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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 5 juli 2012 21:28

All three boys worked out in a velvet evening of 24 degrees, I love it! The heat makes me feel alive and gives me energy. And these boys are in tip top shape and it is so much fun working out with them, I plug in my music and riding is simply pure pleasure! I know I have said it before but I so love my horses and they really make my day so absolutely wonderful. 
After work out and tack cleaning I went down to to see my golden lady Novedosa that is growing into such a  b e a u t i f u l  mare, she's still only two years old I have to remind myself. She got some sweeties, eyelotion for the flies and nailpolish, the spanish floor is real dry now, may it rain soon.. 

Now relax, a glass of wine and some swedish Västerbotten cheese sallad. My new doggy-baby is a absolute huligan but so timid and sweet at the same time, just loves his stict mummy despite that she has to tell him of pretty much all the time. He also whines and cries when she is not around, sits beautifully and does the spanish walk, and anytime he can he curl up in her lap which is not so much because this mum is a always moving around, EXCEPT when she is at the computer.. 

Here a short trailer of my beautiful Halagador.

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 16 juni 2012 11:34

Hi people, I give you the news; 

Halagador is for sale. Why? Well, it is a matter of time and energy priority and I want to focus on training and competing Donoso and Start. Also Hagge does not really fit into Vikinga's breeding program so does not have a purpose, and I want him to have one. The plan was that if he maintains himself through breeding he could stay but he has only covered one mare this year and this is not enough. So, it is time to be rational rather than emotional and therefore this magnificent homozygote black Cárdenas stallion is now on the market to fulfill someones happiness. But there is no rush, we will wait for the one that can love and appreciate him as much as I do. 

Most beautiful Halagador. 




Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 19 maj 2012 11:10

Another week of fun has passed, Donita has moved to Finland and we wish her new owners much happiness with beautiful vikinga queenie! Two PRE ladies arrived friday and it turned out to be excellent timing as one of them was ready for a perfect date with Halagador.   

Novedosa is now hanging out with the new girls and it feels lovely to have horse family in one place. Here she is in her new beautiful field just about to meet her new friends.


We have also been to see a Donoso son and Halagador daughter, pictures are coming up, one of them might be for sale..

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 8 mars 2012 22:18

But a good and effective one! Great. Garden guy came to check out my lawn and fruit trees, lawn has frozen but is fine and most of the trees are also ok despite a few dead branches. 

Then yogeliyoga at midday, great for body and mind. Then some swedish husmanskost food 'Potatismos med bannbiff' mums. Off to stables and work out three frisky boys. Start gave me a rodeo ride, he wanted to bullfight the others in the arena and behaved like a new broken colt, my 13 year old gelding! With me on he is in balance and I do feel in control so its ok, have to let him stretch A LITTLE. This is something the stallion-guys would never think of doing. Donoso did more passage work and flying changes today. Halagador got to practice his passage and flexions. At 21.00 I was finished.

Oh, I have to give you the update on Mr Molinete, he has not had even ONE bump since he arrived to his new home!! And he is eating all sorts of things and working out happily, can you imagine?!

Today a PRE stallion passed a vetcheck sucessfully, will tell you soon which one is the lucky horse and the very lucky new owner.

Now some sleep for a new day, tomorrow it's friday again, and arrival of swedish client. 

Halagador 1 year ago


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 30 januari 2012 18:53

Been out and about with lovely people last week, my own kind actually and I enjoyed very much their company. These are ambitious PRE breeders looking to improve the PRE race through breeding and competing the top class PRE, i.e the professional way. We saw a few carefully selected classy mares in foal with the best of the best and some of Spains most merited PRE stallions. Exciting to see how their plan evolves. Then working my horses, working email and getting the flu, puh. For one day I was totally out got to the state when you can't even think, just lie in bed and wait for it to pass. But today I'm back again.

Donoso got two new bookings one EU and another non-EU. Most Donoso's offspring are born in Sweden and so far only two are registered in studbook but he has 6 PRE offspring and 2 PRE/partbreed. There should have been more but last year two stallions died accidentially at birth. I promised to announce if there was any Donoso offspring for sale and now I have one so if you are interested you are most welcome to contact me on email for more information. 

Our black beauty Halagador is decorating Ecuestre this month, they talk about they way a horse look and what the horses's eyes tells us. Personally I think Halagador definitely Has Got The Look, he's a classy horse, sharp, confident and playful. His head and neck has a unique beauty and very rare to find so if you feel like having one of these I can definitely recommend breeding one yourself!  

Halagador Cen


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 9 januari 2012 16:16

Hi everyone, I'm not having the best time of my life healthwise, thinking twice about going downstairs because upstairs is sometimes like climbing Mount Everest. But with love and a great deal of will I still manage to ride my darlings, riding is no problem for me, has never been. What tires me is all the other stuff that needs doing with two feet on the ground, four is better - centaur next life perhaps? Here is Hagge training this weekend, he is so up for it and cool to work with now, my beautiful black spanish artist, very proud of him!   

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 5 januari 2012 18:22

For both me and Moli, tuesday was another bumpy day again, this time lots of it in his head and some with pus. No fever and eating and looking normal. So, I had to inject him again.. Poor beautiful Moli, but excluding the han for the bumps he looks good don't you think?


Yesterday he was fine again but I was not. We went out for final family dinner and it turned out to be my turn for intoxication, not very interesting at all, had to take the day off. Setting up the breeding year and here we have the beautiful boys in catalogue Studs of Spain, correction: 34 PRE stallions in total and 10 of those Qualified Reproductors, two of them are Donoso VII & Festivo MR.
 The Vikinga PRE contribution to the breeding 2012!


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 18 december 2011 21:39

Horses are enjoying some light work outs now before christmas week. Girls are growing their coats as temps have dropped and we have had stormy days, but today glorious sunshine and you can really feel the warmth of the sun. I forgot to announce the results of Halagador's genetype and he is a black homozygote! (gg EE aa CC pp ch zz) 
Beautiful jetblack Halagador


Here is Donitas new brand we had done the other week. She did not even move, we asked a friend that is a expert to do it and it came out real nice. And in two days it was totally healed! I used Arnica, Calendula and Fucerin creme. Donita is going to join Laia and Novedosa any day now, I am waiting for the stormy weather to pass. She is not used to being outside during the night, not even in the swedish summer.. Rug on, rug off etc.
Cold enough!

Just done!


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