a dip-down in energy levels, related to fibro that as usual is a contant struggle. I always manage to do what I have to do but these days its harder of course, but the horses lifts me every day. You that have it know what I am talking about, you get it when you get it someone said and it is so true. Here's father and daughter x 2!

Donita VIK & dad Donoso VII


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 2 november 2011 20:55

So finally rain! Washes away all the dust everywhere and we feel refreshed, actually. Yesterday at 9 pm I was in stables to give Moli a shower with desinfectant schampoo and applecidervinager. Today we bought two new types of hay, cross fingers at least one of them will work.. All horses worked out today, Donoso wanted to canter so I let him stretch out as much as he wanted to. Start was fired up and wanted to warm up with collected moves so we did that. Halagador wanted to flex sides and alot of canter so he got some of that and alittle more. Donita did a little training in roundpen, she has now learned her first spanish words - paso, trote y galope! She is real fast and tries to get her way but mummy is a very strict mum and so no no. When she doesn't get her way she gets angry and hits the ground hard with her frontleg, I love her character and she always makes me laugh.Tomorrow is invasion of lovely PEOPLE, and I really look forward to it, I will serve spanish breakfasts, then the rest of the menu and activities depends on the weather.. Now I am going to watch my favourite swedish tv program. Here is a style study of me and my much loved horse from training the other day, hope you'll like it!

Donoso VII



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 25 oktober 2011 23:11

As it turns out I will have both USA and Sweden friends staying all at once! Will be no eco here, big party-week coming up next! That gives me the excuse to go mattress hunting in IKEA where I can also buy some necesseties like Swedish Absolut Vodka for USA and sweets for Sweden..

As I was on the phone with internet-satellite people for most part of afternoon (I despise all tecnology) I was finished in stables at 22.00 It seems as even though I have installed the N A S A here on my roof, I am NOT able to connect or I have snail-speed. That was NOT what I was promised, it was going to be a internet HIGHWAY, sounded like a german Autobahn, 6 Gigabites (whatever that is) = FAST. Fast means less time at computer = more normal life. BUT 'I pay - it works' is NOT a spanish concept.. You think I am riding around with a smile in the sun all day. Forget it people, this is rough country, you better put your skin on your nose or it will bleed.

Thank GOD for my horses and my time with them that makes it all so worth it! I think Start is in love with Donita, today he was calling her and he was like a teenage boy in training, almost bucked me off several times, cheeky! Start ALWAYS gives me a smile riding, no matter what mood I am in, I love him to bits! If Donoso has been Nr 1 and Start Nr 1, Halagador has been Nr 2. But now we have gotten so close from April to here and I am seeing him rooting the same heart-space as Donoso & Start has, which to me would mean; inseparatable.

Both Donoso and Halagador are exactly the types I want to breed. They are BOTH athletic AND has the spanish class that moves me from the inside. Very difficult to find these qualities in a PRE these days as many breeders tend to breed the typical pure spanish beauty that simply is not functional, or what I call the warmblood-PRE's with a result of mediocre horses with normal (boring) gaits, which is not exciting..

Here's alittle more of athletic Hagge in action!


And here my big first love, I am so going to compete him and Start next year in dressage, we are ready!

Donoso VII

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 15 september 2011 00:40

Start was the one with spear-ears today, the others were having a siesta but Start was begging for actions so he was first out. We went for a ride and checked out the girls, Start has a chestnut lusi girlfriend and she always comes up to the fence to have a chat. Then Donoso, he wanted to stretch out and canter fast so we did that, power and balance. Halagador and Molinete got to play and stretch in Pessoa, it was great to see them enjoy and have fun. All four happy, clean and in shape thanks to groom Jorge, he got a little pressy from NY so he was happy. This coming weekend is the PRE championships in Sweden. I decided to sponsor the championmare this year with a insemination of Donoso, it feels like a nice thing to do as he is now a new TRC stallion. I am so proud of him, it was always my incentive to do what I can to improve the PRE breeding in Sweden and I love to see his offspring. This horse makes me a happy rider, happy breeder and a happy person, I wish everyone to have a horse like this I really do. But my life also has its disappointments, I think we learn from all things and I try to focus on the bright side of life when it is hard. But I would not be honest if I said all is well all the time. Right now I have lost one of my best friends, it is very painful and I really don't want to talk about it. Yesterday my father suddenly lost his memory, he said he felt strange and then he did not remember anything, so I am worried and not feeling good being so far away. But this is life and and there are definitely those who are suffering from worse things, I am aware I have much to be greatful for so I am.

This is the advert Javier made for the championship flyer

And this is a stunning Donoso son in Sweden, I look forward to seeing him in a championship, feel like a proud grandmum.

Buscado PR


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 1 augusti 2011 23:06

This is how good it gets with a Calificado-dad and a multichampion mum! Oh dear, I simply adore the offspring to Donoso, he fulfills all that I want in a horse and now when I see how he brings his genes right down to his offsping, the breeders instinct sets right in and I can't take it anymore - I simply HAVE TO make some make more of these!!!! Just look at this beautiful little miracle, the beauty in expression, posture, outline, the head and even the legs are gorgeous. I am so happy for the breeder of this filly, mum Carmencita had severe complications after birth last year but nevertheless she got pregnant on second try with Donoso so - c o n g r a t u l a t i o n s and thank you for chosing Donoso again to your exceptional mare!
Black PRE filly born 2011
u. Carmencita III

e. Donoso VII

Mum Carmencita III
Video of Carmencita here; 


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 27 juli 2011 19:51

Here we are sweating away, not complaining at all though, I love it!
Working three boys a day and I am quite satisfied with my work, all five are so different so it is a very colourful and fun gang to work with! Festivo has been resting after TRC so I do him everyday now and then two more, yesterday Molinete and Halagador, today Start & Donoso. Festivo will stand back from competitions now, he has done alot this year, the bronze in EU championships in spring, then standing at stud and now Calificado grading so now he will work on his dressage at home. I am getting Start into competition form, no competiton in August but in September there is the big CDN*** in Toledo which is now my exciting goal with Start. Not sure which ones to do, will decide alittle further on. Now when Donoso has his Calificado status it's not necessary to do anymore championships, it's more interesting to develop his dressage curriculum from now on. Halagador is now doing a super extended trot, he loves to show off his spanish walk and now he is also doing a spectacular spanish trot! And Molinete needs alittle more time to grow into his body before he can enter a championship, he's tall, growing and needs filling out, movements are l o v e l y, we'll see this autumn how he has developed!
A norwegian PRE breeder wanted to use Donoso but no veterinarian was able to help her with insemination. A real pity and I am surprised how the breeding stations/vets won't help a lady that brought her mare all the way from Norway, July is a perfect month to get a mare pregnant in the north of Sweden. Donoso will have PREs and PRE/warmblood offspring in Spain, Sweden and Finland next year and perhaps in Switzerland too but that's not confirmed yet. Halagador and Festivo will have offpspring in Spain, Festivo possibly in Australia also as their breeding season is in October-December.
This is Festivo MR last year when he won Best Movements and qualified for SICAB in Caravaca de la Cruz.

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 19 juli 2011 00:30

Well, me and my mother have managed to put together a tv furniture from IKEA, what a drag, you've got to love IKEA stuff alot to sum up all that patience! Garden is coming together real nice also thanks to my mother, tomorrow we will choose a olive tree, and we have three candidates; one huge lush one, one fairytale version with bent old trunk and small branches and another small with alot of branches and olives.. On friday New Zealand is back to repeat a viewing and to see a new candidate. NZ girls were here last week but did not get time to post any from their days.
Just read the results from TRC, only 10 stallions out of 29 were approved in Talavera and our Festivo MR and Donoso VII were two of them! Here our Calificado boys, again!
Festivo MR
Donoso VII


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